Things that might lower your fitness or help to get it low and some funny moments

I can’t believe we are already in July of this year. This been said a lot of times during the past two days which is true. Time flies so quickly that we can’t notice anything and just looking at what we’ve accomplished compare to what we should’ve is nothing. I always thought that I’m working hard but once you see the results, you know that something is wrong with the way you do things. I know it would take time to step forward sometimes, but you always be in progress but once you don’t find out that you are, then it’s time to change plans. Just something I wanted to say before starting this post.

I talked about doing another part of the things I wrote before in my blog and how it could be helpful to create more content. Well, today I decided to do another fitness post, which I wrote not too long ago about keeping our fitness on a good level while working online sitting on a chair. However, today I’m going to mention some of the stuff that might be bad for it and will lower it from my experience and what I learned as a blogger and writer.
This may be also for people doing other online stuff like streaming because we spend a lot of time doing work while sitting on a chair and that’s a common thing between us. Also, there always will be part of my posts entertaining which means don’t take things seriously because everything won’t seem laughable in case of being serious or not having a humor part while reading my stuff, you know haha. So grab your coffee or tea and enjoy reading and let’s get started.
People who work online a lot tend to go to the gym or run in the early morning because it’s a way to keep our fitness on a good level which I really recommend. However, I mentioned in my previous post how to do it while being at home because sometimes we don’t find time to manage to do so many things in our day or things may take more time than expected which most likely will happen and we can’t do anything but keep working on it until its finished. That’s why it’s possible to manage to keep your fitness and improve it from home with exercises and other things.
 However, things that will help to lower the fitness will be obvious by now. which is the lack of daily exercising because if you are not consistent with working on yourself, you will struggle to keep your fitness and it will only get worse and worse. You should at least do a few exercises each day if doing a full workout is not possible for you. Don’t let other excuses win because I’m sure you would convince yourself that doing at home wouldn’t do anything lol and that’s not true, this is only one excuse by the way. This may be on the list which will lower your fitness, but I’m going to talk about other things.
I’m sure we would find ourselves in common with the first one which is working after mealtime that you ate a lot. Going to work and sitting on a chair after eating a lot of food is something that will not be helpful for your fitness because that would require so much time to burn and not to mention having a full stomach will lower the movement of your body and will make you barely moving lol. I’m sure everyone has gone through this before and knows how it feels to not be able to walk after having a big meal haha.
This could actually be a reason for a person to get fat because getting so many fats and other stuff while burning little to nothing every day will only result in keeping a lot of it in our body. Doing it for more than one time, will make us fat and have a billy lol. Someone is not me was eating so many snacks thinking that it’s fun and was just trying not to feel hungry but ended up getting having billy haha then had to stop it and focus on getting rid of it lol. Which either way is not really healthy for most of us or our fitness.
The lack of sleeping is another reason why your fitness would get low in time because if your body is not functioning well, you will want to sit all day and just wants to lay down which is not good. Feeling lazy is going to be a problem for the person who doesn’t get enough sleep time at night because sleeping in the morning is not as good as in the night(another tip haha).
Sometimes feeling not doing anything could be from not having enough sleep which then will cause you to skip most of the things you need to do each day if you don’t get rest at night. Also, someone is not me who always gets an excuse of feeling tired to do the workout most of the days, haha, or even doing other things.
Talking about excuses, sometimes we tend to use other things to stop us from doing our exercises which then leads us to have our fitness going down and down every day. I think I mentioned in my previous posts taking the easy thing to do over something that requires more energy but it’s more important, this could actually happen and choose to do work on the laptop(or anything with less energy spent) over spending a little bit time to exercise or go for a walk even after a big meal thinking that was the better idea or more important haha. I mean it might be, but looking after yourself is not going to last for a long time that will get you away from doing anything you want to work on.
Alrighty, I think we’ve reached the end of this post and I hope it was a good read and found something enjoyable or learned something from it. If you did, you can subscribe to my blog through the subscription box below to receive more posts on time, and don’t miss any future posts because as we move forward, things will only get better. Also, share with us do you exercise daily or not? do you have any funny moments of things that lower your fitness?. Anyways, I wish you guys a happy new month and might not be able to post on the 4th of July, so I hope you enjoy this week and the 4th of July, too.

Things that might lower your fitness or help to get it low and some funny moments

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6 thoughts on “Things that might lower your fitness or help to get it low and some funny moments”

  1. I have a desk job, and I set an hourly reminder to get up and move. We recently moved into a new office building that includes a state-of-the-art gym, so that helps make working out before or after work easier.

  2. I don’t have much of a desk job as I work with kids, which in turn gives me plenty of exercise. I also do simple yet meaningful exercises at home after work.

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