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How to make an easy and custom DIY hanger

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  1. Gemma Jayne

    This is brilliant! Sometimes it great to creatively think of how we can reuse something and turn it into something else, a great idea!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! And true, it’s good and saves money.

  2. Hang Around The World

    I’m not so good with this kind of work even if I have lots of creativity hahaha I think I’ll follow your guide hoping that the result will be acceptable. Thanks for sharing this post. Creative. – Paolo

    1. Fransic Verso

      Hahaha, it’s okay, we learn by practice, and we practice by doing more but thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Renee

    Great! I really could use this for my phone chargers!

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome! It will help you out!

  4. Molly @ Transatlantic Notes

    This is a useful idea as I’m pretty sure we all have cables that need organizing!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know right? thank you for your feedback!

  5. Krizzia Scollon

    Oh I need to do this! There’s so many cords around the house and this will definitely help me organize those we don’t get to use often.

  6. Heidi Bruaw

    This is so cute! I really could use some organization in my life! πŸ™‚

  7. Lisa

    We have so many cables and leads that are always getting tangled up in the drawers – something like this would be the perfect solution, thank you, Jack!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, I used to struggle using it again when I get them out of the drawer. Thank you for the feedback, Lisa!

  8. Nicci

    This is brilliant! I’m one of those people that just seems to have cables lying everywhere and forever losing them! Might give this a go and sit on the bookshelf to keep all my cables safe!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, this would help you. I’m glad you found this helpful. Thank you for reading!

  9. Brooke Ressell

    This would work really well for necklaces too. I appreciate how you use every day items to create practical crafts.

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, that would help with that as well. Thank you very much!

  10. Renata - byemyself

    Amazing how this piece compliments the other DIY projects you are introducing.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you, I will try to make more cool ideas πŸ™‚

  11. Anosa

    Love your creativity and this is something I wanna do with my nephew soon.

  12. bournemouthgirl

    This is such a good idea. Reusing other things instead of throwing them around is a great way to be more eco friendly too.

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, and it helps with daily life.

  13. Merveille

    When I read the title I thought it was going to be a DIY about making clothes hangers but this is even better. I have never thought about ways of making hangers for wires and chargers around the house. This is such a clever idea and the instructions are so easy to follow as usual. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your opinion.

  14. pacioalita

    This is a great DIY.γ€€It makes you organize cables and chords. I always have a hard time organizing them so thank you for this

    1. Fransic Verso

      I’m glad you found this helpful. Thank you for reading!

  15. Marjie Mare

    This is so cool. I will share this post with my younger daughter. I am sure she will want to try to make it.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! I hope you will have a blast making it πŸ™‚

  16. Nons Mshengu

    Great DIY ! Thank you for sharing ! Definitely using this in my room for my phone chargers

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you liked it.

  17. Knycx Journeying

    Multi-functional and creative! Looks very easy to make with simple and everyday materials, love to share with people I know ~:) – Knycx Journeying

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

  18. Christianforemost.con

    This is super fun. I always get my chords tangled up. Lol

    1. Fransic Verso

      Haha, this will help you out. And it is fun to make as well.

  19. Raji

    Great post! This would be really useful to organize the various charging cables I have lying around.

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, it will. Thank you for reading

  20. Rochelle

    This looks great but my only issue would be whether it will be sturdy enough

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, I’m using it as I write this, and it really useful and holds the books perfectly.

  21. aisasami

    Wow, this looks a very neat idea! I love how it can store all the little things that you need in one area. I might make this!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, it’s helpful. You can try it.

  22. Cristina Rosano

    This looks great and it can be very handy to have on a desk to keep all the cables! I am sure that everyone has hundreds of cables around the house that need organising. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, it helps right now to keep the cables and headphones organized. Thank you for your feedback!

  23. Akriti Bahal

    I didn’t know we could do that. It will definitely help me manage all the cables on my desk!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, that’s a good idea and saves you the struggle with cables.

  24. Renata Feyen

    That’s a great idea. Who doesn’t have cables tucked away in drawers – most of us do – this is a cheap and easy solution πŸ™‚

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, I used to have it as well until I made this one haha. It helped.

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