Self improvement

Things that might lower your fitness or help to get it low and some funny moments

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  1. beautybulletin

    Good article -wish I could pin it

  2. mittali

    I think I should start doing some exercise now. Thank you.

  3. natasha D’anna

    fitness is much more accessible during the warmer months for me. thanks for sharing this

  4. Christie Hawkes

    I have a desk job, and I set an hourly reminder to get up and move. We recently moved into a new office building that includes a state-of-the-art gym, so that helps make working out before or after work easier.

  5. Jessica Lyles

    I love working out in the summer. In the winter I hibernate lol

  6. aisasami

    I don’t have much of a desk job as I work with kids, which in turn gives me plenty of exercise. I also do simple yet meaningful exercises at home after work.

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