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The star, my special DIY project for my best friend, gift idea for birthdays and holidays

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  1. Christa

    What a wonderful gift for your friend. Homemade projects are so thoughtful.

  2. Neely

    Looks like a really fun and easy craft! You could do so much with it!

  3. Lisa M. Alioto

    I'm sure your friend loved it – personal projects/gifts are the best!!

  4. Stephanie

    Homemade gifts always mean the most! How awesome that you made something for her. And I know what you mean about keeping a schedule, it isn't always easy, especially with blogging.

  5. aisasami

    This is a wonderful gift and very creative. Glad that your friend liked it!

  6. Mom Knows Best

    Very cool project. This would be a great way to use all the boxes that I have

  7. Marie at Complete Literature

    A gift of love–you are a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. Cristina Petrini

    Gifts become special, even more so, when they have something of us, something that makes them unique and handmade.

  9. AiringMyLaundry

    How sweet! What a great gift idea. I might have to make one.

  10. Searcy

    Homemade gifts are the best. It has so much meaning and tells a great story.

  11. Lisa's Notebook

    Your friend is very lucky, that's such a sweet gift, homemade presents are the best 🙂 Lisa

  12. Unwanted Life

    My partner is the creative crafter and DIY person in our relationship. I have no flare for such thing because I lack an inner eye to picture what I want to make. So I've rarely ever made a homemade gift. Good idea though

  13. Joanna

    This is such a cute project! I like how you've managed to make it 3D, it looks so pretty!

  14. Kelly

    Personal gifts are always my favourite. Great post


    I love it when I get homemade gifts. They are so much more meaningful. This looks like a cool project. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Baby Boomer Super Saver

    Gifts from the home and heart are the best! Something you've made with your own hands is always appreciated.

  17. Candace Hampton

    Awesome post! This is so thoughtful and creative. I love doing crafty things. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Tweenselmom

    It was so sweet of you to make this kind of effort for your friend. You are an awesome one.

  19. Hannah

    Aww how cute – hope your best friend likes it!

  20. Hackytips

    Woww! That's really cool. You are very creative. No other thing can replace gifts made with love and affection.

  21. Maartje

    So sweet to give your friend a random gift! <3

  22. Sophie Naylor

    This is the cutest idea with the most beautiful outcome! This would make a very special gift for someone – I wish I was as artistic and as good at arts and crafts as you clearly are! 🙂

    Soph – x

  23. Sudipta

    This is such a simple and wonderful gift idea. Thanks for sharing your creative idea and skills.

  24. Celebrate Woman

    Crafting and making things as gifts is one of the most precious things. Beautiful.

  25. Cristina Pop

    I love handmade gifts! Your idea is so cute!

  26. Why Girls Are Weird

    Oh homemade gifts are the absolute best, they have such meaning. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  27. Anonymous

    Homemade personalized items are better than any store bought gift! I also love the 3d effect! (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  28. kevin Akidi

    Hand made gifts are so special because of not just the thought but the effort put into making them. Nice present for your friend.

  29. Kiwi

    Homemade gifts always come from the heart. I know your friend would appreciate this!

  30. Jasmine M

    I love this gift idea! It is so creative and I know your best friend loved it. You're so thoughtful!

  31. breenarina

    This is so cool! I love seeing unique ideas that come to life in such a thoughtful way!

  32. Cozy Laura's Corner Jar

    I love it. Why didn't i think of that. Thank you for sharing this awesome post.

  33. christinea

    This is a very sweet homemade git.

  34. Sophie

    This looks great. And homemade gifts are always lovely to receive x


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