Things you can make at home using cardboard
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Things you can make at home using cardboard

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new post for this week. This is the first day of the week and this time I’m starting it with something different. I’m going to share with you guys some ideas that you can do from home using cardboard. These are things you can make at home using cardboard.

This week I’m going to try new post ideas for you guys. And I want your opinion and what you think of them. While I’m testing these ideas, I’m working on new DIY projects which will be posted very soon.

And one of them is this idea. I have done it once before, but I kinda got distracted with doing DIY crafts. So I thought to do it and share with you DIY craft ideas that you can make at home using cardboard. Please let me know what you guys think of these projects and this post idea.

I’m also going to add more topics to the DIY craft niche. Because doing projects takes a lot of time. This will help to get more helpful content for you guys. It will be a surprise what I’m going to add which will be posted this week. So stay tuned and subscribe to the blog to get the latest posts on time.

There will be more updates to the blog that I’m going to do which you will see as well in the upcoming days.

Things you can make at home using cardboard

If you have a lot of cardboard and you don’t know what to do with it. Well, let me tell you that there are a lot of things you can do and some of them are very helpful for you.

I’m a DIY craft blogger and currently, I’m using cardboard and papers to make awesome decorations and ideas that can help you in your daily life.

In this post, I will be talking about 3 ideas that you can do at home. And these ideas on the blog and I have tutorials on how to make them as well. Easy and good ideas to make use of the cardboard.

Also, I’m still going to make more awesome ideas that you can make using cardboard. You can subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter and WordPress.

Well, these projects will also require paper which I use to add white layers and other ways to help to build the DIY crafts. I’m sure most of us have a lot of A4 papers and this also a good way to make use of them. If you have extra and don’t want to throw them away. Which I don’t recommend unless there is no use for them.

If you are looking for more DIY crafts to do with kids at home. You can check the 44+ Easy Easter Crafts For Kids post. It’s written by Lynn and she listed great ideas. It also for Easter which is perfect timing as Easter coming on 4th April.

1-Hanger decoration

Things you can make at home using cardboard

First I’m going to talk about is one of the projects that I made for wall decoration or in another way, as a door hanger. You can hang it anywhere you want as long as it’s the perfect spot though.

I made this one last Christmas and as you can see, the green leaves and flowers. You can read about it here and learn how I made it.

This is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time if you are concerned about time-consuming. However, messing up a step can happen and that will make it longer than expected haha.

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Its way to saves money and allows you to decorate the house. Also, the flowers were the first time to do that and the results were good haha. As you can see in the picture above.

You will also need colored paper for this one. I said earlier A4 paper and I meant the white to add the white layer. But also, colored ones for decoration haha.

Overall, things you can easily get or already have at home. You can make a good DIY decoration for the house.

2-Portable bookshelf

Things you can make at home using cardboard

The second idea that you can make using cardboard is a useful craft. Things that help you in your daily life. I’ve done a couple of things and wrote about it on the blog. If you are interested in reading more about useful DIY crafts.

However, if you are an old reader, you will know that I just recently did a mini bookshelf with a drawer. It also called a portable bookshelf which can help you to store books.

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This one is fully made out of cardboard and it is strong enough to hold the books. Whether you put them on the top and inside the drawer. It’s something I even didn’t know would work, but once I finished it, it seems it is possible.

The handle is also made out of cardboard which cool because you can customize it and it works perfectly. You can check the tutorial on how to make this DIY project here.

You can also add more decoration if you want or stickers to the side to add more style to it.

3-Decoration you can interact with

The last one on the list is something you might have seen recently if you an older reader as well. In this one, you can interact and change the view as you wish by spinning it.

It’s also made out of cardboard and easy to do as well. However, I used paper to add decoration to it. Also, for adding the white layer.

Something cool about this, you can add more to the center. If you don’t like stars, you can add duck haha. But I just made stars and circles. If you have other things. For example, birds. You can add them to the center as decoration.

You can check the tutorial and how I made the cardboard spin smoothly and change the view of it. It’s also one of the projects that won’t take forever to make which is cool.

Conclusion of things you can make at home using cardboard

As always, this is it for this post. And thank you very much for reading until this point. I hope you guys found some good ideas here to make something out of the cardboard.

What do you guys think of this post idea? and what’s your thought on these crafty ideas? let me know in the comment below. Also, let me know if you have done any other DIY craft using cardboard.

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Things you can make at home using cardboard

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48 thoughts on “Things you can make at home using cardboard”

  1. My niece loves the cardboard boxes her toys come in more than the toys lol. I’ll show this to her dad so maybe they can do cardboard projects together.

  2. you have a great skills but this card board are not that durable…i hope that you can adapt your skills through metals or wood wich are more tougher materials

  3. We always have so much cardboard around the house (thank you, Amazon) but most of it gets used for making stables and horse yard accessories! I’ll have to see if I can persuade Flora to try some of your ideas too 🙂

  4. The amount of cardboard I have in my house at the minute is insane – this is exactly the sort of post I needed to read. I now know exactly what I can do with it now (and my younger cousins will love it) 😀

  5. There are really creative ways of upcycling cardboard. I really like the portable bookshelf idea. The door decor looks like a fun project to complete with my niece! Thanks for sharing these.

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