3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new week with another DIY crafts post. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I shared a lot of cardboard crafts. Sharing ideas I make and at the same time as inspiration to make use of the cardboard. However, now I paused projects until further notice but I’m still talking about DIY crafts. I thought why not mention 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts.

Well, there might be more than 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts but these are what I like the most. I’m sure guys you will at least like one of these. Because I already did them and experience them before. Cardboard is my main material for all my projects. However, one of the reasons that I didn’t do a lot for and that I will mention below. Keep reading to know more about it.

Hopefully, these will inspire you to make the most of cardboard at home. It’s something we tend to throw and it can be used for awesome things. I’m going to bring DIY projects soon and I’m going to show you guys new stuff once DIY crafts are back. Also, I’m going to try other materials. For now, let’s see what are these 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts.

Did you do any DIY craft with cardboard or any material before? if so, let us know how was the experience and what project you made?

3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts

3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts

Alright, let’s talk about cardboard first. I’m sure we all know and have tons of cardboard at home. And we throw them all in the trash. But what if I tell you next time, don’t throw it away. Keep some and here I’m going to mention 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts. There is a lot of stuff we can make out of cardboard but it’s about how.

You can find some inspiration on my blog. I made so many different things only using cardboard. Even decorate your house with it. Hopefully, I can bring DIY crafts for Halloween and share with you guys a lot of ideas using cardboard. Also, it’s easy to get new ideas as well. Maybe because I’m used to it haha. Do you think it’s easy to get new craft ideas using cardboard?

One thing you should know about cardboard is that could be destroyed easily. That doesn’t mean it’s not good because almost everything gets destroyed or break. And we need to be careful after making the project. Cardboard crafts should be a little more careful. Especially, when kids are all around the place. You should put it out of their reach.

Cardboard also can be used for useful crafts. If you thought it’s impossible. Well, I would like to ask you to check some of my previous projects haha. I made a lot of good and useful crafts. What you can do with cardboard is more than what you think. Well, there might be some ideas that can be only made with other materials because cardboard is not that heavy and can’t be for everything.

Also, if you want to decorate the project, I usually use paper. That gives it a white layer or you can use colored paper if you want. That would save you time coloring. But some decorations can’t do it with other colors that are not white haha. So, make sure to have it all just in case.

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How to get cardboard:

  • Buy from the store
  • Boxes at home

1-It’s safe for kids

One of the best advantages we can have from cardboard is that it’s safe for kids. It’s my favorite one of the 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts. If you have kids, don’t throw away the cardboard. Maybe you have papers that can be safe for kids. But this will have a lot of ideas. I don’t think there are a lot of ideas that kids can make out of the paper.

Kids can use all the cardboard and make stuff. It’s amazing for kids to pass time and also they get creative with it. There are a lot of ideas. However, I’m sure they will need your help to make sure that they do every step the right way. Otherwise, they will struggle haha. But it’s safe for them to work with it. That’s why I included it in the 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts

When doing DIY crafts, our safety is very important. Even it’s safe for kids. I would highly recommend that you keep an eye on them. If you won’t work with them. Because never too safe and something can go wrong which might end up in bad results.

Cardboard can be more creative than paper and that is something I like about it. Kids can use their minds to figure out new styles or designs that can be possible to make with cardboard. Gluing can help a lot to make it firmer and don’t fall apart.

2-You can adjust as you want

Doing DIY crafts using cardboard is cool because you can adjust and change the project as you want. If you glued it and want to change it, you can do that. Well, in some situations, I think it’s better to keep it or do it again because it would be impossible to adjust it. Maybe if you try, everything will be ruined and it’s not worth it.

It will be always easy for you to add something new to any project. That’s something cool and it’s one of the 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts. Things would still look perfect. And it won’t require you so much effort to do that. Well, it could take time for you to do it perfectly but most of them, I don’t think it will need a lot of time.

Well, this doesn’t mean it’s only in DIY cardboard crafts. But, it can be changed and added a little easier than any other material. If you make a stand, then it’s easy than a wooden stand if there is something you want to adjust on the stand. This is something I like about cardboard in DIY crafts.

Sometimes an idea pops into your mind last minute and you didn’t prepare for it. well, good thing is that you can add it when doing DIY cardboard crafts. It happens to me a lot of time and maybe you noticed it in some projects haha. And I can easily add it or change it. So that’s cool and I think it’s good that I added it to the 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts.

3-unlimited amount of it

At first, you might be limited on cardboard but it’s easy to stack it up as well. So whenever you get a box, make sure to save it. After a while, there will be a lot of it. After that, I don’t think you would need to buy any cardboard ever again haha.

I had only to buy once and then all the time I’m just getting boxes from everywhere. And different layers of cardboard. Because sometimes you would need thick cardboard. If you don’t have boxes being a bit thick for your project. You would need to buy it.

You will have so much cardboard to a point where you throwing some away haha. This is something cool especially when you doing a lot of projects. You won’t have to look for cardboard ever anymore and just focus on the projects. I would say keep the perfect ones and cardboard that you going to use for the projects.

Sometimes a project might require a lot of cardboard for failing or more complicated. So, don’t hold up on stacking tons of cardboard just in case.

Conclusion of 3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts

Well, I just mentioned to you guys why cardboard is cool if you want to do DIY crafts. I’ve been doing it for a while now and only using cardboard. Hopefully, it will be enough to inspire you to keep cardboard and start making DIY crafts. Alone or with your kids and family.

If you have done DIY crafts before, what kind of materials did you use to make them? And how was the experience? Make sure to share it below.

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6 thoughts on “3 reasons why cardboard is cool for DIY crafts”

  1. This post made me smile – yes, cardboard is safe for kids, yes it’s easy to adjust to how you want it, and YES, there is ENDLESS amounts of it, haha. Love this 🙂

  2. My boys love cardboard for all of their crafts. They get mad if I try to put any in the recycle because they want it for whatever craft or project they think of next.

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