3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do

Hello, everyone, and welcome back or welcome to today’s post. I hope you guys doing well so far this month. Getting all the fun during these spooky days. We are back with another blogging tips post for you guys. And today I’ve got another good and something bloggers should focus on. These are 3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do

We have a lot of tasks to do as bloggers. However, there are a few of them that are important. And that’s what I will talk about it in this post about 3 important blogging tasks. Maybe you already doing it which is awesome. However, at first, I wasn’t paying attention to these before. Keep reading to know more about these 3 important blogging tasks.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to do it. So, if you forget, don’t feel alone because we get distracted with a lot. Hopefully, this could be a reminder to help you do it today. If you do it, how many times do you do it? Let me know after you read about these 3 important blogging tasks.

Also, I will be mentioning how these could help you. This way, you know that you doing tasks that are worth it. We don’t need any more wasting time doing tasks not important. Already have plenty in our place. But these are worth it to be added and do it often. Don’t need to do it every day.

Are you ready to read about these 3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do? Don’t forget to comment your thought about these and whether you di it or not.

3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do

3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do

When I say blogging tasks. I’m sure you will question yourself. What do I mean by blogging task? and there are a lot of tasks. There are tasks you do that will help and appear for the readers. However, these 3 important blogging tasks are will benefit the blogger instead. for both, the blog, and experience. Well, it still has a small percentage for the readers as well.

These tasks will help you to work smoothly and also run the blog better. I was guilty of not doing some of them but I realize that it’s important. So, if you not doing it. I highly recommend starting doing it. I realized that when I got into trouble and had to ask an expert to help with it.

Maybe for the first time, you will be confused with doing one of these tasks that I will mention below. And that’s normal because once get the hang of it. It will be really easy to do. No need to ask for help and it won’t take you a lot of time.

Also, doing these tasks will help you to get more familiar with the backend stuff that only bloggers know. Honestly, when I did it, it felt like a fresh and new experience doing them. As I said, these don’t require you to have an expert but if you feel like want someone to explain to you. That’s fine and can ask for support.

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How many times should we do these blogging tasks?

The duration wait before doing it again could be a week to two weeks. That’s what I recommend except for one, it should be a maximum of 3 days if you got so busy. But I don’t think it would take so much of your time.

1-Deleted comments

As we all know that we get a lot of spam and comments that can’t be published to our blog for some reason. And we delete them. But they don’t get deleted because it still gets to a tab that collects them in case you want to restore them. I’m sure all of us know about this but sometimes we forget to clear them.

It happened to me several times before and I have to remind myself to delete them. It’s slow the blog and stacks up if we don’t delete them. This is for the new bloggers who just started, it could happen because remembering back then, I won’t pay attention to them haha.

This is the fastest and easiest blogging task any blogger would do. Because with only one click you can clear them in WordPress. However, I’ve been away a long long time off the blogger platform and haven’t used any other blogging platform. So not sure how it can be done.

It’s easy to delete the comments and don’t delete them permanently. Sometimes I forget that it goes to another tab haha, and go on with my day. So, make sure to remember to delete the deleted comments permanently. And that will help the server to load only the published comments which will be faster.

2-Servers check and delete the unwanted files

Another important task for bloggers to do is checking the servers. I’m also guilty of doing this but I’m fixing it now and trying to check the servers more often nowadays. And I will explain what you can delete and how you get the unwanted files. At first, I didn’t know that it would be a thing and that we need to pay attention to.

You might get unwanted files by deleting plugins or themes. Files will be uploaded to the server and from there you can control them. So by checking the servers, you make sure that you only have the important files. This is something we might not pay attention but it’s important.

It will help you to get familiar with the files and understand how you can organize your server. How awesome you get to organize it and make it run faster. The more we get familiar with it, the better performance we can make our servers do.

Make sure that only files for plugins you are using and files that are important for the blog. Anything else, make sure to delete it, Keep it clean. That will give you more space which might not be a lot but good to have. But more importantly the speed for loading the blog and other things.

3-Clearing the caches

I’m sure some bloggers do that but for people who didn’t know that this is important. Well, try to clear the caches and I’m not talking about the browser haha. Well, you can clear the caches for the blog and server using plugins.

If you made any changes to the blog or files. This will help to show the new changes. Because sometimes it won’t take into effect until doing this. I would say this is one of the 3 important blogging tasks that are least done by bloggers. Unless you already know about it which is amazing.

Because I don’t think there is something that lets us do it early. And that’s why people usually, forget about it. So, we need to set a schedule for doing this until you make it a habit to make sure everything is cleared and running smooth.

This will help to also make the blog run faster for others. And that makes it more important for us bloggers to focus on it. If you don’t know how to clear caches for the servers, you can ask customer support and they will help you.

Conclusion of 3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do

Alright, here come to an of this post about the 3 important blogging tasks. As I said, these help you to have a good experience and also benefit the blog as well. They are easy to do and don’t need to spend a lot of time doing them. So, I assume there is no reason not to allow us to do them and have a better blogging experience.

What other important blogging tasks do you guys do and how often do you do these 3 important blogging tasks. Let me know in the comment below. I’m curious if there is any other task that wasn’t mentioned but is still very important for bloggers.

I will be sharing more about blogging tips. Also, sharing more about business, marketing, and DIY tips. DIY projects will be back soon. So, if you would like to get the latest blog posts. Make sure to subscribe to my email list, please. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. There I share my latest posts and also new updates as well.

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48 thoughts on “3 important blogging tasks every blogger should do”

  1. Love this because these three things are such tedious things to do that I know I always forget about. I always forget to clear my caches & I definitely always forget to clear the deleted spam comments !

    Great reminder !

  2. I’m good at the first and last one, but not so great at clearing old files off the server. I’m always afraid to touch things on the server and screw up my entire site.

  3. I agree with you, these are simple tasks but we often neglected them, then it grows into a bigger issue. I got experienced in deleting annoying spam comments, but it was a necessary task.

  4. You’re right, I clear the caches on my browser so you’d think I’d do it for the blog too. However, I don’t know if I know how to do it on the blog!

  5. Clearing the cache is one of the most important things most bloggers forget. Also, making sure you back-up every week or at least monthly really helps. It does wonders in your site!

  6. Wow, I never thought of deleted comments. I thought, its enough to just delete them. Thanks for the tips. I will try to do these regularly.

  7. These are all important tasks that bloggers need to do regularly. I try and keep up on these tasks, and do a pretty good job at it. They will definitely help keep the site more secure and working properly.

  8. These are great points to consider. You should always check for suspicious injected files into your cpanel files they’re really nasty and will affect your blog in a very negative way.

  9. These are some great tips for those that may not be aware if they are starting out or even as a reminder to some ☺️

  10. Cleaning cache is a big one that I always forget to do! I can’t stress enough the importance of this article to me and other baby bloggers.

  11. I’d have never of thought of doing any of these things so thank you so much for sharing. I’m literally going to do these things ASAP! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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