The Custom and easy DIY phone stand for Christmas

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  1. Unwanted Life

    I thought had been a while since I last saw a post from you, but nice to see you back with a Christmas based DIY project. Who couldn’t do with a phone stand

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, but I’m back haha. Thank you so much!

  2. Stella

    What a cute project to do with my kids. I love crafting projects that are both useful and doable. This definitely seems so.

  3. Lees Garcia

    You are so creative! I love the festive and Christmas themed DIY phone stand. It’s so fun to do for the Holidays!

  4. Jenny in Neverland

    This is such a handy stand, especially if you want to watch something but don’t want to hold your phone for hours!

    1. Fransic Verso

      It can be used in different ways.

  5. Lyosha

    very cute idea and a nice diy for kids. I think I will guide my nieces into making it for my sister for the holidays

  6. Sophie

    I like how you made it Christmassy, the tree and star look really cute!

    1. Fransic Verso

      It’s perfect for the Christmas season but I need to do it even better next time haha, But thank you!

  7. Jodie | That Happy Reader

    I love this festive DIY project! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anika

    Great idea, seems like such a fun DIY too. I’m tempted to make one for each season!

    Anika |

    1. Fransic Verso

      Haha, thank you! DIY always fun to do.

  9. Bree Been

    We’re making this with my son tomorrow, thanks to you. He’s seen it and loved it so much. Thank you for the instructions.

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome! I’m glad to know that.

  10. Brooke Ressell

    You never seem to run out of ideas for papercrafts. And this one is so festive for the holiday season too.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Haha, what can I say? Thank you though!

  11. Renata Feyen

    That’s such a cute idea to make your own phone standard and it wouldn’t cost much 🙂

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know right? thank you so much!

  12. Renata Green

    What a cute idea – especially for keeping the little ones busy with something useful while we are preparing for the holidays.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! I know right? perfect time

  13. Lisa

    I thought I hadn’t seen you for a while, Jack, but it’s good to have you back blogging again. And this is the perfect festive upgrade, thank you for sharing!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know, thank you so much! It’s good to be back.

  14. Nancy

    It is so cool when you can make your own phone stand!! I like that you can make it with simple everyday materials. The process overall is easy to follow and you can really personalize it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know.. It’s a good thing to have in the house too. Thank you for reading!

  15. siennylovesdrawing

    woow…a briliant DIY & useful item handmade, gonna do one with my little niece & then can use this stand for phones 😀 thanks for this. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Fransic Verso

      Haha, thank you so much! Cheers!

  16. Charity

    What a cool DIY phone stand. That is such a great idea!

  17. Sandy N Vyjay

    This is a very creative and innovative idea. A very nice and contemporary DIY project.

  18. Kelly Diane

    This is such a useful and festive craft. I would make good use out of one of these. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  19. Sarah M

    This is such a nice and cute idea. My children would love to do this activity during the Christmas holidays.

  20. Kenneth

    great idea,,,,,good for personal i can see its not that durable…so make sure nobody else touches it except the person who owns it

  21. Dominique Walton Brooks

    I hadn’t seen you for a while but nice to see you again! You have so much imagination and skill with your projects. This is very cute and useful!

  22. Mila R

    Awesome, I can send this to my niece and my sista will be so happy 🤪 hopefully

  23. Zoë

    This looks great and definitely an art project I can do with my little cousin. He’ll think I’m the best auntie ever now – thank you and merry christmas!

  24. Marjie Mare

    This is a must try. Thanks for sharing this idea with me, I will do this project with my daughter over the weekend.

  25. Cook Appetite

    Your DIY projects keep on getting better. The final results of the stand look great.

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