6 Important blogging tips you should know today

Hello, everyone! And welcome to another post this week. The grind continues as the week goes by. I’m back with another blogging tips post. This time I have an interesting idea for this post and I hope you will like it. Today, I’m going to talk about something I learned and started doing as a blogger. These are 3 important blogging tips that you should know today.

I said today in the title because I have learned these tips late and I wish I knew them before. These important blogging tips could’ve helped me a lot to become a successful blogger back when I started blogging. However, I decided to think that they are not important blogging tips until a few months ago. I started paying more attention to them.

As I’m typing this blog post, I’m still learning more and more blogging tips that can help in many ways. Don’t worry, I’m going to share with you guys anything new. This way, we can grow and help each other as a big community. And this is why I started posting about blogging tips.

Also, sometimes you may read or watch a video. Some people may say that blogging is not what you think it is, and it needs a lot of work. That’s true, but that won’t be a struggle because you won’t do it without loving it. Plus, this post will help you to know some important blogging tips. And how enjoyable blogging can be.

6 Important blogging tips you should know today

Important blogging tips

We all know that blogging is not just writing a blog post and share it on Twitter. Well, that’s only part of it, and as much as you enjoy doing that. I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy doing what I’m going to mention in this post as well. Because they are easy to do and considered as part of the process. AND also very important for bloggers. All the important blogging tips mentioned in this post are very important.

I felt that I was missing a lot when I started following these important blogging tips more and more lately. Something you also should know that to become a successful blogger is that you don’t let stress consume you. Taking it as a big responsibility is a way to lose determination and motivation.

As you can see, if you are an old reader. I have been trying new blog post ideas and changing my post structure. The first few months when I took blogging seriously, I was trying new intros haha. That’s how you know it’s fun and I’m enjoying blogging more than anything lol.

So today I decided to share with you guys what I changed recently and helped me a lot to stay consistent and grow as a blogger. Let me know if these help you as well to become a successful blogger, Also, what other important blogging tips that you wish you knew before?

I know that there are more important blogging tips for bloggers. However, I personally tried these tips and I think some of us might skip them. Or at least thinks they are not that important. Well, I’m here to confirm that they are the most important blogging tips. That you will need.

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I hope you guys find this helpful and don’t forget to share your thoughts and what tips you have now that you wish you knew before.

1-Write down notes and ideas

3 Important blogging tips you should know today

One of the most important blogging tips and things that I should’ve started doing from the start is writing down notes and ideas. If you would’ve told me this before, I wouldn’t pay as much attention. But doing it now, and seeing how things went from worse to better. I will definitely believe you and start doing it immediately.

I might be even late to some bloggers haha. Because they have been doing this for the longest time and I’m just starting. However, if you haven’t done it, I highly recommend you starting to follow and focusing on this one of the important blogging tips.

Writing down notes can be anything you learn and anything important to you and your work. Writing it down makes it easy to remember later. As we keep focusing on real-life and other things, we tend to forget and this could mean we need to go back and read about it again. Also, when writing it down and read it over and over, it helps not to forget them.

Writing ideas… how many times have you got an idea and later you forgot about it? at first, I wasn’t paying attention to it, and when it’s time to think about a new idea, I struggle to find one. But, among the ideas, we get on our mind during the day or while watching something on TV or whatever we do. It could be another awesome blog post idea.

So this can help you with future posts and never run out of ideas. Any time you get a new idea, write it down for later. Then, when it’s time for the next blog post, you are ready for it.

2-Get connected more with the community

How many times you have heard about this one of the important blogging tips? I don’t think many people talking about it and it’s very important to grow. Of course, you should focus on SEO and optimize the blog. But, when it comes to sharing your post, being active and connected more with the community is very helpful.

I once was very active but then I didn’t really pay much attention to it. Well, I thought sharing on social media would be enough. But, how many of us “Bloggers” have real-life supporters? for me, I could count them with my hands, haha, and that wouldn’t be enough for any bloggers to be successful.

However, on social media, there are blogging community which you can be active and interact with others that has similar interest. It can be a big help for you and your work. It’s one of the important blogging tips that you should know today. And follow if you haven’t started doing it yet.

You can collaborate and support each other as well. And that speaks itself why it’s one of the important blogging tips. The best way you can grow your business and thrive in the community. Never think that you will be able to grow alone. Well, you could but it will take you forever.

Another way that you can learn and avoid some mistakes. Surrounding yourself with bloggers and people that do the same as you, would help a lot to get through some obstacles and avoid some mistakes that others already did. No need for you to repeat the same mistake.

3-Balance between content and marketing

As much as it’s fun to blog and create content. Marketing is also important for any blogger. And at first, I was too focused on marketing and forgot about another important thing which was content. However, now, I’m trying to balance the two.

If you don’t know what is marketing. It’s simply the way we share our blog posts on social media, through ads, and other ways. But, if we focus on one over the other, it’s not the best way to become a successful blogger. We need them both if we want to be take blogging seriously.

I’ve shared great tips that will help you to set a perfect plan for your business. Make sure to read it after reading this post if you want to know how to do that. Because you must set a good plan that works for your business.

Some people, use blogging as a side hobby which is cool but at any time you decide to make it a dream job. I highly recommend the balance between the two. And following any other important blogging tips. It makes solid progress even if it’s slow and in the future, you could have a great audience.

4-Stay up to date

Another thing that is important and one of the important blogging tips is that you need to stay up to date with everything. Well, there can be tons of things to stay up to date with but you will know which one is important and which is not.

For example, you will need to stay up to date with new marketing strategies that work. Because it keeps changing and algorithms keep changing as well. Also, for example, you need to stay up to date with new policies that added or changed. This will be very important if you have blogging as your business. Because it will ruin your business if you don’t follow it.

Staying up to date with the recent ways of doing things. as writing a blog post. Before, I remember that it doesn’t matter how to write. Now things changed and there are other things that we need to do to have a good blog post for readers.

Before I was doing anything, just focusing on growing up but the truth is that you will need to stay up to date with everything. This is why I added it to the important blogging tips list. I’m following myself as I write this post haha. So I highly recommend you do so as well.

5-It’s not always about posting new content

Blogging is not like any other platform. Such as YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms content creators would use. Something I learned early and ignored until a day that I realized that it’s true. Blogging is different from any other platform.

This is one of the important blogging tips that every blogger should really follow as soon as possible. It’s not always about new content. You don’t need to keep only posting new content. Also, you need to update old content in your blog.

I remember that I used to post parts haha like YouTube videos. When YouTubers upload several parts and that was my idea. but later, I realized that I was doing it wrong because it’s totally different. Don’t need to do that instead, go to the old content and update or add new information to it.

It’s actually very helpful to show on Google results. Improving SEO for your blog post will help to do that. And I mentioned good SEO tips post. You can read it after this and learn more about how you can show up on Google search results. This one is definitely a must to follow from these important blogging tips.

6-Organize your tasks

At first, I wasn’t really that organized and it was such a pain to deal with blogging. Because sometimes I feel stuck or can’t do anything. However, later, I realized that I missing something important and it’s being organized with my tasks and what I should do.

Being even a blogger for hobby or on the side, you need to set your daily tasks and write them down. So you will know what to do and when to do it. This way, you won’t feel stuck or deal with any problem doing your blogging tasks. Just don’t think doing things randomly will be ok. If it is, I wouldn’t even think about adding to the important blogging tips on this post.

Take some time before starting to sort out your tasks and what you need to do. Then, write them down so you don’t forget about them. Here are some tips and more about how to organize your daily tasks. This will help you with that and make it easier for you.

Conclusion of the important blogging tips

Well, as always, this is it for this post, I hope you guys find something helpful from these important blogging tips. I mentioned three of the important blogging tips that can help you to get better at blogging. Thank you for reading until this point.

I’m going to post more blogging tips in the future. If you liked this post, please hit the like button below and follow me on WordPress and Twitter. Also, make sure to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss a single post in the future. Other than that, have a wonderful day!

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83 thoughts on “6 Important blogging tips you should know today”

  1. Love these tips! Especially the community one, every time I write posts tailored for bloggers, I always include connecting with the blogging community. I love the bloggers on Twitter because they’re so supportive. And I feel you on balancing content and marketing, I’m working on that and hopefully, during Spring Break I can get stuff done. I also need a good schedule haha. Thanks for sharing Fransic.


  2. That’s a great tip about making connections. I don’t think I’ve seen that one listed on any other blogging tip site so thanks!

  3. These are great ideas! I definitely agree that getting connected to the blogger community is so important! I didn’t know how important that was until the last few months. 🙂

  4. Agreed with all of these! Especially the last part. Writing one or two posts a month is also good enough as long as it is quality content and is marketed well. I used to post thrice a week with barely any marketing. Now with one post a week and better marketing, I’m getting much better results. We have to play around and figure things out.

  5. Completely agree with all of these! Engaging with the community is a great way to get to know fellow writers and their work, but as you said, you also need to find balance in marketing your content and writing it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. This is perfect to share since there are a lot of people who needs guide and tips for blogging. I will share this to my group and for sure they will get something to learn from it.

  7. Great tips, I have notes written everywhere. And yes it’s beneficial to join those in blogging communities.
    I’ve just got to make my marketing better.
    Thanks for this post

  8. Thank you for these tips. Fortunately I’m a food blogger so I don’t necessary need to write the points down. But after reading this, I’ve realised that I write a lot yet do little to no marketing.

  9. Lol. For me, I just don’t market enough, especially Pinterest that I’m sure will work well for my kind of content. Maybe I just haven’t mastered it.

  10. These are really good tips. I do the first 2 every day, but marketing for my blog was a different story. I have taken time lately to really sharing my blog on social media sites. Normally I would share it only once or not even at all. Especially on Instagram. I am not perfect, but I am definitely working on getting better.

  11. These are some really great tip that I’ve also realized when i started blogging early on. Just keep doing what you’re doing and improving along the way! You can do it lol

  12. These are all very important tips. Almost the 3 most important tips on my book! Taking notes is super helpful in the content creation process as well as engaging with the community.

  13. These are great tips – I especially like the ones about connecting with others and working on seo!! Both are so helpful 🙂

  14. Again, amazing tips bro. These are extremely helpful. I have been blogging for a while now and what makes it more fascinating is that there are so much to learn about it. Right now, i want to explore more about marketing and it could help me expand my readership.
    Thank you for sharing

  15. I have so many notated ideas. I want to get some dedicated time to go through them, discarding the ideas that are no longer of interest and expanding on the ideas that are.

  16. As a blogger myself, those are definitely some wonderful tips to keep in mind. Blogging isn’t an easy thing to do and most people don’t know that there are plenty of factors you need to consider beforehand.

  17. Great tips – so important to write down ideas as they come to you. I always email them to myself with some rough bullets as they come to me otherwise I usually forget which is SO frustrating.

  18. Everything you’ve mentioned is important, and I totally agree with writing or noting your ideas before creating or finalizing your article.

  19. This is going to help so many bloggers – both new and long-time bloggers. There’ s a lot of false ideas out there about blogging that don’t serve us well at all.

  20. Awesome post! For me connecting with the community and staying up to date with everything are probably the most important!

  21. Awesome tips! These are really great for beginning bloggers like me! And I agree, we should always write our ideas for blog topics, I usually forget about the topic if I don’t write it down.

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