Privacy policy

Hello everybody and welcome to the privacy policy page. This page will include details on the information collected from you or things conducted from your end because our readers' privacy is extremely important to us.

There is actually not that much information to collect because it's a blog, but anything will be collected is mentioned below and explained.

Information collected:


We may collect your email when you subscribe to our blog and we will only send you the latest posts posted on the blog. I promise we will not spam you.

Also, we may collect your email when you contact us through the contact page and we will only use it to reply to your inquiries.

Your name:

We may collect your name only to identify you when you contact us through the contact page and we respect your privacy and so The information we collect from you is secure and will not be published to any social media or shared with anyone for any purpose.

This is all the information we may collect from you and there is no information will be collected other than what's stated above. If there is any new information to be collected will be stated above.

Information about Cookies

The cookies are text files stored on your laptop or computer browser when you visit a website. You can always enable or disable it from your browser settings if you don't want to use it.

Google analytics

The blog uses google analytics to track the engagement of it and it uses cookies to help us track the statistical usage of the blog such as the number of visitors, where they have come from and the pages they visited and also which browser the blog visited by to provide a good experience for you.

You can learn more about how Google Analytics uses cookies here. Also, you can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics.  

P.S: The blog owner does not have any access or control to the cookies used by Google analytics.

Google Adsense

This blog is part of the Google Adsense partnership which is a free tool that uses advertisement as a way to earn money to help this blog to grow. It uses cookies for certain purposes when the user visits the blog or click on an ad. You can learn more about how to work on Google Adsense use of cookies for more information. 

The blog just became a part of the program to help the blog and improve it by earning some money by showing ads placed within the blog. It uses cookies to collect information from users for better performance, however, we do not have any access or use to any information. Look at the use of cookies from if you want to read more about it.


By visiting and using our blog you agree to the use of cookies and the privacy policy for the blog.

The privacy policy page which is this page will be updated as soon as there is any other information to collect or anything related to your privacy and I recommend checking more often.