How to make a cool DIY phone stand at home

It’s something great for someone to stay organized with less cost. But, now things got easier with little effort though. With DIY crafts, there could be so much to do at home and it doesn’t matter what type of material. As long as you plan it, and work on it properly. The results will be worth it. Here is how to make a cool DIY phone stand at home!

I’m going to share with you a tutorial to make a useful DIY craft. My favorite DIY craft I like to make is a stand and what better stand to make than a one for a phone. For people who work at home or office and want a stand for their phone. This would be the perfect idea for them. The good thing about this, it can also be for anyone who needs it. So let’s see how to make a cool DIY phone stand at home.

For me, I really would love a phone stand that can help me keep my phone up in case of quick reach. If I want to do something. It could be easier for me. Sometimes we get some work that can be done using the phone and this could the perfect idea.

You will be surprised when you know the materials and things to make this DIY phone stand. I’m sure everyone already has almost all the things that will be used in this “how to make a cool DIY phone stand” tutorial. This means you don’t need to spend so much money on it. Yet, you can be organized at home, at the office, or anywhere you want.

How to make a cool DIY phone stand

How to make a cool DIY phone stand

Required tool

  1. A glue gun
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissor


  1. cardboard
  2. Green paper
  3. White paper
  4. Blue paper

I’m going to start with what we will need in this tutorial on how to make a cool DIY phone stand at home. As you read it above, simple and easy things to get. I highly recommend a glue gun because that would be strong for the project to hold for the long term. If you have another strong glue, I guess you can use it.

Also, reading the materials we will use on this how to make a cool DIY phone stand tutorial is also easy to get. Who doesn’t have cardboard in the house? And that is the main material I’m going to use for this project. It’s the main material for most of my DIY crafts haha. I’m going to show you guys the pieces that we will need in a bit using the cardboard.

I use the paper to add a white layer to the project. This is like painting a house haha. Before adding decorations and colors, it has to be white. It will be easy and get more creative when it’s only white. You can use normal A4 paper but if you have thick white paper, that would be cool.

You can also, check out this awesome DIY project. An effective piece of home décor, that is relaxing to create. You can check it out here, DIY Dried Flower Terrarium. It’s a lovely project ad you can do it at home. You can check it out after reading this post.

Required pieces

First, I need four cardboard sticks 6.5cm long and as long as you want. This will be based on how you want the phone to be tilted. Because this will be a column that will help you to keep the phone standing without falling to the ground. Well, with help from other pieces I’m going to make.

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And also will need two circles with 2.5 widths and that will make us a cylinder column. It can be square sides but for me, I just went with this shape. It’s optional if you want another shape but you can stick with this to make it easy to follow the tutorial on how to make a cool DIY phone stand.

I call this “The phone holder” you might not see it but first I need a piece of cardboard with a closing piece on both. The measures of this going to be 5cm long and about 2.3cm in width. You will see how we can make a holder out of this. And I call it that because it will hold the phone from sliding haha.

The name itself speaks. It’s going to be holding the phone but not from falling but sliding haha. Keep reading to know where I will put this one and how.

Moving to the next pieces, you will see what this will be for but I cut a little wider cardboard. About 4.5cm height and 8.5cm width with two pieces that going to be glued on the edge sides of the big piece. All the pieces as of now still only cardboard haha.

The last thing I will need is a decoration. And that’s where the colored papers will be handy. For this part, I can say it’s optional because give you the ability to choose any decoration you want. However, I choose green lines with circles and blue stars.

Stay tuned to look at how I’m going to place them and where this decoration will be for this DIY craft. I hope you finding this “how to make a cool DIY phone stand” tutorial is easy to read.

The final look of the pieces

I’m going to share with you guys both final pieces with the white layer and without the white layer. So you guys can see how it looks from the inside haha.

How to make a cool DIY phone stand
How to make a cool DIY phone stand
How to make a cool DIY phone stand

Boom! As you can see both with and without white layers. For now, everything is ready, and need to glue them together to make our stand. So, this is where the second stage of this project on how to make a cool DIY phone stand tutorial.

Also, I didn’t mention the last picture above. Which is the base haha. How are we going to glue everything without it? so I cut a cardboard square with 13cm. I already added the white layer to it in the picture above. I think it’s enough but feel free to cut a base as you need. Some people want small for their limited space.

Process of gluing everything together

I will let you guys enjoy scrolling through as the DIY craft project come together and then I’m going to talk about it. It’s almost over for this project. Thank you for reading until this point.

How to make a cool DIY phone stand
How to make a cool DIY phone stand
How to make a cool DIY phone stand

Tadaa!! The finished look of this project and almost the end of how to make a cool DIY phone stand at home. As you can see where I put the decoration for this craft and phone stand. The blue star will be shown when you take the phone off the stand. So it will be additional decoration when you using your phone haha.

As of now, everything is ready and you got yourself a free phone stand making it at home. You need to be careful with that phone stand after you are done making it. Because remember, it’s made of breakable materials haha. So I would recommend using it and pay attention.

Conclusion of tutorial on how to make a cool DIY phone stand

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tutorial and find this idea helpful. Something easy and simple but also can be very useful. It can be useful for a long time as long as you put enough glue. And like I said be careful with it. A good and useful DIY craft.

I’m sure it will be handy for some people and don’t need to waste tons of money on it. You can just make it at home and save money for other more important things. What do you guys think of this?

I’m also going to share more DIY crafts and helpful tips. There will be blogging tips as well. If you are interested, please subscribe to the blog or follow me on social media. Twitter, Pinterest or you can also follow me on WordPress. Other than that, have a wonderful Monday!!

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65 thoughts on “How to make a cool DIY phone stand at home”

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  2. This is a really cool idea and seems easy enough even for me that I am not that good in crafts. I will try it for sure. Thank you for sharing it/1

  3. Everyone and their dog has a mobile phone, so everyone and their dog could use a phone holder like this, and it’d be better the the environment to upcycle old cardboard to do this than buy something made of plastic

  4. Having a phone stand is necessary for me since whenever I’m doing something on my laptop, I usually am watching a show on Netflix. Love this simple DIY idea! Will try to create my own phone stand too.

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