This why sometimes you can’t act in situations based on your thoughts

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. It’s been a while since I posted anything due to being distracted and busy with other things. Always I try my best to write more and engage with others but sometimes we just get to go with the flow and soon everything will get better, and I will be able to write more haha. I can’t imagine myself working with a team yet but I’m sure it can happen, and I’m working on it as hard as I can to make it real.

I missed the first day of this week, and I can’t miss this one as well. So I came up with an idea for this post which I will be mentioning some moments of people that I know who had a different thought in their mind than the actual one and it ended with funny results which’s the moment that he knew that it wasn’t as he thought haha. That sentence reminds me of some clips that I watched before on Youtube and other social media.

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t do it alone or it requires you to be so careful, and someone else you know that has a different thought in his mind, and thinks that it’s easy and he can do it while making fun of you and at the end, he realized that it wasn’t as he thought haha. This happened to me several times in my life and thought to share some of it with you to try to make your day with a smile or maybe a laugh. We are here for entertainment, so grab your coffee and hope you enjoy reading.

I’m sure there are so many situations and things to mention but will keep it the way I always do it which is three moments of this idea. This keeps these posts short and entertaining because the more we write, the less it will be for entertainment purposes. and most likely will be more enjoying post. A long post though people say that it’s better than short, but this is not that short as well. Anyway, In the future, I will be doing more of informative and entertaining posts for the topics that I already added in the blog which will be longer than this.

The first one that I’m going to start with is when we were cleaning the house, and it was slippery. My friend thought he can get through it safely and he was holding a cup full of juice. However, halfway, he was walking carefully thinking nothing will happen, but then he slipped on the ground haha, and just made more mess for us to clean lol. I told him to not do it and wait until we get everything cleaned which wasn’t going to take a lot of time.

He gets up with his clothes wet and got some of the drink on him as well, and it was a little bit painful for him haha. Everything wouldn’t happen if he listened to us and waited a little bit of time. It was kinda funny how he reacted to himself insisting. What makes it funnier for me, is that I have been through the same situation before and I know what will happen and I was like ‘Oh man, I feel you on that” haha.

The second one is when I and my cousin were swimming in a pool with other friends, and he thought that he can lift a friend of mine while they are in the water. His idea was to come from under him, but everything didn’t work as planned and my friend was a bit heavy for my cousin to carry haha. He got his back a little bit hurt from attempting to lift him, but he let go of him right after he realized that it wasn’t easy for him to do it lol.

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I think it would be easy for my cousin to notice if my friend wasn’t that much of close to him because he was the same as him in age and even a little bit shorter which was more convenient, but a bit heavier and that was the problem haha. I told him that it won’t be easy, but he insisted to try it for fun. It would’ve actually been funny because he was going to throw him out of his shoulder.

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The last one, my brother was about to travel and he had his backpack full and can’t take anything yet there are a couple of things that he wanted to pack still. However, he decided to leave them home because of space wasn’t enough, but my other brother thought he can squeeze them in the pack and while he was doing, he heard a sound which was the backpack started to get holes from the sides haha and then it was the moment he realized that his idea wasn’t the best haha. My brother was like “Stop, stop, I’m sure you will make me go without anything” because it was the only backpack he has left before traveling.

Later after a few minutes, we found a way to get him to have everything he wanted to pack with help from his travel suitcase. I mean my other brother’s idea wasn’t the best, but at least he accomplished his goal while getting almost a hole in the backpack for the stuff to get some air in the way haha. Sometimes we do things we know based on our thoughts and not the actual thing or should I say the right ones and that’s why things like this happen.

I think this can be good funny moments of “and at this moment he realized..” post haha. Anyways, we have reached the end of this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading and learning that sometimes don’t try to act based on your thoughts until the right one is figured. If you want more of this kind of stuff and more interesting things in the future, subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below. Also, if you have any funny moments similar to what mentioned above or if you have been through one of the above, share them in the comment section because I would like to know them. Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful Thursday!

This why sometimes you can't act in situations based on your thoughts

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  1. Oh my, embarrassing and painful moments—the kind where you have to keep a straight face and make sure the person is OK before cracking up!!

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