How to prepare for Blogtober without stress

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the last post of the week. Another successful week following the new schedule. However, we are going to another month in few days. And if you are a blogger, you would know what that means. The 3 days a week would mean nothing compared to that. My goal was to participate and it was this year. Hopefully, I can do it. Today’s post is going to be about how to prepare for Blogtober without stress.

Even though I will try to participate in this year’s Blogtober, I’ve been looking into it for 3 years. Every year, I get distracted or busy with something else. Last year, was doing tons of DIY projects and it was difficult for me alone to keep it up. So I had to skip it haha.

I thought would be good to share with you guys my tips and ways to help you on how to prepare for Blogtober. Also, I will be talking about Blogtober for those who don’t know what is this. It’s so much fun but also requires a bit of work haha. But it’s fun work.

It’s a lot of preparation for some bloggers because it depends on the niche you are sharing on your blog. Will you participate in this year’s Blogtober? after you read this post, let me know in the comment section. I’m curious how many bloggers will do it. Well, This post on “How to prepare for Blogtober” will help you if you still haven’t and want to do it.

How to prepare for Blogtober without stress

How to prepare for Blogtober without stress

So let’s talk about Blogtober and How to prepare for Blogtober if you want to participate. For those who don’t know Blogtober. I didn’t know about it until I saw a lot of people using hashtags on Twitter and sharing a lot about it. Then, I looked into it and found a lot about it.

What is blogtober?

Blogtober is where all bloggers post for the entire month of October. It’s like a relationship nickname for bloggers and the month haha. It’s a challenge and people would compete to see if they would make it until the last month. Meeting a lot of bloggers who are doing the same challenge. That is something beneficial for bloggers. However, it requires more work.

This month where all bloggers assemble and publish content all over the internet. So expect tons of posts to read if you like to read. And meet new friends and possibly collab if you are a blogger. It was exciting to see it last year. Seeing tons of bloggers doing it and blowing the internet.

Bloggers will have a lot of content to share for another month haha. Unless if you have a marketing team, then you would share as you post. This means if you master how to prepare for Blogtober, the next month could be a break if you want to. Where you can just relax and keep promoting your work.

I have a trick that can help you to participate if you want and think it would be difficult because of your niche. these will be for last-minute planning. Hopefully, that will help you because this trick will help to make it less work and that means producing more content.

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Today we are less than a week into the next month. I’m assuming that you are already ready by now. Taking this month to prepare for it that’s the best way to participate. However, if you are not ready, that’s ok because here on how to prepare for Blogtober. I will mention great tips that will help you to get all sorted out. It would be crazy if there were prizes at the end for the ones that never missed a day.

Before you think of joining. I would recommend you to look into which niche you can post or your posting. Because now that you don’t have enough time. You would need to choose something easier than what was in your mind if it’s not easy and fast to get. The harder content to get, the longer you will take. If you have that content, I would say you can participate in the next Blogtober. Unless if there is a trick to it that might help and I’m not sure if it’s for all niches.

Famous and suitable niches

  1. Food and recipes
  2. Tutorials and tips
  3. Reviews
  4. Interviews

If your niche is on the list, I think you have a chance of joining this year’s Bogtober. However, it depends if you are blogging full-time or part-time. Don’t stress yourself over it if blogging is not your main job. Because it will stress you out and this post is about how to prepare for Blogtober without stress.

Well, if you have the time and a good schedule, then you can go for it. However, if you feel exhausted, you need to slow down haha. Don’t ruin your progress overall. This is something you have to put in mind before joining this challenge.

How to make it easy planning the last minute?

Well, a trick that can help you. There are no rules and that makes it easy to do anything that can help you. One thing that could help is posting lists. On the list, you can use it to put light on your old content. I’m sure it could be at least for few days that can buy you time. These types of posts are fast and still related to your niche. That’s another good way to how to prepare for Blogtober.

Take some time to think of ideas that can be fast but still about your niche. I’m sure you can find tons of ideas that will help to get ahead of content to buy you some time. Post a day could be anything and that’s what’s good about it because we have a lot of things to do.

1-Less marketing and more content

One that will help you a lot when you want to participate is that you want to do less marketing and more content. Unless all posts are already planned. That will save you the trouble of creating the content during the challenge. Because it’s about how to prepare for Blogtober without stress. Doing marketing while posting is going to be too much work.

Maybe if you can find a team that will help with marketing that would be one of the best to prepare and will help you a lot on how to prepare for Blogtober. But if not, then you can do less work and focus on content. Because as I said earlier it’s going to be stressful doing a lot alone.

This doesn’t mean you don’t do any marketing because obviously, you would still need it. Just try to do less than what you were doing before. Because I’m sure you would need to spend a lot of time marketing as you keep creating content.

Also, you can get back to marketing once you master how to prepare for Blogtober and got content ahead of time. I would guess that would take a week or two to achieve that. This is not a long time compared to how much work you need to put in if you posting every day. Doing that would probably take more than two weeks because is not just working. Some days you would feel like can’t work and skip it haha.

You can use the paid method if you have extra money to market your content. It would be even better to get more exposure to what you do. However, I don’t recommend spending money unless you have enough because you will have all the time in the world. It’s just about how to prepare for Blogtober and next month, there is nothing but marketing the content you posted.

2-List out all the blog post ideas

If you don’t know where to start or how to prepare for Blogtober. I highly recommend you first working on writing all the blog post ideas for your niche. It will take 30 ideas and posting one for each day. Well, It sounds simple but it will take you time to get that amount of ideas unless you have fast ideas which can be easy to get. And, you are good at it and have been doing it for a while. That could help you.

Planning ideas has no rules and can be any idea that you can post. But, make sure the quality is good. It’s going to be on the blog forever. If you choose whatever, then it will not be good for the long run and readers won’t read it at all. I call that a content waste and it’s not a proper way to how to prepare for Blogtober.

Take as much time as you want because it won’t take so many days. And it will be one time because we don’t have time to keep thinking and posting. That would take so much time and you will burn out before even mid-month. Also, won’t have to stress over not having ideas ready for when you get the post ready to be published. Probably will be up to 2-3 days planning these unless you are busy doing other things. It will take you longer.

Focusing on one each time is going to save you time and energy. Don’t waste time working on a lot of things at the same time and being everywhere. Trying to catch up and trying to do this Blogtober challenge. That will drain you and never make it to last or even half of the month.

Sometimes you can get multiple ideas at once and that can help speed up the process for how to prepare for Blogtober. This happens to me many times. I feel like I’m going to spend a lot of time planning but then, I get more than one idea and get it done quickly haha. Don’t try to rush the process and think hard. That won’t get you anywhere.

3-Plan out your writing schedule

Now you got the ideas. It’s time to write them and get everything ready. However, don’t just start yet because here still need something to do. And that’s planning how to write them. You need to do this without stress. So, that means studying your daily schedule a little bit and add writing sessions to it. This way, you won’t have to struggle to do everything.

Maybe you have extra time and can write a post or maybe start a post at a random time of the day. On a day that you got nothing to do, try to add a writing session instead of going out to hang out. It’s doesn’t have to be you need to finish the post if you start it. This way, you will have more time to get tons of posts. The extra time though can be used to do short writing sessions.

Plan things out so you don’t have to stress. Work on getting the Blogtober and at the same time… Looking after yourself and other important things as well. No matter what niche or when you start, I highly recommend that you do this and plan your writing sessions wisely. If you want to master how to prepare for Blogtober at the last minute and that means when you are late at planning it.

4-Start writing

When you get your writing schedule ready. all you need to do is start writing and join the crazy month of content. A lot of people will be sharing tons of posts. Remember there will be a chance that you can collab with other bloggers and save time for each other. Also, it’s good helping each other growing and exchanging views.

Well, this could mean everyday writing. However, it depends on how fast you write and how many people will write for you. You can ask for help from a friend or someone you know that can write. That would save you a lot of trouble and time. It means less work for you and would allow other things to be added to your schedule.

Maybe you can find a good time to write two posts a day and that will get you ahead by one. Then, few more times and you got yourself a nice comeback and 100% you will make it. However, that doesn’t mean to overwhelm yourself because it’s not how to prepare for Blogtober. Try to make it as fun as possible for you.

Sometimes I feel like I can write more than one post. That’s because the more I write, the more I can write. So, that can help you as well. Don’t decrease the number of words to get it done quicker. That means less quality and we don’t need that. You can focus too much on how to prepare for Blogtober and forget about the posts. You need to pay attention to quality as well.

Conclusion of How to prepare for Blogtober without stress

As usual, thank you so much for reading to this point. I just mentioned some tips on how you can deal and How to prepare for Blogtober without stress. It’s a good way to organize the process of doing this challenge which is Blogtober. It’s so much so let’s keep it that way. That’s the purpose of these tips.

Now you know some things about Blogtober. Are you going to participate? Have you planned something for the next month? Let us know in the comment below. I know a lot of people will join this year’s Blogtober and I might hop in and join haha. I will keep you in the loop.

Also, I will be sharing a lot of blogging tips, DIY tips and business, marketing, and more tips. Plus, sharing DIY crafts as well. If you are interested. Please subscribe to my email list. You can follow me on Pinterest and Twitter. Because I’m going to share the latest posts and also more updates.

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72 thoughts on “How to prepare for Blogtober without stress”

  1. excellent! I have taken many of your suggestions already such as writing out the blog topics, writing them, and then scheduling them in. I still have a long ways to go. I’m finding that trying to create content for this month 3x a week plus write content for blogtober is a lot harder than I originally anticipated. I will still be chugging along in October to finish writing the content

  2. I’ve been blogging for years but hadn’t heard of Blogtoberfest before. I have all my posts for October already written for this year. I’ll have to look more into Blogtoberfest this weekend.

  3. I’m so impressed by everyone who is doing Blogtober. I wish I had the time but it’s not feasible for me this year. I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s posts though!

  4. I love these tips! I work full time so I won’t be taking part in blogtober but I have done it for December before and it was very hard. But I definitely agree that being prepared is the best way. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Hi Fransic,

    Thanks very much for your guide to Blogtober. I have to say that, as somebody who sometimes struggles to make one post per month let alone one per day, there is no way that I will be joining Blogtober! But I look forward to reading your posts and those of others that take part.

  6. Fab tips! I don’t think I’ll be participating in blogtober this year – I was considering it for a bit but as my blog still hasn’t hit the six month mark I thought it would be better to see how it works – but I’ll definitely be doing it next year. I definitely agree that sticking to a schedule would be crucial to succeed! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Blogtober has always sounded so overwhelming to me. We post once per week, so once per day is a LOT haha. I love how you’ve broken the process down though 🙂 I might consider Blogmas as I’m a little late for Blogtober this year.

  8. I had no idea what blogtober was. I was seeing it but did not really search for it. I still have tons of work on building my blog so maybe I will participate next year. Thank you for letting me know what blogtober is all about and for offering these useful tips!

  9. Oh this is my first time to hear about Blogtober and seems like a fun yet challenging blogging activity.. Does it require daily posting for the whole october or just as many as you can.. I remember participating ona daily post challenge many many years ago and i remember how exhausting that was… It was fun though.. I have to check more of this Blogtober

  10. I never knew a blogtober was before you described it. great tips I think it will be a great experience people who decide to participate.

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