Hey everyone and welcome to the blog and thank you for coming to this page. You will know me as Philomath, which mean a lover of learning and I look like a nerd wearing glasses since I was a kid. There is always a way to share moments or experience with the world and I found the blogging a long time ago and took the time to learn everything about it.

I have created this blog to share every moment I experience in life. There are several topics will be on this blog but the blog will be mainly about sharing my lifestyle and creative ideas I make at home.

The name of the blog is unique and I don't think there is another name similar to it and this is actually what I'm looking for because being unique is the best in the world. If you wonder about the meaning, it doesn't mean anything and it's just a random name I've picked.

The goal of this blog is to share everything I do, whether for self-developing or motivation in my life and the way how I live my life to help as many people as possible and also for memories as well. The purpose of memories are going to be of course the travel topic, but also it will for helping people by giving them a perspective of places around the world.

We live and experience a lot of things as we grow and through time and I want to take the opportunity to share every moment I live it and Experience it. Everyone has its own way of living their lives and sharing it with each other will help to have a better long vision and this is why I want to share my perspective on living on many topics.

Creative ideas for making things at home is my favorite thing to do in my life because it makes me feel I did something for myself and sharing is going to be the best because it helps other people to get new ideas and also allow me to keep it as memories. This is with category "DIY" and there will be a variety of things labeled with the appropriate label. For example, kitchen creative ideas will have the 'Kitchen' label along with 'DIY' label and so on.

Traveling around is fun, but sharing the adventure is much more fun and this is what I'm going to do with the travel topic. I'm going to share my trips and everywhere I travel around the world. Also, there is nothing more helpful than sharing experiences during traveling it helps people to avoid the same mistake has been made or to learn more for future trips. I'm going to share tips and experience during my trips and also things or ways I figure out.

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