The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February
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The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. Last post of the week. And today I’ve got something interesting. This is new to the blog and I thought to give it a try to write about it. So These are the best 3 DIY craft ideas of February.

You know I’m doing updates to the blog content and trying new ideas to see which one will be the best. Well, this is one of the ideas that came up to my mind and wanted to give it a try.

There will be more updates and new things coming to the blog. Well, one reason making the projects, takes a long time to finish and I mentioned it in my previous posts. And it won’t be good to keep it only projects. So this why I’m trying new ideas and new content. And doing more updates.

Now, I have a content table that includes all the types of content that are going to be on the blog. Which is something new and I haven’t done it before as well haha. Probably since I started blogging to be honest haha.

I would love to know what you guys think of these new updates and post ideas. Let me know in the comment when you finish reading this post of The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February.

The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February

Well, the title speaks about itself and something fun to write about at the beginning of each month. Maybe it’s not the first day but the first week haha. As I said, new idea and I’m doing a lot of crafts each month.

If you don’t know, I do crafty projects and share tutorials on how to make them. So this would be like a crafts recap if you would call it haha. I would share with you guys the best crafts of each month.

I would talk about each project as I mention them below. But most of them, for now, is made out of cardboard and paper. Something easy and we can afford to get it.

Also, I always say there are more but I will mention three. And for this type of content, I decided to make the top three haha. However, I make a lot of projects and if you liked these ideas. You can find more on the blog and you can read about them after this.

So this is one of the new content of DIY. However, it’s not the updated DIY crafts. Like I said in my previous post, the projects didn’t end up as I wanted and for that, I had to postpone everything until I fix it and make it perfect.

1-Custom DIY hanger

The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February

So I’m starting with one of the best projects that I made which can help you to organize your life. It got a lot of good feedback and I honestly didn’t expect to get this much love and good comments on it.

It’s a custom hanger for charger cables and headphones. Something we struggle to keep organized and I thought of this project. It worked well and I’m using it right now. I call this one “The lightning bolt cable hanger” haha.

This project, made out of cardboard and paper. You can click the link to read more about how I made it and more pictures of it. It’s an easy and awesome project.

If you don’t know, I add the white layer using white paper and as you can see, it works perfectly and gives it a good look. I talked about it in my previous post as well.

2-An awesome gift idea

The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February

Coming up next is something I made for an awesome blogger. You can check her blog. And show her some love. It’s a gift idea as well which you can make for a friend or family member.

For this one, I made it special with a spinning star and circle. You can spin it for fun and if you want to change the view of it haha. I did it once and thought would be cool to try it again for this project.

This project made out of cardboard and paper as well. But because of the white, you might not be able to tell which material haha. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to make this awesome gift idea.

I mean whatever effort you put on something like this as a gift, it means a lot but it’s good that it doesn’t take long to make it. In case you don’t have enough time or something like that, you know.

It was fun making this project and got a little bit creative with the spinning star haha. You can change the letter to whatever the friend’s name and favorite colors as well.

I usually pick the first letter of the person’s name to show that the project for that person, in case you didn’t know. You can read more about how I made it and more pictures of it.

3-The portable bookshelf

The last craft idea for my February favorite is of course the one that I mentioned a couple of times in my previous posts. And I mean it when I say it’s amazing and I’m glad I made this project.

So this project is also made out of cardboard and paper. And it is possible to make a strong bookshelf using cardboard. Check the link to see how I made it and more pictures of it as well.

Honestly, it was a challenge for to make to see if I can make it, and looking at it now, I think it’s possible and you can save money by making this project to store books at home.

However, it could have more decoration and I could add more and show you guys the updated version of it later in the future. Which is what I like about cardboard crafts.

And here is the cool part of this one, it also has a drawer as you can see in the picture above, and help you to store more books inside it haha. The handle is also made out of cardboard lol.

Conclusion of The best 3 DIY craft ideas of February

Alright, this is it for this post. I’m thinking to make this a monthly craft recap and share the best crafts of the month. And it will be like this one but with different projects.

I want to know what you guys think of this idea and these projects? Well, maybe you have already seen the projects before, But what you think of this type of content. Let me know in the comments

I’m going to make more DIY projects and I also talk about blogging tips. A lot of variety of content will be on the blog. So if you are interested, please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress and Twitter. Other than that, I wish you a happy Month.

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  1. Great post! I’ve learned about the portable bookshelf here before and it’s also one of the awesome ideas I’ve found! Thank you so much for sharing this x

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