Simple things that will make life easier for bloggers

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. It feels a little weird having one post each week but I’m finally catching my breath. If you missed my previous post, I announced some important things which you can check out if you are interested. Anyways, since last week I posted about the DIY project. This week will be about blogging tips. Well, this is my second topic on the blog. You can browse the blog for more blogging tips posts. So, these are simple things that will make life easier for bloggers.

It’s been a while since I post about blogging tips and actually post something other than last week. Well, if you are new here, I’m going to post every Monday. If you want to read more like this post and awesome DIY projects. I got a helpful post and simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. So if you are a blogger or want to become a blogger, please keep reading to find out what are these things.

Before I talk about the post and talk about these simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. I just want quickly say that I forgot to mention how the one post per week will be. So I’m going to make it one week a DIY post and the next week would be blogging tips. This way, I will be able to include both on the blog. If you are looking for DIY craft posts. I got an awesome DIY project for next week. Please stay tuned for it.

Simple things that will make life easier for bloggers

Like I said today’s post will be about blogging tips. And I’m going to mention for you guys simple things that will help to make life easier for bloggers. You may ask how do I know if these will help to make life easier. The answer is because I’ve tried them and it really helped me a lot. There are a lot of things that we do as bloggers and I hope that’s I will include the ones you look for. So please keep reading and see if it’s on the list.

The good thing about these simple things that will make life easier for bloggers is that you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to do them. However, paying attention to them is what we really need because sometimes we skip them AND to do them later, will cost more effort for you to do them. Maybe you will feel unmotivated to do them as it’s already messy and organize them will take time. Make sure that you don’t skip them for future posts and keep doing these simple things that will make life easier for bloggers for old posts. You can do it slowly for old ones and don’t need to rush.

Well, I used to mention 3 each post but this time, it might get more than three. There are a lot of things and tools to help bloggers to have easier life during their blogging time. So I’m not talking about tools only but also things you simply can do and that will help a lot more than you even know.

Also, there is not only for Bloggers on WordPress because all blogging platform should have and most of these simple things doesn’t require a specific platform to be on. Just in case some people wonder or something about this point or have a question about it.

I said to make life easier and that doesn’t mean all the time. Because we can’t have easier life every day you know haha. However, during some situations, it will definitely make it easier for you. Don’t expect these simple things will make life easier for bloggers all the time.

1-Add the Alt as description to the picture

So the first thing of these simple things that will make life easier for bloggers that I’m going to talk about is important and I will tell you why. And how this is one of the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. I’m assuming if you already did research on blogging guides and learned about it before starting. You learned about something called “Picture’s Alt”.

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This will show up for any reader when the picture doesn’t load. So people can understand what is the picture about if it didn’t load. However, some people don’t care about it. Some just put whatever and there is nothing wrong with it. But, did you know that this could help you a lot?

If you ask how it will help. Well, if you got any problem and something happened to the pictures files on the server. It would still load the “Alt”. And if you describe the picture, you will be able to upload it quickly from the PC, and easier for you to do it if you have a lot of pictures on the post. Instead of looking at what the picture would be and where it could be.

Make sure to add and make it as a description to the picture. If you moving from one hosting company to another. Or moving from a platform to another, sometimes some pictures won’t be included in the backup you did before moving. Let me tell you that I already went through it and I had really a lot of help just reading the “Alt” text.

Also, adding the SEO keyword to the “Alt” will help you with SEO ranking and if you are using Yoast as your plugin on WordPress, it will tell you to do that. And that’s another thing about this and how it’s one of the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers.

How to add the “Alt” text?

This depends on the platform you are using but every blogging platform should have it. For WordPress, if you click on the picture, you can find the setting on the right side. I’m going to be honest, even I came from the blogger platform, I forgot how to do it there hahaha. However, I’m sure it won’t be as difficult as you imagine if you haven’t added it before or blogged on most of the blogging platforms.

2-Name the folders on your PC as the post title

The second one of the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers is something you do like the first one. And as you read it, very easy to do but you need to pay attention to it before finishing the post completely. By that, I mean if you write it and post it. However, you can write the post and add the title, but also name the folder that contains the pictures on the post by the post title.

Every post should have pictures. And if you name the folder that contains the pictures of that post. Then, you will be able to know each folder on your PC. Well, if you can do that, when it comes to updating the pictures or content, you will have an easy reach to them.

Also, this applies when moving from one hosting company to another or from one platform to another. You will sleep feeling good that you will get it back easily if something happens to the pictures.

Once you have a lot of posts and folders on your PC, it will be difficult for you to keep track of which folder for. How messy it could get after that? I think having an organized PC means everything will be easy for you. Even if it’s only one picture or just a thumbnail. Don’t just name folders that contain a lot of pictures. Even posts with one picture, name the folder with that post’s title.

Feeling organized is also makes you feel good mentally which is why I mentioned this among the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. If you haven’t tried it, please give it a try and let me know. If you already doing it, good for you!

You can also organize the PC and folders as you feel comfortable with and that makes it easy for you to know which folder for which post, you know.

3-Use Google doc or word to write blog posts

Coming next on the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers is a tool. Well, it depends on which you prefer to use. However, Google Doc and Window’s software “Word” are awesome ways to help you write blog posts faster and I will explain why right now.

Well, if you are writing on WordPress, you will need to specify whether you need a paragraph or an image, or a heading. However, you can easily write and upload images on this two software. That will help you with writing and the time spent on each post. If you find this a struggle, then it makes your life easier.

There are more apps that you can use but whatever works for you. If you feel comfortable using WordPress to write, then stick to it. But if you feel like you need to stop it from letting you choose first what to add. then. This software will help you a lot.

You can just copy and paste to WordPress and you won’t have to deal with blocks anymore. But if you are okay with that, then stick to it. However, I added this to the simple things that will make life easier for that reason. And I have tried and it helps to write faster as well.

4-Write down blog posts ideas every time

Coming to the last one of the simple things that will make life easier for blogger. Well, I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t doing this until I realize how important it is. Probably, few weeks ago and from that time until now, I’m doing it every time.

Make sure to write down every blog post idea you have on your mind, that’s what I meant by “every time”. Also, you need to keep getting ideas daily or every couple of days. You can already imagine how this will make your life 100% easier and this is something we all struggle with.

Every day, try to figure out blog posts and write down the ideas. Or if you get an idea during reading a book or talking to someone make sure to write it down. Because that could be content for you even if you are not sure about it. Just write it and write the main important points.

If you just write the title, then it would be for nothing if you didn’t write down main points or important things about the post. You will forget by the time you want to start plan it and things could get messy and can’t post something because of that. Also, you can see why I mentioned the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. You just pay attention to writing down the ideas and spend some time figuring out ideas every day. You don’t have to spend hours on it as you already have content on the blog.

If you wait until your next post day, trust me, things will be messy and you will be all over the place trying to figure out a post and write about it.

Conclusion of the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers post

Well, these are the simple things that will make life easier for bloggers. I hope you guys find it helpful and enjoyed reading it. I would love to know what you guys think of these things and which ones you do on the list that make your life easier.

Also, I’m sharing more of these awesome and helpful posts. I would really appreciate it if you can subscribe to the blog via Email or follow me on WordPress. I’m on Twitter and Pinterest as well and I share my latest posts and more content of other bloggers. Make sure to follow me there as well! Other than that, have a great day!

Simple things that will make life easier for bloggers

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63 thoughts on “Simple things that will make life easier for bloggers”

  1. Great tips on helping bloggers making their life easier. I like using the post title on files, especially pictures when you upload them. I personally don’t like the idea of pre-writing an article in Word but that is just because I hate doing things twice but that is just me.

  2. I always write or note down blog ideas as I go along, this is a great read! I’m sure bloggers around the world will enjoy this advice.

  3. Do you believe that some of these very simple tips I am applying them too and I must say that you are right in their apparent simplicity, they help a blog a lot to grow!

  4. Love all of these ideas! I like to have a notebook with all the blog ideas I have and to keep them on the side when I don’t know what to write. The tip on having folders named as the articles I am sure is very helpful when changing host or theme and to be on top of organisation! Thanks for sharing x

  5. I couldn’t agree more with using Word Docs to create your posts. It’s made the transition easier, and you don’t fall into the trap of using social media as you try to write.

  6. I totally agree with the photo sorting. For years, I just uploaded pix. Currently, I’m spending long hours renaming and sorting them. Do it right the first time – this motto will save you lots of time and energy 😀

  7. These are such great tips! I think having a calendar or planner would also help when it comes to staying on track of your blog. Thanks for this!

  8. I highly suggest the third one – Using Word (or Notepad). Honestly, I think it’s less distracting (I lose my train of thought every time I stop typing) at the same time, you need not worry so much about adding blocks every time you want to a paragraph. Notepad, especially since it’s not formated – it’s easier to copy and paste. The downside though it doesn’t autosave. These are such helpful tips!

  9. My desktop is filled with folders named blog post titles. I put the photos I want to use in there, the Pinterest images I make, and anything else that needs to go in there. It really helps when you plan out your content monthly. You can spend 1 day writing as many posts as you can. 1 day to find all images and make Pinterest images. It saves you a lot of time being really organized.

  10. I definitely agree with and do all of these. I didn’t know to do them at first so posts like this helped me so much when I was a new blogger. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Notion makes it easier for me to write ideas every time. When I come up with blog titles or I read something I want to write about, I just open notion or word to note them down.

  12. Great tips and a great post! The Google doc one for sure! I love mine (thought it’s starting to need a bit of folder cleanup).

  13. You content is very helpful for all bloggers…the thing i liked the most that is it helps to save time and do things systematically…thanks for sharing this article.

  14. I agree with your tips! I also name my folders with blog titles and the year and month it is published, making it more organized.

  15. Simple practices but oh so useful! I previously did alt text but stopped! I don’t recall why but now you’ve highlighted why I should start doing it again.

    Thanks for these!

  16. These are definitely some simple tips and tricks that will help out us bloggers! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Love these tips! I always write in WordPress as I love to have the images in place and write around them.

    I don’t find the blogs too annoying, you can just press return and it starts a new paragraph!

    Corinne x

  18. Great tips, I always have a blog planner with space e set aside to write my post ideas down, and I always tell people to use word o google docs to draft! I think WordPress is way too glitchy when it comes to saving, it’s always good to have a backup somewhere else!

  19. Hello, these are some great tips! I totally agree with creating folders on your computer for posts as it can get really messy. I’ve never thought about creating my posts on a document first! Thanks for sharing these tips, Alicia

  20. Some good tips here! I never thought to have separate folders saved for each blog post but I might start doing this just in case anything ever crashes.

  21. Hello, thanks for sharing a great post, Adding alt text really changed my blogging game also writing all my post ideas, I now have a big spreadsheet to save them all on. Thanks for sharing a great post! Alicia

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