The 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post for this week. The first post of this week was my first ever project that you can interact with. However, today it’s going to be a chilled post. Something you could enjoy laughter. These are the 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project.

It’s been a while since I have done one like this. And I thought would be good to share one on the new month. I started this series to bring laughter to as many as possible.

One thing that I’m trying to do is to help make others’ day with these posts. As much as it could be boring and stressful sometimes. DIY projects can be funny and entertaining as well.

So this is what I’m going to talk about in this post. I hope it can bring you laughter and enjoy it.

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The 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project

I missed talking about funny moments. It feels like it’s been forever even though it’s like a couple of weeks ago.

Before going into The 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project. I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented positive feedback on my previous projects. It really means a lot reading your comments.

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So today I got three different things or moments that happen during a DIY project process. As usual, I put a list of 3 for each post, and this time I got new ones for you guys. You can go back after this post to check the rest of the funny moments series on the blog.

It’s like I walk you through what happens before you guys seeing the finished look. There are a lot of things that could happen and some of them are good and some of them are bad.

However, we are here to enjoy laughter and not focus on the bad side of it, you know haha. One thing I highly recommend is not taking the DIY too seriously because some things we can’t control and DIY projects can be frustrating sometimes.

I would’ve shared with you guys fresh moments from when I do projects but lately, my projects aren’t that long. I’m talking about 12hours and more you know haha.

However, the couple of projects were long enough to get some funny moments. So here are 3 funny moments that could happen during a DIY project.


Alright, I’m going to start with something really interesting and has two sides. It can be annoying or also. This depends on your mood and how you see the DIY. This is why you can’t take DIY too seriously.

And talking about me, I already know that there will be some things that will not go as planned. So I’m prepared for moments like these. And when it happens, I take it easy and fix it but also I laugh haha.

For it to be unexpected, you have already pictured the finished step of the project. Or even the final look of it before even starting on it haha. And I do this almost every step haha.

So when you do the last thing of the step or adding the last piece of the project and you zoom out to see how it look. And it comes totally different. You just paused for a minute and laugh on it came out haha.

Well, it could be frustrating if I’m going to be honest. But it also funny because you ready to see something cool and it ends with something totally different haha.

Also, comparing it to what you wanted to be and what it became. It really brings a laughter if look silly, you know haha.

2-Consistent change

This one doesn’t happen a lot of times but at some point of the DIY project. You may encounter something like this which really funny because I experienced it myself.

It is also similar to the first which in order for this to happen, you will picture it beforehand. For example, a wall measurement or a finished look and something like that. However, this will be when you trying to achieve it.

When you trying to get the perfect angle or something like that. But you keep messing it up when cutting to the shape you want. Then, you try to fix it without starting over and you still end up not going too close to what you want hahaha.

The hope that it will work by fixing it with an extra cut or something like that, you know. And it doesn’t help at all haha. It’s so funny and I wish I can take a video of moments like this.

3-Fitting into the right measurements

This is so funny because no matter what, you can’t get upset. if you not taking DIY projects so seriously. Also, there is another option that you can do it again but you decided to do this instead.

I’m talking about trying to cut a piece of something to put it on or in something. But, it wasn’t the right measurements and you trying to make it fit haha.

It happened to me a lot and for some reason, I just had the hope it will work if I squeeze it a little bit or do anything to make it fit. But still, it keeps popping out or not fitting.

It’s like you feel lazy doing it again and you trying hard to make it fit. but life says otherwise haha. And you have to redo it again haha.

Conclusion of the 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project

Alright, guys thank you for reading until this point. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was a quick funny moment during the DIY projects. I’m going to share more of these post ideas and awesome DIY projects. I would appreciate it if you would subscribe or follow my blog on WordPress.

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Also, I would love to know what funny moments you have gone through or if you did any of the ones listed on this post. Let me know in the comment. Other than that, have a great day!

The 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project

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37 thoughts on “The 3 things that will make you laugh during a DIY project”

  1. I can totally relate to number one and three. It’s like when I try cooking something and have a great image of what it’s supposed to look like but when I’m done it looks nothing like that. It can be quite annoying and funny.

  2. I agree! Positive attitude in spite of mistakes. We were putting new handles on our cabinets. Filled the holes painted and then …. a whole lot of doors and we weren’t sure where they went. I ended up putting one handle on upside down. Pretty darn funny!

  3. Good points. a DIT project makes it personal and unique and that’s why we should have our own once in a while. Thank you for sharing. – Knycx Journyeing

  4. A good laugh always makes everything better. As for me, whenever I do DIY, I can’t stop laughing as they never really turn as good as the tutorial.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. I have done some DIY projects, while watching YouTube videos step by step but my project ended up been a disaster.

  6. The unexpected changes always happens to me and sometimes gives me headache. But I like to do diy, and feed my creativity 🙂

  7. Sometimes usually the measurement goes wrong, or once we put the water heater and changed our mind that we wanted a bigger one instead of the medium; after going through all the labor and almost half a day of work:)

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