Nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room

Hello, how’s everyone doing? I hope you had an amazing weekend. As always we are back with a new post at the beginning of the week and this time is when I share a project with you guys. I know I missed the second post but this time I’m going to schedule every post so that I make sure to not miss it again haha. It’s just that I like to write posts and publish them at the same time aka fresh content. Because for some reason, it feels fresh haha. But now I think it’s time to change. Anyways, with that being said, today I got a new post for you guys! This is a Nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room.

Every day I have been thinking about when to get back on the traveling topic and start sharing posts haha. I see some people travel at this time and I don’t think it’s completely safe. However, it might be an adventure to survive it haha. Any time soon, I might get back to traveling too. Stay tuned!! You don’t want to miss my first trip after the pandemic haha.

Another thing, I got a new idea that I’m excited to share with you guys in the next week. Something I have done but only one time haha. Can you guess what it is? I can’t share in the second post of this week because only one day for projects, that’s a hint. You need to stay tuned for that. Please, subscribe or follow my blog to not miss the post on time.

About the post

Anyways, let’s focus on today’s new project that I made which can help you to add a nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room. This will not cost a lot of money which another reason why it’s good. I try to make decorations with easy items to get in the house or things that can be used that just within our reach.

So far, my ideas are all about cardboard and papers and how to make things out of them haha. I still don’t have enough space to upgrade to wooden but maybe plastic. However, soon it will happen and I’m going to start doing amazing stuff. Stay tuned by subscribing to the blog or follow me on WordPress.

I have been thinking about this idea for a little while but I never thought that I’m going to do it haha. However, this time I wanted to see how it will be in real life and I think it looks nice. Also, I would like to know what you think. You can share your opinion in the end when you see more pictures of it.

Also, I have not yet done any long projects yet. This is like my previous post which few hours from 2 to 6 hours. It depends on how fast you do it haha. For me, this time I thought of testing how fast can I shrink the time of doing a project in case I need it for content haha. However, things might not go as planned, and need to do it over like me in this project haha. That going to take a while to get it done haha.

Nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room

This idea also one of the projects that can still be decorated after the final version is done. I think this is the best feature of having the white layer, haha and I just realized that. However, some of them can’t add anything later because there is no way of doing that.

zoomed in of the final look of the decoration.

Here is a tease of the final version of this project. Only part of it, haha and the rest coming at the end after the tutorial. What do you think so far? Well, I would say wait until the full picture of it. By the way, this project is one of the projects that I made an imaginary picture of, and in the end, it came out so far from it haha.

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Anyways, here is the tutorial of this nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room and I did and full picture of it and more pictures of it as well haha. I hope you enjoy it, Please grab your coffee or tea and enjoy reading.

The required items for this nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room

The required items for the project

Here is a full picture of everything needed for this project. This is a new way of sharing and I would love to know your opinion of this idea. I think it might be a new way of doing this part of this post. All measures are written on the items for a quick explanation.

1-The flower vase

 picture of the vase opened from the top

I would call the first part a flower vase even if it’s not like a vase haha but I can’t say a stand because it doesn’t make sense. Anyways, this is the long paper at the top and half-circle cardboard in the picture above.

2-The main hangers

One the of hanger of the vases.

The second part of the picture is the hangers which going to use to hold the vases and not let the flowers fall down haha, The long and big cardboard is the main hanger which going to hold everything. And the small little ones at the bottom of the pictures are the ones that going to hold the vase, physics haha.

Well, you might have an idea of it by now from the tease at the beginning of this post. The question is, What the second hanger will hold? haha. Well, again you need to wait until the final reveal.

The first stage of the process

Two hangers.

During the first stage of this project. I covered the main hanger with white layers. And did a few things which I’m going to talk about it in this section quickly before the big reveal. As you can see in the picture, I already covered the main hanger and I used thick papers because it’s a good layer.

The bottom meant to be a little thick but it turned too sharp after adding the white layer. It was difficult for me to attach the other hangers haha. However, I fixed the problem and made it good in the end.

Two vases with top open.

Then, I did the vase and as you can see, the long paper I mentioned earlier was to make it. I glued it around the half circle and then add the top. Well, I know the vase is opened but I can’t hold it up and make it shown if I don’t do that. Next time, I will do a real vase and flower decoration hahaha.

Two vases with top closed.

Here is the final look at it. However, without the top cover. When I was about to add it, I realize that this way, it can be easy to break and I decided that it need an additional piece to be added.

Finished look of the vases

So here is the final look part two hahaha. With the two vases as well. I did everything the same for both because they going to have the same exact job or purpose in this case.

Items for the flowers

The final step of the first stage is this and I think you guess the first item from the red papers haha. However, this going to reveal what the second item will be. However, this is wasn’t in the picture at the beginning but it is necessary.

Anyways, the measures are showing on the papers except for the belts which are 1.5 cm high and the width depends on the vase width.

The second sage of the proess

Well, this stage where everything comes together. And I’m not going to talk on every step and let you see it come together and talk after. I hope you enjoyed it so far and you did, please subscribe to the blog or follow for more awesome posts in the future.

One vase glued to the hanger.
Finished look of the flowers.

At this point, this is only the preparation but the next pictures will be the final reveal and how it looks on the wall. Get ready!!!

A zoomed in shot of the vase and flower.
The finished look of the project on the wall.

Here we go, This is the end of the presentation. I hope you enjoyed the process haha. I always see this section as I’m showing it on a video scene or something haha with music and everything. The belts I wanted to put them on the bottom side but it flipped and made them on the top instead haha.


Alright, this is t. I have come to the end of this post. Thank you for reading until this point. It means a lot to me and I appreciate your support. I will post more awesome ideas and new ones. Please subscribe to the blog or follow for future content on time. Also, you can follow my Twitter for new updates and posts because I share them there as well. Have a good day!

Nice and easy DIY wall decoration for your room

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  1. love diy projects..did one with my broken garbage can..cut it in half….dig around 3 inches deep near the fence.put it there pour some cement..use broken tiles as a flooring..put a piece of pvc pipe in the middle with angel figurine on the top.have this old aqua filter from a broken aquarium.set it up as pond.cost me $2 from the cement.. the rest are from old materials at the backyard..want to send a pic here but I don’t know how

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