The custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

Welcome everyone to another post. I hope you all doing well and enjoying your time. It’s time for what I mentioned in my previous. I wanted this to be for the same week I published part one. But WordPress for some reason kept going offline for me. Today’s is going the day of the big reveal for my first ever project that I named and made from scratch. This is the Custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers.

I always want to make a variety of decoration projects. Also knowing that I can make my life better with ideas like this. It’s something big to do. Because you don’t even know if it will work, bur Decorations always work. After all, I’m used to doing it by now. To be honest, I even doubted myself in finishing the project when I finished writing my previous post.

If you haven’t read my previous post. I recommend reading it before this. You might not understand some parts of it because I already explained it in my previous post. Anyways, for a short brief, I decided to make another useful project for me which can help me to stay organized. I will talk more about it.

Every time I do a new idea, there is another comes from it. Do that happens to you or is it just me? it’s like the new idea could be for another reason. And help to make things more interesting. After writing my previous post, I got a new idea that might happen soon in the future, stay tuned!

I’m announcing it when I’m ready for it because I have been wanting to do it in a long time. I have my Twitter to post about exclusive news. Also, my Pinterest for new posts on the same day.

About the project

Anyways, for now, let’s go ahead and see what I’m talking about. What is this mysterious holder that I did for the first time? Please enjoy The Custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers.

This time I’m going to use my way of presenting my project. First, let me talk about it a little bit. Since it’s something I have been wanting to do it for a long time, I think it deserves an explanation before going into the process of making it.

As I mentioned in my previous post. This is something for the first time. I’m not talking about making a holder but naming my project. I mean it kinda first time doing this design as well haha. However, mainly because I decided to give it a unique name.

I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for a name if I’m going to be honest haha. This is the first one popped in my head as you already know by the title. I think it’s amazing and bold. Also, I picked it as It was an attempt and see if I can do it and it turns out that I can do it. So this means, there will be more of it and next time, I’m going to spend a little bit of time researching the name haha.

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This is like my phone’s stand. Every time I work, I don’t have a stand and I have to put it down on the desk. Which is not good as there might be a lot of things on my desk during a project. I had to struggle of taking the glue out of a couple of objects before. Sometimes I lose an item because when I put it on the desk and glue fall on it.

Anyways, here is the product you have been waiting for!

The Custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

A close view of the eagle on the base.
Close view of the glue gin and the eagle.
The finished look of the holder.

Boom! here is the finished product of the first part that I posted. The custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers! If It was a Youtube video, I would’ve introduced it with a cinematic scene with music on the background.

The holder is for the glue gun. As you can see why I named it. Well, the Eagle looks amazing. It’s like the first name came in my mind as I said. There are some changes that I mentioned in the first part but this time is no longer part of the project. Keep reading to see how I made looks like that and what I changed.

The second photo. I added the plastic wall as a touch came up because I thought it would look better. It turns out that I needed haha for the second Eagle that was placed above.

If you came from the first part. You will understand everything I made and it all will make sense. I hope you will enjoy the process. Now We have revealed it. Let’s see what I did in the second part.

The process of making the Eagle holder

Since I have already talked about the first part and mentioned half of the process. I’m going to start from what I did for this part to finish the holder up.

The bottom of the holder and glue gun.

In case you missed the previous part. I stopped and left it as shown in the picture above. Which consider as half of the project because there will be the same amount of work I did in this part as the previous one.

The walls for the top part

The top items with white layer

Anyways, I started by cutting two pieces of the cardboard with 18cm/6.5cm measures to close the top part. I made it for the glue sticks. As you have seen in the picture above. I made two but I used one with another design which I will show it next as I added a new touch to it.

Front top wall without white layer

Covering the cardboard with a white layer is necessary because I’m going to add the black eagle which needs it to be white. I found a new way of covering it and I have been using it since then. Because it’s so good and helps to cover it perfectly.

However, I don’t want you to get confused. The picture shows two already covered. But I’m going to use one. I thought to use the other with the second item of this project but you will know what happened to it later in this post.

The second which will be the front is going to include a plastic in the middle. I drew the edges of it as shown in the picture above. How I got the plastic you might ask? well, I took it from another box because I can’t make them at home. That would be dope if I can do that lol.

The front wall of the custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

The finished look of the front wall

Here is how it will look like after spending about 10 minutes figuring out everything including gluing it perfectly in the middle. There might be some mistakes cutting the front. Because it’s impossible for me to not have a shaky hand while doing work like this.

I still don’t how they make the plastic glued perfectly haha. Sometimes I question myself if the plastic should be from the front or the inside. Because in the picture above I glue it on the inside. You can see as in the picture above is the finished product. The picture shows the front side. However, the measures are the same as the first two walls. I talked about them earlier.

A picture of all the pieces for the top

All the top items for the holder.

Here is a picture of everything I’m going to use to finish up the top. I thought to take one with all the items. Like I did in my previous post to talk about all at once. However, this time I think talking about each one is okay since there is not that many pieces to introduce.

I forgot to take a picture of the sides which shows in the picture above. I’m not sure how long it will last but haha I keep always forgetting to take photos of some pieces lol.

It’s not that hard though. The height is going to be the same as the wall 6.5cm. But the width is going to match the base which I made in my previous post. However, I accidentally added 2cm to it because I thought it would be the same. And I didn’t think to measure it again which I usually do. that’s not a problem because it ended up good.

Now that everything is ready. I need to finish the top and this project is not one part. Usually, I do one cinematic scene and everything is finished. However, this is a little bit longer. I’m going to present to you the top coming together in a cinematic scene. It will the last one because of this project. The rest won’t need a cinematic haha as it will be quick. Anyways, enjoy and I’m going to keep going when the top is finished after the scene.

The process of finishing the top

Backside glued on top
The side glued on the top
Both sides glued to the top
The front side glued to the tp

Here we go! the finished look of the top. It was nicely built. I had no issues other than the sides being 2cm longer than what it should be. Anyways, looking at the middle it looks good. Wait until it looks even better with the next step.

The top might be for the glue sticks. But you wonder what about the bottom one? Well, that is for the cable. Because using a gun glue needs heat. And we need to plug it in to heat it up. If I want to make a holder for it, I need it to hold everything.

I might have done it bigger than it should be. But it doesn’t matter because it won’t be noticeable when I put the gun glue on it later. The cable has the biggest room in this holder haha. It’s just because I didn’t think of it that it would be that big.

There might be some mistakes but it’s all unnecessary and doesn’t make any negative impact on the actual purpose or finished look. Let’s move to the important touch.

The Eagle touch for the custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

The eagle added to the base

This is something for the first time as well. I have seen a lot of people doing projects with printable designs and styles. While I would draw and make or color myself. However, since this is special, I decided to print out the logo for the holder and make it looks better.

At first, I was looking at how to draw it but then I remember that I could print it. It would be worse than this if it was drawn by me. Since it takes a steady hand and a long time to get it perfect. As shown in the picture above.

Anyways, I printed four because I was confident that I’m going to mess everything up. And need more copies for back up haha. However, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined. I used three of it and if there was another place for the fourth, I would’ve put it as well. However, this is enough and it will look good.

There is one more item that new which I did in this part. The other one is from my previous post. I’m going to present it to you guys. And show you the finished look with the photos of the eagle. I want to make it as one since there are not that many items left for the finished look.

The last item for the project

The eagle with the back glue gun holder

I’m sure you already know what is this for from the picture at the beginning of the post. When I introduced the holder. But this is a closeup view of it. It’s going to hold the back end of the glue gun. It’s like 1.5cm and it was based on the glue gun’s measures. This needs to be exact as this one because wider measures won’t hold it still.

Also, I could’ve added a white layer to it. But I thought it would be good to keep like that to mix up the colors haha. I don’t need to make all of them white which then will need to add more touches lol.

Alright, guys, here is the finished look coming together. There is one more to mention because after this. It’s over for this post. I have mentioned possibly everything and I hope I didn’t forget anything. Here the custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers.

Photos of the finished look of the custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

Front glue gun holder with the eagle
The backside of the project with the eagle
The finished look without the glue gun
The finished look of the project with the glue gun

Here it is! The finished look and how it is when I put the glue gun on it. The Eagle on the base is kinda not showing haha. I didn’t think that it will be covered like that. Also, If I added the blue color to it, it would make a perfect match.

Also, as you saw, the last eagle I made on the backside. I wanted to put a bigger version of it but then I changed my mind to as shown in the picture. However, that’s not bad if someone wants to peak from the backside, it will still show the same picture as in the front haha.

The way how to make the glue gun steady is my idea to put it like that. Because I don’t want to add too much as it will make the eagle disappear. That would mess it up because it will ruin the actual meaning of this holder. So I made it like that and it’s pretty good. However, try to not put it near the kids because it’s not too strong to handle a punch or any of that kind haha.


Alright! well, that’s everything for this part. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and watching the steps. I would love to know your opinions on this product made at home. Also, I would appreciate it if you can subscribe or follow my blog to get awesome ideas next time I publish like this one. Other than that, stay safe and have an amazing week.

The custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

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66 thoughts on “The custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers”

  1. What a great way to store the glue gun and the sticks together! I think the only thing I would do is extend the cardboard underneath the point of the glue gun to catch any drips as it cools down. At least, mine always leaks a bit.

    1. That’s actually a great idea. I have not thought of it yet haha. I will do that. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I always look to stay organized during my work. Let me know how it goes when you do 🙂

  2. That is such an interesting and unique DIY project! Now that I have more time, I can definitely try this during the weekend have my own custom eagle holder.

  3. Appreciate all the detail you provided here. I’m not very craftsy so those definitely helps. The pictures too.

  4. I was so curious after your last post to see what you were going to make! This is very cool, we have a glue gun with a metal stand but this is much more fun. Love the eagle touches 🙂 Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa. There would be a wooden stand if I had more supplies, haha but a metal stand is nice and strong.

  5. Looks like that you have been keeping very busy for sure. It is nice to enjoy a bit of crafting from time to time x

  6. This looks pretty handy! A found stand would be really nice for when I’m working. I’ll have to come up with something.

  7. ohh my…you’re so talented & creative with DIY. Surely this will inspire all DIY lovers to start to build one too durign lockdown & stay home stay safe
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Haha thank you so much. It’s good to be busy doing stuff like this and stay at home safe.

  8. I love seeing your DIYS, they always look so good! I’d never considered making one of these before x

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot. Haha I have been thinking about this idea for a while because of the struggle I get.

  9. I’ve been doing a lot of DIY during the quarantince. I appreciate the detailed guide you put in here.

  10. This project seems complicated but you do it easily! I wish I have the level of creativity same as yours! 🙂

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