The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project

How’s everyone doing? today I’m back with another post this week. As I said, I’m going to schedule all the posts so I won’t miss another post again haha. Well, I have been trying for so long to do fresh content. And publish after I write it but it always seems doesn’t work for both posts of the week. Anyways, since there was a project on the first post of the week, I decided it’s time for another. This is The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project.

It’s been a while since I did one because I keep missing the second post for the past couple of weeks lol. However, this time I got three funny moments for you guys. And I think it will make you giggle because I think it’s funny. And it might have happened to you as well if you did a DIY project before. Please let me know in the comment section what’s your funny moment and if you had one of these moments before.

I don’t think I have mentioned these moments before. So while I was doing the project, I thought why not mention it in this post haha. The more you do different projects, the more funny moments it will happen and might not be the same. So, please grab your tea or coffee and enjoy reading this post.

About the post

Well, if you are new to this blog. I did a new project on my first post of the week. And I usually keep the funny moments and try to share it in a second post. This is what this post will be about. Also, I call these posts the chilled posts and that it don’t have that much of information but more entertainment for you guys.

I try to mention from 2 to 4 moments and usually I keep it short haha and write three moments. This is something I recently started focusing on to help me put more content on the blog. Every post, I share different moments and if I’m out of moments, then I just share other ideas that still related to DIY haha.

So this post I got three moments for you guys and I hope you will love it and I would like to know your opinion or if it did make you giggle. I mean we have a lot of funny moments during a DIY project from the start to finish. and that can be so many but I keep it short and entertaining. Also, make sure to subscribe or follow the blog for more awesome DIY projects and additional ideas like this one.

The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project

It’s a funny thing that I realized just now that my DIY projects and funny moments, all my posts have the same structure haha. Well, I need to make every topic on the blog have a unique structure based on the information shared.

I’m going, to be honest, I might share funny moments but there will be upsetting moments. And that’s when you do the same mistake couple of times haha. Also, things that can’t go your way and you have to change the whole plan lol.

However, in this post, I’m going to focus on The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project that happened to me in my previous post.

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1-First moment, multidirectional drawing

Well, from the title, I think it’s obvious that it’s going to be drawing and I’m going to talk about drawing lines. Some of us use tools to draw but what if you use them and still draw them in the wrong direction hahaha. Believe me, it happens many times with a lot of bloggers unless you have lines already on the papers or a pro at this job lol.

The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project

Everyone knows that before doing anything we need to draw a line so we can cut on the line for good results. However, when I tried drawing the half-circle, I keep going up and down haha. As you can see the line showing in the picture above. There were two lines and I didn’t even want the second line lol.

2-The second moment, going on the wrong way

I don’t have a picture of this moment but I’m sure it happened a lot of times to some of my friends and people all over the world. It’s like it’s something that will happen no matter what, sometimes haha. I lost count to how many times it happened to me lol. It also can be upsetting haha if you taking it so seriously.

Well, if have you drawn a line on an A4 paper that you want to cut? you definitely will understand how it feels not cutting on the line haha. Sometimes you keep cutting thinking you are on the line but it appears to be not, and that ruin the measure which then ruins the entire look haha. It happened to me when I made the flowers in my previous post, haha but I had to adjust the measures twice haha.

3-The third moment, Changing the plan unintentionally

The last one is something I also mentioned in my previous post. The tutorial of the project and it’s so funny because I planned this even before doing the project haha. The moment it was done the other way and while looking at it trying to find a way to fix it and I still can’t haha.

Here is a picture of what I want it if you didn’t see how I did, please jump to my project post to see. However, it was glued to the other side and I didn’t know until the second I glued it to the main hanger haha. I look at it and laugh at myself for doing that haha. So I had to go with it and did it for both vases but it wasn’t that bad haha.


Alright, I think this is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think and have you done any of these moments? This is only another idea of the things I post here so please subscribe or follow the blog to see more awesome ideas and fun things in the future. You don’t want to miss when something awesome comes up in the future haha. Anyways, thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day. You can also follow me on Twitter for more updates and the latest posts on time because I share them on my Twitter as well.

The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project

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20 thoughts on “The funny moments you might expect during a DIY project”

  1. I think I’ve ruined a fair number of DIY projects in similar ways. My all time biggest goof was not realizing that you shouldn’t use sharpie to outline designs on a wall you plan to paint. There was no painting over that one…

  2. When my partner and I built the bed we designed, we had a fair few funny moments like that, although it often wasn’t funny at the time but rather once the we’d completed we could then see the funny side

  3. There are always funny and unpredictable moments during a DIY project for sure! This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think it’s the ‘let’s find out what happens’ that makes DIY projects so much fun! They rarely ever go smoothly without any hiccups – Something’s always going to come up. It might be big, it might be small, but there’s always something! Lol

  5. Always good to see some humor in the situation! I messed up scheduling a post the other day and thought WordPress deleted it somehow, but eventually found it. I had just done it wrong. Whoops!

  6. I’ve definitely ruined a few projects like this! The third one kinda reminded me of the recipe process a little bit ‘actually, maybe I’ll try this instead’ 😂


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