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The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

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  1. Client

    This is so cool and creative. You did an awesome job!


  2. ArielleDeltoro

    I love sending greeting cards but don't have the time to make handmade cards like I used to when I was little.

  3. Narkis Moshe

    Such a creative idea, I love it! Thank you for sharing this, I will try to recreate it.

  4. David Elliott

    I love how you put together those greeting cards. They are pretty awesome. I wish I could do something like this.

  5. Patranila

    I'd love to get a card like this or maybe even make one. I love things like this so much more than mass produced sentiments. Well done!

  6. coolcalmandcorretta

    You are so creative! Im too lazy to create a card as wonderful as this. Im boring, just go to walgreens lol

  7. Abby Darlington

    Such a unique idea and a great way to spruce up a card!

  8. cool boy

    Another reason corporate gifts are so effective in building a successful business is that is creates a productive and efficient pouch supplier

  9. Royal Service

    This in itself is an excellent gift, saved you some money, and Jean will love it! However, presentation is everything, so pair it up with something small she can use while lounging with her coffee.Großer TeddyBär

  10. Sayali

    I love this!! Such a easy yet awesome way to make the cards special!

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