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How to make sure a DIY project lasts long

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  1. Nicci

    Super helpful post! Will be showing this to my dad as his projects are forever falling apart! Haha!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! haha I hope it can help

  2. Karen T

    #2 is a really great tip! I know when I do DIY projects I get too excited and rush through. Maybe slowing down will help me in every aspect of the project. Great post!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know right? slowing down will help for a better results.

  3. Neely

    Really helpful information. We don’t do a ton of DIY but we’d like to start.

  4. Stephanie

    Having the proper materials and measurements also make a big difference in how long something lasts. We do a lot of DIY projects around the house and always do a lot of research and double-checking all the measurements and structure before making it.

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s what I always do with my projects. That’s awesome!!

  5. Anand Patel

    This is really very nice information. I really liked it.

  6. Marjie Mare

    Thanks for these tips. This past year, I have been enjoying DIY projects.

    1. Fransic Verso

      I’m glad you been enjoying it.

  7. Mosaic Murals

    I love DIY and often do small DIY projects with my kids. Awesome info, thank you so much…

  8. Retirestyle Travel

    I would be a shame for your hard work to get damaged, so these tips are useful.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Right? and I would feel upset if it happened. Thank you so much!

  9. Unwanted Life

    Your advice makes a lot of sense, especially if you have children and you don’t want your fragile stuff to be at risk

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, we spent time on it and can’t be destroyed or broken.

  10. Anita

    These are really helpful tips to make sure our DIY projects don’t fall. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you all the best in your YouTube journey.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you very much!! I hope things will be smooth and not more troubles haha

  11. Tom

    Thanks for sharing, this is all great advice!

  12. Jenny in Neverland

    Really great tips! Making sure you have high quality materials is important x

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you, I totally agree with you!

  13. Cristina Rosano

    This is a great list of tips! Placing your DIY in a safe place is a must as well as using long-lasting materials! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! True, we should treat it as a valued piece in the house even if we made it ourselves.

  14. TheQuietGirl (Anissa)

    Great post, I’m a bit of a DIY person so this is very helpful 👍🏽.

  15. Raji

    This is very helpful information. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  16. aisasami

    Great tips for when you want to preserve that great DIY project. I have to remember these when I have my students create their own DIY projects.

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome. Thank you for reading!

  17. Elizabeth O

    I admire people who are good at DIY. I would like to make things from scratch but my patience level leans more to delegate, delegate, and delegate.

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, patience is very important with DIY projects. As sometimes it gets complicated as well.

  18. Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour

    These are such useful tips. I don’t really do DIY projects but I’ll definitely save this post for when I do one. Great post x!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! Well, I’m sure you will love it if you do.

  19. Britt K

    Great tips! There is nothing worse than putting all the time and energy into making something great only to have it fall apart or be destroyed shortly thereafter. We do a lot of DIY work in our house, but we try our best to be intentional about it, finding ways to make our work stand up to the test of time (the best that we can).

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome. I do the same as well with my projects.

  20. Nancy

    DIY projects can be tiring really quick, but important to incorporate different elements to make it a long-term hobby. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, It is worth to keep it safe for the long term.

  21. Sara James

    Your tips are helpful. My husband is doing lots of things on his own in the house. You are right that keeping the stuff out of the kids range, and doing it step by step, and making sure of having all the tools and things for the project.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, it keeps the work safe from being destroyed and saving your effort for a long time.

  22. Charity

    This is such a great and helpful post. Thanks so much for sharing!

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