How to overcome writer's block with these awesome tips
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How to overcome writer’s block with these awesome tips

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new post. This will be my second time writing about something I added last week. If you are new to the blog, I started sharing tips on blogging, Today’s post will be interesting because I’m going to share good tips about how to overcome writer’s block. How to overcome writer’s block with these awesome tips

I’m going to share with you guys things that will help you to overcome writer’s block. But before jumping into that part.

I wanted to make Monday for the new and updated content of DIY crafts. However, things didn’t go as planned and I’m a bit upset. Because I was excited to share it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s okay. It’s how life is and it won’t always go well for you. So, don’t lose motivation.

The content will be posted regardless of how things go. But I will postpone it until everything is ready.

Also, I got a couple of blogging tips ideas already and I’m going to include them in one of the days each week. So that would be excited too because… how awesome to help the community, you know.

Like I said in my first post of blogging tips, I’m going to share things I learned and based on my experience and the same goes for this one as well. I hope you guys find it helpful.

Let me know in the comment, how do you overcome the writer’s block? if you are a blogger or a book writer.

How to overcome writer's block with these awesome tips

How to overcome writer’s block with these awesome tips

If you don’t know what is writer’s block. You might have gone through it without knowing if you write a lot. It happens to most of us and it is a normal thing, it’s not a big deal.

However, when it happens, it delays the writing and sometimes people freak out and don’t know what happens and it is because of the writer’s block.

So the writer’s block is the moment when you unable to continue writing or feel like don’t know what to write anymore. It’s a condition, primarily associated with writing.

Whether a blogger or a writer in general, this will or could happen multiple times. And in this post, I’m going to share with you the three things that I do to help me overcome it.

When even writing a blog post, a blogger finds it difficult to continue writing and it might have many reasons why that happened. And it’s not always the reason but might be one of them is writer’s block.

So lets’ get started and see what things could help to overcome writer’s block.

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1-Warm up

You might ask what do you mean by warm-up? it’s not a sport or workout to warm up. Okay, I know it’s not a sport but everything starts with a warm-up, will have a good result.

For me, writing also has a warm-up process before start writing and I will explain to you guys. How can we do that which is easy and I think some people already doing it without realizing it. Because I like to name it “warm-up” haha.

Also, this could be physical which we all know that. Doing stretches and a few exercises. But, I’m talking about warming up mentally.

Before start writing, I would quickly go through the list and things I want to write in a post in my mind. Even though I might not write the same as what I had in my mind but just to get into the mood of writing. And practicing for when I start writing. Well, it considers as a practice too.

If it’s a story. If you were here a long time ago, I used to write stories before. And I would go through the moments and what to write about them in my mind before starting.

This doesn’t have to be right before you write the post. But when you figure out what to write and the main points of the post or story. It’s time to practice and warm-up.

Practicing is actually a good way to develop writing skills and not only help you to overcome the writer’s block, you know.

2-Take a break

At any point in your writing, if you feel like you are unable to write more. Don’t freak out or worry. It’s normal, maybe you want a little break to recharge.

I used to think that I could write a single post in a short time. Well, I could if the post is not too long haha. It would be easy to do that… well, it’s short anyway lol.

This is really important and I highly recommend taking a break-even a minute. As long as it helps you to regain the momentum again, that would be cool. I would recommend taking a minimum of 5 minutes break if you want to continue and don’t have time.

The timing of the break depends on the style of your writing. For example, as a blogger, you could take a break when you finish writing a section of the post.

Maybe you want to make it per paragraph and after the 10th paragraph, want to take a 5-minute break. It doesn’t matter when. But taking a break will help you to finish writing without getting writer’s block.

Sometimes, it all about the momentum that will help you to break through and continue. And if you don’t have enough, you will keep struggling and this is why it’s important to take a break.

During the break, I don’t recommend fully getting distracted from writing. Because you still warmed up and going away watching videos or play a game, would be a reason for you to lose motivation or get mixed thoughts. That’s my opinion. Because during the break, I take fresh air and walk. Just relax a little bit while preparing what to write next as well.


If you are in the middle of the post or story, and unable to continue writing. It’s okay, reread what you previously wrote(a previous paragraph or sentences)

Well, sometimes writer’s block is something that could happen because of mixed thoughts. Especially, writing a story is not as easy as it seems. There a lot of things we need to pay attention to.

Something I find helpful for me is when I get writer’s block, I would go to the previous paragraph and reread what I wrote. This will help me to get more ideas about what to write next.

Even it’s not a chain of events or moments like a story. And by the way, this is why I said especially stories. Because writing a story, rereading would help you to know where you left and start over from that point.

Blogger doesn’t have such a thing and we can say random things and different things in a single post. But, still, rereading what you said could also help to reset your mind and get into it and give more ideas. Which help you to know what to write,

Conclusion of How to overcome writer’s block with these awesome tips

Alright, this is it for this post. And I’m sure there are a lot of things that could help but these are what helps me to overcome it. Thank you so much for reading until this point.

I’m curious if you guys have a different thing that helps you. Let me know in the comments. This would help expand the list as well. also, how often do you get writer’s block?

This is the blogging tips part of the blog. And I also share awesome DIY crafts and tips. If you are interested in both, please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress or Twitter. I share updates and the latest posts on Twitter as well.

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35 thoughts on “How to overcome writer’s block with these awesome tips”

  1. I love these tips, I used to get writer’s block a lot but not much anymore. Sometimes you just need to step away and start again at a later date.

  2. I love these tips! I also find that if I give myself time slots to accomplish tasks, and actually use a timer, I can accomplish more and my head feels clearer.
    Using mind maps to do a brain dump helps me too. Hope this helps. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Enjoy reading your blog about How to overcome writer’s block. I never knew some writers have a warm-up. That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  4. I would say some good planning and scheduling would help and, also, it helps to read more and generate new ideas too, like these blogs :_ – knycx journeying

  5. very good tips….need to freshen up your mind before starting to write..choose a proper location…i prefer the country side a bit far away from the city maybe by the beach…bringing someone with you who can take care of you while doing your thing…

  6. These are awesome tips. I haven’t written a new post for while. I would definitely benefit from the tips you shared.

  7. Very good tips! I always write a little bit, take a break, and then come back to it. If I face writer’s block, I take a nap and then come back to it.

  8. It’s so funny — I’ve been seeing these posts pop up everywhere lately, including on my own blog! I guess we’ve all dealt with a lot of writers block over the last year. I always enjoy practicing free writing as a warm up!

  9. I find that rereading what I’ve written often gets me into the writing zone. I’ve tried ‘study with me’ with are youtube videos of people studying. They give me a little nudge, too. Thanks for the great tips!

  10. This is a great post, thank you for sharing! Writers block is so annoying- and I think the best way I fight it is to not force myself when I don’t feel like writing.

  11. Taking breaks helps so much with writers block. I did this even when I was in college. Where I just have to step away and then come back and finish writing. It’s good to know when you need to step away.

  12. Great tips. Simple but powerful. Thank you for writing this article. Many writers will get a lift from your tips.


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