How to make sure a DIY project lasts long

Here we go another week of 2021. I hope you guys having a good time besides what’s going in the world. In this week’s second post, I’m going to start with something that will help you if you want to do a DIY project. It’s how to make sure a DIY project lasts long.

So far I have talked about tips and things while doing the project or how to make the process successful for DIY projects. Since I started talking about tips.

However, this time I’m going to talk about something we do during the process and after everything is finished. Which will help to make sure a DIY project lasts long.

That’s what I’m going to talk about in this post. If you read my DIY projects, you will know that I did a lot of decorations and useful stuff to help with daily life.

But how can we keep it useful or safe for a long time? I’m talking about breaking down or falling apart after a while. It happened to me and I thought would be helpful to share it with you guys.

Before we dive into the post and find out what are the things and How to make sure a DIY project lasts long. I would like to say that very soon I’m going to start doing DIY project videos on Youtube.

It will be a big move, and I have been thinking about it for the last week. And I decided that I’m going to do it. Make sure to subscribe to the blog for the announcement and more awesome DIY projects.

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How to make sure a DIY project lasts long

So when we are doing or building something. We have to be responsible to make it strong and there are some points we need to pay attention to make a last-long DIY project.

Whether it’s a decoration or a useful project. Also, doesn’t matter if it’s a wooden DIY or plastic. Maybe you are like me using cardboard and paper. This will help.

I mean my goal next to do make a project using other materials like wood and iron haha. Hopefully, this year, I will manage to do it.

1-Study certain aspects of the project

Anyways, Like I said since it’s us who will make the project. There are certain aspects or things to look at and be careful with.

I have made a 3D plane and did a lot more. Which there are many things to think of and plan. For example, how to make the front of the 3D plane. Take some times to think of everything before doing anything.

Another example is the decoration. Spend some time to think does the project have a wall or does it require more pieces and stuff like that. Then, study how can I make it firm and don’t fall.

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For example, and I know this because I have done it too many times. But for a wall to be firm and stay still, either glue it to two walls on the sides or have something to hold it from the base. Like a column glued on the base to the middle or above of the wall. So it won’t fall, you know.

I Always recommend taking some time to walk through certain aspects of the project that need attention. So during the process, you already know how to handle it.

To be honest, I did a lot of walls or something standing like a letter, and when I’m about to finish, it falls hahaha. Well, Good try to me lol. It takes me some time to get things sorted out.

So now, I take the time to study how I can make it firm and make sure it won’t fall. I always attend to make DIY projects for the long term.

2-Take a moment to check

I have said this one before in my previous posts. However, I said that it is recommended to not move to the next step quickly. And this one explains why it’s important.

After a couple of falls and things got ruined way before. I decided to take a moment to check and see if it’s glued well. For it to be a long-term and handmade thing it requires much attention haha.

When building or gluing in my case, I need to make sure that it’s glued well and won’t fall.

Usually, if it’s a 3D number or a column or even a wall, I would shake it left and right to see how firm it is and how much it needs if it’s doesn’t have enough glue, you know.

3-Be careful where you put it

Handmade projects at home sometimes get destroyed quicker especially if it’s cardboard. I mean all materials get broken fast or ruined, but just saying because I do work with cardboard haha.

I’ve had some projects got destroyed and I fix them. But since it’s my handmade work, I should be more careful.

For example, is the place that I’m going to put it at will be safe and no one will be able to break it or throw it to the ground. This is where everything gets destroyed by kids haha.

It’s not just about being careful where to put it, but also about things that might get it to a bad place.

For example, if you have handmade desk decoration and a kid would play with it and throw it on the ground and get destroyed, that would suck, you know haha.

So when kids play around, I highly recommend to put it out of reach or in a safe place.

I’m sure there are a lot of things to pay attention but for me, I had these happened to me and I learned from them.

I want to know if you have gone through something different or had another thing that is not on the list. Please share it in the comments below.

Conclusion of How to make sure a DIY project lasts long

That’s all and it’s a wrap for this post. I hope you guys found something helpful from this post. Don’t forget to share if you have something else to add to the list.

Also, I’m going to share more of these posts and awesome DIY projects. Please subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter and WordPress to get the latest posts on time. Other than that, have a great Wednesday.

How to make sure a DIY project lasts long

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44 thoughts on “How to make sure a DIY project lasts long”

  1. #2 is a really great tip! I know when I do DIY projects I get too excited and rush through. Maybe slowing down will help me in every aspect of the project. Great post!

  2. Having the proper materials and measurements also make a big difference in how long something lasts. We do a lot of DIY projects around the house and always do a lot of research and double-checking all the measurements and structure before making it.

  3. I admire people who are good at DIY. I would like to make things from scratch but my patience level leans more to delegate, delegate, and delegate.

  4. These are such useful tips. I don’t really do DIY projects but I’ll definitely save this post for when I do one. Great post x!

  5. Great tips! There is nothing worse than putting all the time and energy into making something great only to have it fall apart or be destroyed shortly thereafter. We do a lot of DIY work in our house, but we try our best to be intentional about it, finding ways to make our work stand up to the test of time (the best that we can).

  6. DIY projects can be tiring really quick, but important to incorporate different elements to make it a long-term hobby. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  7. Your tips are helpful. My husband is doing lots of things on his own in the house. You are right that keeping the stuff out of the kids range, and doing it step by step, and making sure of having all the tools and things for the project.

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