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How to motivate yourself to do DIY projects

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  1. Jodie | That Happy Reader

    This is a very helpful post for me because I need motivation when it comes to DIY! Thanks for breaking it down into smaller parts for me!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I’m glad you find it helpful.

  2. bournemouthgirl

    This is a really helpful post and these are some great suggestions for people who are struggling or putting off a DIY project. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, DIY projects sometimes need the motivation to get it done, you know.

  3. Unwanted Life

    I’m terrible when it comes to procrastination, I should add more healthy incentives into my and break stuff down into steps that I’m avoiding doing

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome! It would help a lot.

  4. Charity

    These are great ways to motivate yourself to do DIY projects. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! It can help to boost motivation.

  5. Retirestyle Travel

    That’s one of my biggest problems. Lack of motivation. I like the positive incentives idea and breaking into steps (you have to start somewhere)

  6. Raji

    This is such a great post, I really need motivation when it comes to DIY projects. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you. I’m sure you can do it!!

  7. Erica @ Blog Life With Erica

    Thank you for sharing this post! My husband and I are right now contemplating a major home D.I.Y.

    xo Erica

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s great. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys.

  8. Elle

    I’m really bad at making art, and I admit DIY projects are very hard for me to do but this post is very much helpful! Thanks for sharing these great tips! xx

    1. Fransic Verso

      It’s okay, through time, things will get better for you.

  9. Jenny in Neverland

    Great tips here. DIY projects can definitely seem daunting before you start but as long as you have the motivation then you’ll get them done!

  10. Castlesandturrets

    Motivation is key! And that’s probably my biggest problem when it comes to doing things like this. I love posts like this – super useful and so relevant, particularly now as I seem to have more time on my hands since working from home haha! Thanks for sharing 😀

    1. Fransic Verso

      I agree with you. Yeah haha, it can be a good time for these things. Thank you for your nice feedback.

  11. Kelly Diane

    These are some really helpful tips. I’ve been really struggling with motivation lately.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, we can lose motivation but I hope you can manage to get it back.

  12. sumit walia

    Useful projects that help you, and make things easier. I think this sentence that you mentioned is the bedrock of DIY projects. I guess it is like a positive addiction to keep on doing DIY once we get into this aspect of self-inspiration

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, it can be explained this way. Thank you for clarifying it.

  13. My Kitchen

    I can watch a DIY video and get motivated to make the same thing but the moment the video ends I feel lazy to make it.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Haha, I can relate to that. But, since it’s something I have to do, then I need to stay motivated.

  14. Monidipa

    Suggestions are really good. Even i like doing diy projects. But I have time issues.

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome! I hope you get more time to enjoy some crafty projects

  15. Anosa

    I love this post and the tips shared to motivate one to pick up the DIY projects.

  16. aisasami

    Great tips to help some stay motivating when doing DIY projects. Having the end goal in mind is so important!

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, it feels good when picture the final and finished look.

  17. Nkem

    Haha these sure are some techniques… You could also just not do it! Haha

  18. Lyosha

    I totally relate. I like diy projects but often I can’t find time and motivation to actually do it, forgetting how much fun it brings

    1. Fransic Verso

      Ah, that’s unfortunate but I hope will find motivation. True, it’s so much fun.

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