How to make a quick decoration for the house

Hello everybody, here we go again after the break I took. Last week I dedicated to rest because I couldn’t think straight. Also, with this, all crazy stuff going to the world did hurt a big part of my blogging work. It took some time to adjust everything while taking rest to fill up my energy. This is how to make a quick decoration for the house.

It might sound a bit weird because now that people stuck at home, they want something to spend time on. However, spending time on long projects takes a lot of resources. And now with this situation, I’m not sure it will be easy to restore when all finished. So I thought of doing this idea of making small and quick projects.

I was working on a big project before this one which will be an upgrade to one of my old ideas. It will be a surprise when the lockdown is lifted and I restored all the items, you know. Looking at the situation, it will be a little white until then.

Also, going on trips was an idea for me to support this topic(the DY) and enjoy exploring the world. But I think now that we can’t go anywhere, the DIY will help until traveling is open again. And I’m coming back with a different city and start moving around from city to another. However, for now, the week will be filled with DIY posts instead of one DIY and one travel.

About this idea

It took me some time to think of something easy and quick because I’m used to doing long and big projects. Like when you run fast so much and want to run slow, it kinda feels weird, you know haha. My mindset is on a big scale and thinking of small ideas felt a little bit difficult.

Anyways, this decoration is going to be a simple touch to your house and add a nice look with the origami flower which you have seen before in my posts if you have read my previous DIY posts.

I’ve done it before and I did it again. This can be placed anywhere in the house or even on the desk if you are a business owner in the house like me. If I have my own house, I would be able to put decorations like this in different spots and test which one is the best.

I’m going to use the same stuff I used in my previous DY posts but with less amount and size. It’s like a challenge about what can you do with a few things in your hand.

Anyways, let’s get started and see what we can do that could be easy and quick. I hope you enjoy this How to make a quick decoration for the house post.

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How to make a quick decoration for the house

The side with white layers

Here we go. The usual beginning I do with every project. Which’s doing the main pieces for the project and the base would be the first one. This is not new, but the size is. Because we need to consume fewer resources during this pandemic.

Also, I used different glue this time because I’m about to run out of my best glue ever. And that is one of the things that got affected by this situation. I’m going to talk about it in the next post and share why the one I used in my previous posts is my favorite.

Before we jump to the next one, I just want to mention in case you didn’t notice. I no longer will be using the base I made for photo shooting my projects. Because I got so many projects right now and will try to decorate a bigger place and background for my next posts.

The side walls

You probably have seen the full project from the thumbnail, but the next item would be the sides. I thought of doing three but I made two square-shaped walls because that would be enough. The backside doesn’t matter for this project.

Each wall was made to be 9cm based on the main floor(the base). But it could be any measure you like as long as it’s small. I usually do bigger than that(15cm and above for the base) because it will be holding more than two pieces. This time I got an idea of how to add more than one item with a small space. I will talk about it in the next steps.

Unfinished flower

The flowers unfinished

This is one of the main items if I were to specify the important items and less important. It’s the flower that will be adding to the base later in the post. I have done this a couple of times before. However, it wasn’t part of the main items and I thought it would make a good decoration for the house as the main part.

Something got in my mind while doing this that I would like to mention. Things that I don’t know how to do it, I usually look it up on the internet and follow the instructions. However, I already watched how to do this before but when I was about to do it for this project, I kinda doubted myself and wanted to learn how to do it one more time.

The thing is sometimes our doubt makes us weak. I decided to try it myself without going back to any tutorial and I did it. And for that, I would like to remind everyone to not doubt yourself and just do whatever you want. Start with simple ideas that you could do but you have seen it one time. because big stuff might be a big problem if you mess up in your first try.

The blue cube

The cube with blue layer

Another item that considers being one of the main parts of this project. There was no concept for this but I thought that a blue cube would look nice touch to it haha.

So you have two options. One you make things side by side which takes space depends on how many items. And the other option is to make one above the other and that’s how I saved space and made small base haha. The picture above shows the floor for the second item aka the cube.

Anyways, right now I’m going to show you the process of making these together and show you how to make a quick decoration for the house (full project). Enjoy ad will be back after…

Here is how to make a quick decoration for the house.

The finished look of the flower
The flower and two sides
The cube on top of thte flower
The finished look of the decoration

And here we go. The final look is shown in the picture above and it looks simple but nice. The background is not that good now but I’m going to work my way to a better-looking one. However, this could make a good decoration for the house and could be placed anywhere as long as it’s appropriate for it.

I got pictures of the front side but it got deleted and couldn’t share it with the other items at the beginning of this post. However, it was the last touch I added to this decoration and it’s easily made.


Alrighty, this is the end of this post. It was a quick idea to come up and as we go, I’m sure it will be more creative with small projects like this. We might be stuck at home for a while now. Stay tuned for future content by subscribing to the blog and follow me, please. Also, I would love to know what you guys think of this idea?

How to make a quick decoration for the house

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98 thoughts on “How to make a quick decoration for the house”

  1. I loved this post of yours! I thought it was so creative ! This is a great way to get our minds off the situation at hand, even if it only takes up a few minutes of our day. I would love to do this soon. The red rose being in the center is beautiful:)

    1. I’m glad you loved it. True, we need to get distracted from this mess and stay safe. Thank you 🙂

      1. Glad you are being creative in decorating your home. I will take note on how you did that cute paper flower 🙂

        1. Thank you, I’m thinking by the end of the year, I will have a house full of custom decoration made by me.

    1. If only I have everything with me right now, I will spend all day doing decoration and projects, thank you 🙂

      1. Loved the way you decorated your house. It’s definitely a great way to utilize this quarantine period.

  2. Ah, this is perfect for Flora, she’s so creative, she would love to make something like this. And not just for the house, for her pals as well. Great timing, Jack, thank you for sharing!

    1. Haha, it looks close but people with good vision will notice the papers. Only if we can add some painting or something to it.

  3. I am bored staying at home for more than 10 days with nothing to do, except eating. This simple project will surely liven up a corner of the house. Continue posting this kind of self-help

  4. We are physically and mentally stressed because of COVID19 and I think doing something creative for our home will definitely help us to get distracted for all the bad things that are happening in our world.
    By the way, I love that idea and it’s pretty!

  5. Love these ideas! We usually spend the afternoons doing arts and craft. So this is just perfect. Thank you for sharing. My girls will be thrilled to decorate the house.

  6. My boys have been looking for easy crafts we can do with what we have at the house. They go get fresh roses from our rosebush every evening, but would love having some that don’t die to place around the house.

    1. I mean real roses are good but you have a point. It can be placed for a longer period and don’t need any attention other than don’t touch it haha.

  7. How creative! I think I may have to start learning origami so I can at least create flowers for Darcee and leave them around the house. However this was a great idea for a quick decoration for the house! I love how you framed the flower with a simple yet classic box frame!

    1. I know right? haha, it was something popped in my head at the last minute. Thank you for reading!

  8. Thanks for this amazing idea. I have so much time these days. I am saving this article. And I will try this for sure

  9. I think a lot of people feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment and can’t think straight, I know I have! One of the things I’ve found really soothing is crafting – well colouring books – which is something I never normally do, but right now it’s the perfect distraction!

    1. I know and a lot of people looking for something pass time on and I think book coloring seems good as well.

  10. I love this how creative and simple to add so much to any room. DIY during this time is so need glad I could find something like this.

    1. Thank you. I mean I’ve had nice ideas even before but just give us more to work on them. Thank you though!

  11. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to look it over.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to
    my followers! Great blog and great design.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad to know that. Indeed, it helps to improve our skills. Thank you for reading!

  12. I love the flower! I never thought to do one like that…I’m thinking to make a bunch in different pretty colors to live up the room

  13. Thanks for relieving some boredom by helping me make a quick decoration for the house. I have hung it up.

  14. This is so cute. I may have to let the kids do something like this with different colored flowers for Easter.

  15. I love that this decoration can be made simply with materials people will hand in hand at the house. I also like it because it’s one that can work from season to season.

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