The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

Here we go to another post in the new week. I hope you guys had a good weekend. Today I’ve got another awesome DIY project for you to do at home and it’s inexpensive. This is The DIY spinning desk decoration, easy and customizable.

I’ve always wanted to try something that can be moved or can be interacted with. But, as a DIY cardboard and paper, I didn’t think it was possible. However, I decided to give it a try on this project.

This project is not just something you could interact with. But also you can add and customize it as you want. Which something cool and allows you to have more choices.

Also, something about this idea is that it can be placed on a desk. And anywhere you want in the house. As long as it’s on a surface. However, the best option I have for now is a desk.

So that’s why I say desk haha. But you can do the same or anywhere you want.

I’m going to be honest, at first, I wasn’t sure it will work. However, you will see the final and finished look. And I want you to give me your opinion and what you think about it.

The DIY spinning desk decoration, easy and customizable

Alright, so this DIY project is made out of cardboard and paper. Just like another idea that was posted in my blog before. Except with something new that I never did before.

It’s cardboard and paper, but also can be interacted with. As you can tell by the title, you can spin this decoration to any side you want.

Let say that you want to change the front side. This would be perfect. Just spin it to any view you want.

There are so many things about this project. And ways you can customize it. However, for me, I wanted to do something fun, but things didn’t go as planned and went with a simple look. Stay tuned to know what happened.

It might look simple and quick to do. However, it can take a while to make everything perfect. So just keep in mind that this might take longer than you think.

Also, if you are looking for other ways to decorate your house. Lynn mentioned ways to help you with new ideas to decorate with Dried Florals/Stems. You can read more on 7 Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Home.

I thought at first that this will be quick. But took me longer than expected haha.

Let’s get started and see this project. I’m going to start by showing you guys the things that will be needed for this project.

The required items

Top and bottom circles, The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable
Small circles, The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

So first what I will need for this project is four circles cut from cardboard. As you can see that the cardboard should not be that thick. Because thickness will make it difficult to work with.

The measurements for these two depends on how you want the DIY project to be. However, I made the big circles are 17cm. And the small ones are 2cm which is the perfect measure. But, remember you can make it different if you want.

Items for column. The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

Before moving to the next item. I’m going to show you guys something. I’m going to make a column with a circle shape. This is how we will be able to spin it.

So I cut four of the cardboard that is 17cm long. This will be inside the column to make it stronger. And I glued it to the circles together. Then, I glued the white layer to the circles.

I got caught up with the process and forgot to take picture of this haha. But you will see in a bit how it look like.

The decoration items

The paper blue rope.
White paper rope.
Long white rope. The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable
Red paper circle, The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable
Yellow stars

So the next required items is what will be using to decorate the project. As I said, I went with a simple look, but you can do more with decoration.

The first two pictures above are paper ropes, I would call haha. Just a 6cm/0.5cm paper that will be used for decoration around the circle and inside it.

That’s why I cut a lot of them. And you would need more if you adding more decoration to the top circle.

Also, The third picture is the same as the first two but longer. You will see how it will look like in few seconds. when I talk about the finished look

Here where you can customize the decoration. You can make different things to be shown on the decoration. For me, I used the stars and red circles with the blue ropes.

I did not stop until I finished this project. And it took me about 12 hours. So I couldn’t do a lot of things. I had to skip some steps and make it simple.

So these are the main required items that we will use on this decoration. Now, let me show you guys the project coming together.

The project coming together

The top circle with white layer

First, I added the white layer to both circles. I already finished the circle column which I will show you in a bit. However, I also cut 3cm wide of cardboard and covered it with the white layer using paper.

This way, it all became white and you can customize as you want and add any color you want.

Then, I glued the cardboard on the edge of the entire circle. It was a bit difficult to do it. Because the cardboard can’t be folded easily haha. This is why you can’t use thick.

Top circle with white and red colors.

Here is the finished look of the top circle. And as you can see, I glued it all around the circle. Also, I chose red to be the color that will look cool with the blue later. However, it’s optional.

Now, we need to add the column and to do that. I drew a circle in the center of the circle.

Small circle drawn on top circle. The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

As you can see in the picture above. I drew the circle and this way I won’t mess the circle and cut a clear hole for the column.

A hole on top circle.

This is how it looks like. For now, the top is ready but still need decoration. Before doing that, I still need to finish something which is the column.

The column.

As you can see this is the column and I added a tape to the top if you can see the reflection. This because papers might be hard to spin. So this will help to make it smooth when spinning.

Also, the top circle will keep moving up and down. This where I added the bottom and added top circles on the column to hold it. As you can see in the picture above which is only the bottom circle.

red circle. The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

The top circle is also red because I wanted to make it different colors. So I kept the white with it.

I put the column through the hole in the top circle. And I measured the space between the top circle and the circles on the column. So it can perfectly spin. This way it can spin smoothly and in one way. Then, I added the top and glued it.

Top circle with the column
The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

This is the finished look of the top and as you can see. The top is red and white which something I thought would be cool haha.

Also, if you can see the previous decorations on the background haha. You can check them here and here.

We are almost done with this project. I just need to glue the column to the bottom circle of the decoration. Then, just add the decorations. This is also a step you can customize the decoration. You can add whatever you want and as many as you want.

The decorations added to the project.
Another view of the decorations added to the project

You can do it the way you want as well. However, I went with the way you can see in the picture above. Two small and one long and switching the colors.

The finished look of the desk decoration

I wrapped up the project by adding the stars and red circles in different lengths. As you can see in the picture above.

You can spin the top without spinning the entire project. This is what I mean by spinning. I mean you can spin the entire protect as well haha. But if you want to spin the only top, you can easily do it.

Another close up view of the decoration.
The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

This is my first ever project that you can interact with it. And I just thought to give it a try. However, I’m going to improve everything as I keep doing and practicing projects in the future.

I want to know what you guys think of this project. And have you done any DIY projects before that you can interact with? Let me know in the comments.

Conclusion of the DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

Well, as always, this is the end of the post. Thank you for reading until this point. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion on this project.

I will do more awesome projects and cool post ideas in the future. Make sure to subscribe to get the latest posts on time. Also, you can follow me on Twitter. Other than that, have a great Monday!

The DIY spinning desk decoration easy and customizable

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  1. Like you, I would never have thought it possible to make an interactive decoration from cardboard, but this looks so good! And of course you can personalise it too – great idea, Jack, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I’ve been getting more into crafty type things during lockdown so I’m always looking for new ideas! I love this one because I have tons of spare cardboard, excited to give it a go!

  3. That’s a fun home project and it could be a good gift too. Love the way it could be customized in so many ways – Knycx Journeying

  4. I don’t usually do many DIY projects because they look complex to me from afar but yours don’t. I like how straight forward your instructions are and how everything comes together in the end.

  5. very creative,,,,use to do this diy when I was a kid,,its fun doing this with friends or relatives during childhood days..just scrap cardboard paper scissor glue and everyone gonna have great time

  6. I love how intricate your DIY projects are. This has to be the cutest little decoration I have seen in a while. I think my stepdaughter would love to make this.

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