My planning method for the new year 2018

I have been getting everything ready and setting my goals and plans for the new year and finally, I got everything ready. It took me a while to finish, but that’s actually not a problem at all as long as it’s going to be finished.
I also just finished organizing the blog and it’s so ready for the year and actually, I’m so excited because I’m sure that we are going to have a great year full of an awesome and positive journey. There will be a lot of content I’m going to share with you and things I’m planning on. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it.
There will be so many things that are going to happen this year and I can’t wait for it because there will be so exciting things for sure. I have made a promise to myself that I will be better than the last year and any year in the past and I’m actually going to work on it so hard and with passion.
I don’t know if it’s late for this idea, but I’m going to share with you guys how I set my plans and what did and I used for everything planned for the new year. This is actually the first time me doing it in my entire life which is making plans and working on it. Because in the past, I was just living my life and fighting without a target or destination and I think this is one of the signs that the new year which is 2018 will be much better.
The 2018 with plastic balls and candles
It took me more than a week to set everything because this was supposed to be posted in the early days of the new year but there were so many things that happened and as usual I had to deal with them first and then start setting everything.
Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to do this post which sharing with you guys how I planned my new year and what I used to it because still, it’s the early days of the new year and also it actually makes sense which takes some time to set everything.
I was wondering about how I’m going to plan my goals and everything because as I said it’s the first time me doing this and I found out that writing it on my laptop using apps, it’s much easier and quicker and this is where I planned my goals for the new year. I’m going to mention why I picked this option rather than the notebooks because you know most people I think prefer to use notebooks to write the plans and goals.

There is no cost

I have spent literally nothing doing this because there are so many free apps you can do this with but I picked Microsoft word for now because I can create tables that really helped to organize everything for the plans and goals.
This is actually for people that don’t have much money to get a notebook or for people who don’t want to spend much money on such things. I’m actually one of the people who doesn’t like to spend much money on things.
You can actually use unlimited pages and for no cost which is really pretty good when planning for long-term use of setting goals or anything else. Also, you can do as much as you can and you won’t be out of the pages.
I could actually get a notebook and start writing, but it’s all about what do you prefer to use rather than what you can have because I don’t mind spending few bucks on a notebook and plan everything in it but I would rather plan using an app than on a notebook.

The font quality 

This is actually the most important one for me because when it comes to writing anything on papers I suck at and after a while, I can’t read what I wrote. I don’t know if there is anyone with the same issue, but this is me.
I can also write my plans for the new year with many different fonts which is awesome because I get to use fonts, and different fonts for the titles of a section and use it as I wish. This is actually will be good if you want to make the goals, writing in the new year or anything else looks more entertaining instead of boring
You can also use a different size of the fonts which makes it better and looking organized than one font size for the entire book or plans. Also, not to mention the color of the font which is actually important to make life colorful and beautiful, and also to make writing goals and plans beautifully with a colored font.
There are so many things I could do the planning with apps using my laptop and not worry about a single thing. I have only mentioned why I used this method with planning my new year goals and now I’m going to talk about how I did it.
I’m actually going to use my laptop and phone to write down my notes and everything because I think everything is much easier with it and I don’t have to write with bad font and not have the ability to edit the font and add so much stuff into it.
Alright, I have written all my current destinations for social media and blogging goals and I have created tables for each one and wrote down the next destinations which are the actual goals that I want to achieve.
When I achieve it, I will only put a line through it which means it’s been accomplished, and then writes the next destination in the next cell and this is how I planned to set my goals and work for the new year. I’m pretty happy with this method because it’s really perfect and easy.
A table with social media goals or destination
The picture above is an example of how I’m going to do it and let’s say that my goal or destination is to reach 1000 followers on Twitter and when I reach the destinations I would just put a line through and fill the next cell with my next goal or destination. This is an example of the social media and blogging goals or destinations for the new year. I wrote the schedule for posts and included my life goals as well. Everything will be included in one document.
I’m going, to be honest with you, and speak the truth about my biggest fail in the past years. I have never been a socialite and I’m really planning on becoming one this year because this is one of the most important things in order to have a good life and better communication with readers and people all over the internet.
There is what I call ‘The daily goals’ which are goals that have to be achieved daily and this doesn’t need anything to set because it’s going to be hard to write it every day but I would set it in my mind and then achieve it right away.
I have organized everything and set all my goals for the new year and I’m going to start working on it and I’m sure it’s going to be a fun journey. How about you? Share your method of planning your goals for the new year.

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