Hey everyone and welcome to the blog, thank you for coming to this page. I would like to introduce myself first, You will know me as Philomath, which mean a lover of learning in the Greek language (based on google search) and I look like a nerd wearing glasses since I was a kid. There is always a way to share moments or experience with the world and I found the blogging a long time ago and took the time to learn everything about it.

I've shared a lot of things on this blog during my blogging journey and since I started writing. It has been my passion to be a friend of words and the keyboard for a long time even during school years because it's something I loved and enjoyed doing. While improving my skills and everything that I needed to know over the past years I wrote more than one topic because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my blog.

There is always that time when we sit with ourselves to think of our plans, and what we need and I used to do it almost everytime and every day because I'm sure there will be always something better and an improvement even if it's good or perfect. We can't settle for what we are not when there is something else out there that waiting for us to go get it and be in an even better position and this always has been my role in my life.

I found myself a person who enjoys making people's days with laughter or jokes in real life and do anything to achieve that purpose. I've been someone who always doesn't take everything serious even while working or during serious moments(of course, when it comes to things needed more attention, I would do it) other than that, I keep things enjoyable with good humor and joy because life wouldn't be perfect if we don't do it.

After thinking about it, I decided to connect what I love to do in real life with my passion which is blogging and this means writing posts which will help people to enjoy and make their day for few minutes(It can't be accurate because depending on the length of the post. I never had the same length before, but it's not going to be a lot of minutes, you know haha)

Recently, I started writing about the funny side of my life moments and things which we do in our life. However, there will be more ideas coming as I grow and develop this idea. There is always something, but we need to figure out. Anyways, everything will be lifestyle related that happens in our daily life from moments to many things we do in our daily routines and more, but my purpose is to make people laugh and enjoy a little bit of their time.

The things I talked about were listed, and I'm sure there will be time to get back to it later. I wrote some of the posts in travel because it was one of my plans for 2018, but things didn't go as planned. However, it will be one of the things that I will surely get back to it once I achieve it and start traveling around the world. Also, I might do posts about the rest of the things which I posted about before from time to time while keeping my focus on my main purpose. If you find something related to you from what I've talked about and want to do a sponsored post use the contact page to reach me or another way, you can contact using my email listed below.

One thing that I'm sure of keeping posting about along my main purpose is the inspiration because as I try to make people laugh, I will try as hard as I can to motivate them and help them to stay positive during tough times. Following your dream could be a long journey which you will face a lot of struggle and roadblocks and more, but as we keep ourselves motivated, we can reach our dreams and achieve everything.

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