How to make your momentum last for a long time

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. This time I’m thinking to start the week with a different topic but bloggers will need it. Somehow it still blogging tips related but at the same time, it’s a self-development topic. This is what I talked about before and I have a category for it. This is How to make your momentum last for a long time.

Well, this also can be for any other content creator or a business owner. I won’t put in the title as a blogger this time haha. It is still for bloggers though because I always do it and it helps me a lot and I’m one of the bloggers. So if you are like me or any business owner, this will be for you.

It depends on how fast you run out of momentum during work time. If you do fast, then there is something you would need to improve and do. And in this “how to make your momentum last for a long time” post I’m going to mention great tips that will help you.

You don’t want to stop while you still have two tasks to do or leave some for tomorrow. It would stack up for you and it would be difficult for you to finish then. Always try to finish everything on the same day and start a new task the next day.

One of the biggest reasons why you can’t achieve that is because you would lose momentum and can’t function and perform well. I’ve been through it before and it sucks feeling that. I decided to share with you guys how to make your momentum last for a long time post.

How to make your momentum last for a long time

How to make your momentum last for a long time

Talking about momentum, just in case some people are confused about what is that actually. Well, in simple words. It’s the ability to do stuff and move aka energy we consume. Human has limits but has the ability to extend their momentum and make it last for longer than other.

You might think that how bloggers can lose momentum when they all do is sitting on the chair or even YouTubers. Well, there are different ways of using our energy and how we perform. Even though bloggers are not only sitting on the chair all the time. They also do stuff like taking photos and stuff like. However, Doing tasks no matter how it still will consume energy and you will need momentum for it. So you will need to learn how to make your momentum last for a long time to finish your daily tasks.

Here you can say it’s a practice how to make it last for a long time and train yourself. Also, things to do which will help you not to run out of momentum. However, there is a good practice that I will mention in a bit that will help you to make it last for a long time. So continue reading to know about it

Some factors can make you feel exhausted too early or can’t do things. I just realized that It was the reason but didn’t know until I looked deep into it and why I can’t do anything. Sometimes it can’t be noticed but it might be the issue. We need to determine the reason to be able to deal with it, you know.

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But I’m talking about working on something either physically like lifting heavy things or like bloggers and YouTubers doing things at home online, how can you keep working on it until you finish. Well, if it takes too long, then you might take more than one day to finish it. That would be okay because things might take longer than usual. Don’t stress about it.

How to know that you are low on momentum

  1. Trying to find something consume less energy
  2. Trying to find something more entertaining while you still have work to do
  3. Making excuses about something not working and trying to convince yourself to do it later
  4. Slow on work and performance

I might have missed one or something but these are things that you might find yourself going through and it’s because you are low on momentum. And what we trying to figure out is how to make it last for a long time to make sure that everything is done on time. Comment below what did you go through and How to make your momentum last for a long time.

Some factors will help you to determine whether you need to do the things that I will mention or not. Whether you are low on momentum or not and if you experience it. Here How to make your momentum last for a long time. And make sure that you get it done.

Sometimes you don’t know what is happening but feel like you can’t work. If you have been through it, it might be just that you are low on momentum and should follow these tips and how to make your momentum last for a long time. If you feel like you trying to get out or stop working when you still have tons of work to do. Don’t listen to these thoughts because you need to finish work before having fun or going out.

Something like working slow, you might not really notice but if you focus on it, you will know that it’s not normal unless you want to do it. Because that’s a different reason. However, if you go through this, make sure to follow what I’m about to mention in this “How to make your momentum last for a long time” post.

1-Take short breaks

The first and most important on how to make your momentum last for a long time is taking short breaks. Even if you don’t need them, you have to take several breaks during your work time. Could be 10-20 minutes if you are an online business owner. If you work on a job, then I assume they give breaks for their employees. And surely they will give you one or two breaks.

How does this work? Well, the more you work the more you consume energy. If you keep going, you will run out of energy fast. So taking a break to give your body and mind to regain energy and momentum as well. This way, finishing tasks will be easier for you. It could be a struggle trying to finish being low on both, you know haha. So, make sure to take breaks.

You might think that I don’t have time or I can’t waste more time. Well, I feel you and that’s not something we need to do. But How to make your momentum last for a long time and finish everything. Because you think you won’t have time but you might stop in the middle of the progress.

I found this really helpful and you can do whatever makes you feel happy and not just lying down on the bed. Take 5 minutes to prepare your favorite drink or snack and then look for something that will make you feel happy. Either watch short videos or browse your favorite app.

If you are a person who loves to walk, you can go out and walk for a bit and get fresh air and sunlight meanwhile you taking a break. This is really good and refreshing and I used to do it every day and talk with someone. It could be a good time to spend with someone as well. That will also help on how to make your momentum last for a long time

2-Shower and keep the enveiroment clean as possible

You might not believe this and I was just the same before. I was like how this could affect how I feel or my momentum. Well, I will explain to you in this section of the “how to make your momentum last for a long time” post. It’s actually more important than you would think. And I learned that by trying it one time that I will talk about it now.

Here is what happened to me when I realized that it’s very important. At first, I wasn’t paying attention to it but then one time, I was just trying to find something that consumes less energy as I said earlier and I thought why not take a shower because I can haha. That time I was feeling dirty as well.

After taking the shower, I came back to my desk and suddenly got the energy to get back and get tasks done. I felt the grinding energy. Then, from that day I would make sure that I’m clean and smell good. Because being dirty and smell bad can lose confidence in yourself and that distracts you from working.

Also, you would feel lazy as if you would just want to lay down and do nothing. Well, taking a shower can help to get rid of that and make you feel the energy again. I highly recommend this and that’s why I mentioned it on how to make your momentum last for a long time.

Feeling and smelling good can be a reason to make you run out of momentum but mentally. And that will cause you to stop working. You can’t keep working if you have to sweat a lot and this is will apply to the business owners more because bloggers tend to sit on a chair. We also sweat and ned to shower but not as much as people who work in a local store, you know.

If you are a construction worker, sometimes tend to say that going to take a shower after work. And that is a big mistake. I don’t think you would make it until the end. So make sure that you don’t keep going. Stop to get clean and go back doing your work. It doesn’t have to be several times. Maybe twice for the entire day. And that’s How to make your momentum last for a long time even in physical work.

And make sure the environment is clean as well because same as feeling dirty, it just won’t help it but feel unmotivated, lazy to do things. It literally could be just from these two and you wasting time wondering what’s wrong. That means, fresh air, a clean place, and make sure it’s clean at all times.

3-Stay hydrated and full

This is another one that you might not notice but you have to take care of if you experience any of the ones I mentioned earlier on how to find that you are low on momentum. For me, it took me some time to actually realize that and fix it. So I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake. Especially, being a business owner and working from home, you will definitely follow this more often than you usually do.

We all know that our bodies use fuel to burn energy and that’s how we move and do things in our day. Even for work from home and sitting on a chair is the same. So make sure not to leave yourself hungry during work because you will lose momentum. This is another way on how to make your momentum last for a long time.

Drinking a lot of water regularly throughout your work time. You can plan how to do that but make sure that you stay hydrated during work time. Some people only drink when they feel thirsty but it’s not about that because feeling that is the lowest. You need to keep your body hydrated to the top at all times.

Don’t drink a lot of water in a short time hahaha. Well, you can regularly drink water and keep your hydration level high all the time. For example, a cup of water every one or two hours maybe. Whatever suits you and works for you, make sure to do it.

Also, feeling hungry… I recently found about this and I already changed and fixed this mistake. How do you know that you are hungry? well, sometimes don’t need to wait until you feel hungry. Keep yourself fed but don’t eat too much as well. It will result in laziness.

Just like water, keep eating snacks and good healthy food during your work because we consume energy and our body needs food and water to function. We don’t need to wait for our body to call for it haha aka feeling hungry or thirsty. Just keep doing it slowly during work time.

4-Train yourself slowly to take more

Before you call it a night or day. When you doing your regular and usual tasks. Make sure that you add an extra task to do from tomorrow’s tasks or something that could help your work. It’s like when you trying to extend not breathing underwater. This would be adding one more task to your daily tasks. Maybe doing longer tasks in some days so you can train yourself to improve and make your momentum last longer. it’s a good way on how to make your momentum last for a long time

If you have an online business you would be able to control tasks and how many to do every day. So you can manage them well and know which one to add and which one to keep for another day. However, training ourselves to take more tasks a day will help to increase the duration of how long you can work for the day.

It’s a good exercise I would for us to increase the momentum of working. Because sometimes when we run out of energy, we can’t take anything anymore. Even after we take a short break to regain and refresh. So we decide to just end it and go rest.

This can be good not to feel tired so quickly and that is one of the reasons why we would lose momentum. And can’t do anything anymore. Adding an extra task or two can help you to work more and do more in your day. Also, finishing more tasks means less stress for the next day.

When you go to the gym, you can only do a couple of things at the beginning. But, later, you will be able to do more and more. You can say this can be just like that but sometimes can be mentally and sometimes physically as well. Try to practice how to take more and how to make your momentum last for a long time.

Conclusion of How make your momentum last for a long time

Well, it’s the end of this how to make your momentum last for a long time. Well, it might seem not blogging tips related but it is for bloggers as well. so I decided to share it with you guys and I hope you found it helpful to you and enjoyed reading it.

Have you been through any of the ones I mentioned on how to find out that you are low on momentum? And did you realize that it was the reason or no? I’m curious if other people went through it or is it just me. Let me know in the comment section.

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64 thoughts on “How to make your momentum last for a long time”

  1. Taking short breaks is definitely helpful for me. I also break my tasks into chunks so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Great tips! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great ideas Fransic! When you have a long and dificult task to accomplish having lots of breaks makes things better. I also have tried the shower advice and it is so true how much refreshing it is to our body and mind as well!
    Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great advice. There’s often no better feeling than the aftermath of taking a shower. You feel not just clean but refreshed and rejuvenated, as if you are wiping the metaphorical dirt from your body.

  4. I find that time blocking actually helps me in being more productive and making sure that I finished important tasks. Thank you for these tips as I needed it to maintain my momentum.

  5. These are such good ideas! It can be so hard to keep up the momentum! I have struggled with this a lot in my life! I always find having realistic small goals is always a good one to help me keep pushing through.

  6. This is so important! I know that taking short breaks is an absolute must for me. It definitely helps so that you can keep going and keep staying on track.

  7. Two things work for me. Shower and hydration. I stay fresh and active this way. Thanks for the ideas and for the post. Also the tips apply for everyone. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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  9. Totally agree with all of your tips and I do do some of them already! I find a good batch to start off work is works like magic. Also love the feeling when youโ€™re in the zone. U just gotta finish!

  10. Such a great read! To be honest, I needed this since
    I have lost track of my goals these past few weeks. Thank you for sharing these tips. Will take short breaks from now on no matter how busy I am.

  11. I have been the one to totally burn out sometimes and I become so slow and unproductive! Thank you for the tips.

  12. I think i have lost my momentum in blogging before.. For some reason i lost my motivation to write and went on a hiatus.. Then after a long breal, i was able to get some inspiration to write again and keep my blog going

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