Some of the funny and unexpected things could happen while writing a blog post

It feels a little bit weird when you change something that you used to do every time and that is me starting my posts with greetings. My friend was always greeting everyone he walks by saying ‘Hi’ for a while, and he doesn’t feel himself anymore when he stops doing it haha. I don’t think it would be considered as something that has to be changed, but sometimes people won’t say anything back to him which makes it a bit embarrassing lol. I wonder if any of you have done it before and happy Easter by the way!

I’m not sure how to describe a weekend when it includes a holiday season and free days to enjoy all day. However, some holidays don’t really matter because once the day comes, then there will be nothing else to do other than enjoying every second of it. I hope you enjoyed it with some colorful eggs with kids, and maybe a bunny that completes the celebration. Also, I wish every fun last forever that would be amazing, but we need to get back to work and that’s for Today haha.
There was an idea on my head before Easter, and the funny thing is that I wasn’t thinking to make it as an Easter day post because for some reasons I don’t like making seasonal posts, but with long thinking, I found out that it would be a perfect one for it because we are all about mysterious stuff, but there was no chance for me to change my posting schedule. However, there is no problem because we are only a day after the actual day which makes it still relevant.
I will be talking about some of the things that you might not expect that would make you laugh while writing a post because as usual, we are here for entertainment. I can’t go out of the line and do something different other than what I’m doing which helps people to make their day by entertaining content and inspiring, but sometimes there can be related stuff that would fit perfectly with it. That’s why my attempts to improve and find new things I can do and be creative, and that’s how I got this post’s idea haha. Sometimes we just need time to think more to move even further with everything that we already have and be creative.
Anyways, there are so many things that could happen that would make you laugh, but I will mention three of them as usual. Also, for at least the past three posts I was doing my posts in a list style, and this time I will just stick with a regular one. I’m thinking to try the infographics style soon because that would be an interesting way to tell a story of funny moments in pictures or even a list of stuff including photos of it.
Some things sometimes could happen unexpectedly while you didn’t mean to do which is the funny part. Like if you are writing a blog post on a laptop and stopped for a few minutes to close other windows that don’t want it anymore on the browser. However, I can imagine how it feels when the blog post window that you are using was closed accidentally and thinking that your work is gone, but actually, it was automatically saved haha. I’m not going to lie, it happened to me several times before, and when I found that everything is fine after I freaked out haha.
I try now to close all windows carefully after I check and not in a rush because that’s mostly the main reason why this could happen. Just like driving with a car haha you can’t drive at a high speed otherwise, everything will turn south haha. Don’t ask me why this example because it was the first to pop up in my head lol.
You wouldn’t expect something like when trying to take a little break and fix a cup of tea or any drink in the middle of writing a blog post and be excited to drink it while keep writing, but somehow while trying to sit after putting the cup in front of the Laptop or Pc, the cup gets hit to the ground and get everything ruined haha. Believe me, I felt that too and it wasn’t really that moment we want to talk about, but the funny part is that knowing that it was you who made this happen haha.
I think what we need to do in this situation is try to put whatever drink we fix for us far away from the edges of the desk because that way, everything is safer haha.
Sometimes when blogging while having kids around is kinda not a way to go because you wouldn’t expect anything to happen. From my experience, there would be a time when thinking it’s ok going away from the keyboard for doing a task or anything in the middle of writing a post and come back a few minutes later. However, after finishing the task and feeling excited to get back to wrap up the blog post and find out everything was messed up by the kids haha. This is something bloggers who really work a lot on writing long articles wouldn’t be good at all because everything will just be like a messy drawing that was perfectly done, you need to fix everything all over again.
I think the best you can do here is to lock your room’s door, but if that option is impossible, I recommend saving everything before going anywhere and make sure kids wouldn’t be able to ruin anything. Also, if you have any drink around it, take it away because I think being away from it while the kids around mean everything will be wet and there will be nothing to drink once you get back haha.
Alrighty, this is a wrap for this post and it’s a little nice idea I wanted to do for Easter and I hope it was decent haha. If you enjoyed it, subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below for more awesome ideas and even more entertaining posts, and read as I publish it. Also, I write inspiring and other lifestyle stuff. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

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