Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do
Christmas DIY DIY Decorations

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2021)

Here we go another week with a new post. The first day of the last week was part one of the project I started. Well, there will not be part 1 without the second, you know haha. However, the series ends with this post, but there will be more projects like this later. So I decided to post it this week even though Christmas is over haha. The vibes will keep going until the end of the year. This is part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do.

I’m not sure if I started late or time flew by so fast. This is going my last Christmas project for this year. My goal is to do Blogmas next year and join the community haha. So that I can share more projects for this amazing season. It’s always fun to do decoration, but Christmas is something else. And the music and vibes are just wonderful.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas day. I know it’s not the best this year. But at least we appreciate each other. And spend time with family and hope for the best next year. There is always another Christmas, you know haha.

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About the post Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

Alright, so let’s right into the post and let me talk more to you guys about it. If you guys new to this blog, I did part 1 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do in the last week as I said earlier. Where I showed some steps of making this 3D Christmas tree set. The purpose of this is to enjoy and have something to do especially, kids. So I did not rush it. Please make sure to read the first part to know more about the project.

Here in part 2, I’m going to show more steps and reveal the full and finished project. This will be my first two-part project in a long time haha. It’s been a while since I did a long one. But I thought it would be perfect for the holiday since we all stuck home.

Like all my previous projects, this one was made out of things that can be found in almost every house. Things we can reuse again like paper and cardboard haha. As simple as these items, a 3D Christmas tree can be made at home and add good decoration to your desk.

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

It was a lot of fun doing the last steps of this project. I had Christmas music while working on it and it just felt good. It made me wish that I can go back in time and do more projects haha. But like I said, it’s okay because next year, I’m going to make more than this year. Every year, it gets better and there might more than just projects, you know. Like gifts and stuff.

Previously, I made leaves out of papers and it was the last step that was in the post. I said it kinda looks like a pokemon card and it’s true haha. Anyway, I’m going to continue where I left off till the last step and show you the finished look as I said.

The leaf

The leaf, Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

So the first step is I folded the paper in half as you can see in the picture above. Please check the first part to understand more about this project. However, I’m not going to rip it because these are the measures I want the leave to be. But if you want smaller, it’s ok. However, I recommend doing it with this measurement because it’s the best measurements.

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

Next, I drew the shape of the leaf on the paper as it’s folded to create two perfect sides of the leaf. Then, I used the scissor to cut it and you got yourself a leaf made out of paper haha. Still not as realistic as I wanted, but I’m not sure you can do 3D leaf which would be awesome if it is possible to happen haha.

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As you can see in the picture above. At first, I made three of them show you guys, but I made a lot which I will explain in a bit how did I count the amount of the leaves. I don’t know if you can stack these or if there any other way to do many at once, but I had to do one by one haha. Sometimes two at once but that’s it.

The Christmas tree branch

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

Before I start working on the tree, I have one step that I should do on the tree branch. If you read my previous post, I made paper belts and I wrapped them around the branch to make sure that the leaves on line haha. Don’t want a tree with messed-up leaves, you know haha. Also, measured how long the distance between each line as you can see in the picture above.

I did for the entire branch and made sure I wrap them in a straight line as well. Because sometimes it could also be messed up haha and wrap it wrong. In this project, I spent more time being careful and as I said in my previous post, should be careful and don’t rush.

As you can see in the picture above. How I lined up the leaves using glue. Honestly, I’m not sure if the Christmas tree looks exactly the same at the end, but still, it’s close. You can cut the sides for an additional look if you want but that will take even longer. So I just stick with how it looks.

I made sure there is a little space between each leaf and if you notice it showing up. But later, it will be covered as well. Each line of leaves will cover the other one.

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

Moving to the next line, I would glue the leaves between the spaces left in the first one. And this goes for all the lines until I reached the top of the branch. As you can see, I didn’t glue it over the leaf but moved it a little bit to the side which will cover the space left.

The Christmas tree branch with leaves

This is how it looks like after doing the entire branch. It felt like building the actual tree, but less real and smaller haha. I honestly did not plan this look but, it looks ok. What do you guys think so far?

Also, just like real life. I had to make the top and add it to the tree haha. This one is extra and you can make it all together from top to bottom. I Just wanted to make it more interesting and a little longer to enjoy. I decided to do it this way haha.

The top Christmas tree is sharp and to make that, I had to make triangle-shaped cardboard. And I glued it to a circle with the same measures as the tree branch. So I can just glue it and add the top. That was a little struggle but I made it haha.

Adding the white layer to the top was a little bit difficult as you can tell by the shape. So I have to cover side by side when I added four of the triangle-shaped to the circle. Because it was not as expected, I focused on making it and forgot to take picture of it haha. I’m sorry about that.

The finished look of the Christmas

So after finishing the top. It was easy. Just add the white layer and make the leaves smaller so it can fit the top and don’t mess up the whole tree. The picture above shows how it looks. I didn’t cover the entire top because I thought keeping little white at the top would look nice and it indeed is haha. Tell me what you think guys!!

But wait, to finish the set and add the Christmas vibes. Close yours eyes and open it in 1.. 2.. 3..

boom!!! If you picture a good tree and presents under it in the house. Well, it can be even better to have it as decoration on the desk haha. The 3D Christmas tree set is finished as you can see in the picture above. Well, not many presents haha but you get the idea. More presents can be added if you want later.

Conclusion of Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

This is all for the project. As you can see the project finished and this is Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I would really love to know what’s your thoughts on this project. I’m also interested in knowing what project have you done this Christmas. Also, please subscribe to the blog because I’m going to share more awesome projects and good post ideas in the future. I share updates and posts on my Twitter as well if you want to follow me. Have a great day!

Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do

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32 thoughts on “Part 2 of the easy 3D DIY Christmas tree set to do”

  1. This is so cool! I love how you set up the “leaves” on the tree all layered like that cause it looks perfect to me! I was thinking how if you could pop a little hole the size of a paper clip on the tip of several of those leaves, you can later cut out little circles and make them hang off the some of the leaves like ornaments too! Though, I have to say with the star and the presents below, you have plenty going on there with color too.

  2. Oh, I am so glad you did the part 2 of the Christmas tree! I want to do this with my little girl! The finished product looks super cute!

  3. Whit this pandemic, we’ve been enjoying a lot of DIY activities at home. Thanks for sharing another amazing project with us.

  4. This looks so cute, I think it would have been great desk decor for anyone still in the office, or maybe something cute for your Zoom/ Teams background!


  5. Very cute! This looks like it’d be a great Christmas craft project for the kiddos. I imagine they’d like to help decorate. Thanks!

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