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How to make a DIY headset stand for yourself at home

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  1. Lisa Marie Alioto

    I love all your creative DIY projects!! Very inventive and creative!

  2. Unwanted Life

    Got to love a DIY project you can do with your kids during the lockdown. Keep them coming

  3. Mary

    This is really clever and genius, now I’m going to make one for my sons headset that’s always lying around.

  4. Jasmine E

    Wow, what I timely post! I literally start my new job in three days, and I was just talking to my husband about my set up at home. I’m going to see if I can do this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sue Berk Koch

    Great idea! No more headphones lying in a place where they get stepped on or misplaced! Nice and easy, too.

  6. Baby Boomer Super Saver

    Very creative! I love the stylized flowers and the colors you picked out, too.

  7. Michele

    I used to work for an answering service and I always hung my headset over my monitor. This would have been such a nifty DIY project to make. I absolutely love this.

  8. blair villanueva

    Wow, this is a cool headphone stand. A lovely way to get busy in times of isolation.

  9. Renata

    This is a very original idea – and certainly comes handy.

  10. Magen

    Super cute DIY project. I’m sure my kids would enjoy doing something like this for their headphones and I love that they would be able to customize them

  11. Marjie Mare

    I will share this post with my daughters. I am sure they will try to make it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Anne

    Oh wow! Indeed useful and interesting. Helpful to the environment as well as we can use recycled materials for this.

  13. Jenny

    Such a creative idea! And it looks like a simple DIY project, that would be fun to try. I love easy projects that don’t require a ton of expensive materials.

  14. Surabhi

    This looks so cool and so easy to prepare. Can be the next diy with my toddler

  15. Vaibhav Mehta

    Reminds me of my school time art class when I used to make utilities out of paper literally. Wonderful DIY stuff to make that literally costs nothing!

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