Ways to Optimize your social media post for better traffic

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first week of October’s post. I hope you guys having a great month so far. This week I will be focusing on blogging tips and marketing. I think I’ve mentioned everything about DIY. Now just wait for the DIY crafts to come back. Today’s post is going to be an interesting one and I kind of talked about it before. I decided that I will share more about and give you guys more tips. These are ways to Optimize your social media post for better traffic.

Sometimes we don’t focus on this but it’s important and it could be a traffic source. At first, I wasn’t paying attention and now I’m starting to focus on it and improve my blog posts on social media. I thought to share with you guys these ways to Optimize your social media post.

Also, talk a bit about how SEO on social media can work and give you traffic. Because it works just like Google except that it’s on another platform. And it has some things that are not the same as SEO on an actual search engine. They have a different way of showing posts.

Well, there is a platform that is social media and also search engines. I will talk about it in this post as well. Sharing some tips that will help you to get traffic from it. They recently changed their algorithm. So, everything is different. Keep reading to know more about it.

Ways to Optimize your social media post for better traffic

Ways to Optimize your social media post for better traffic

You might ask what do I mean by optimizing social media posts? Well, I mentioned before that there is also SEO that works the same on Google and also on social media. It’s not the same but it has similarities following the same method when it comes to optimizing the post on any of the platforms and blogs.

SEO for social media is also important it the way you can get benefits is when people use the search bar on each social media platform. That’s where you want to focus on and a lot of people use to look for content and inspiration. I use it almost every day and sometimes I see my friends’ content showing on search results.

A big part of the SEO is keywords and just like SEO on search engines. Social media also use the same methods. I will be talking about it later in this post and mention more about it. These are from experience because I was curious about how it works on social media. And I decided to get these ways to Optimize your social media post.

Something you would need to know is that it’s not as much work as in search engines. Which we can all do it and don’t need to struggle and do a lot to get good results. However, you would still put a bit of effort into it so that everything will be good.

One of the platforms that work as both and need more work. And I will talk about it in a bit and share with you guys what I learned from using it and doing research on everything about it. Hopefully, you guys find good information and help you with ways to Optimize your social media post.

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1-Add relevant keywords

Well, let me start with the real talk and one of the most important in SEO. We use this for search engines and you will find it also on social media because they have a search bar. That means it’s our job to focus on it and improve it. However, it doesn’t work the same as a search engine.

There is no keyword tool for this that you can look for keywords to add. Well, the way you can add keywords is by knowing which is by finding what is being searched a lot on the social media you are using. And you can add keywords relevant to your content. Add a few of them on the post and when other people use the keyword, your post will show up.

I don’t recommend sharing a post on social media without adding few keywords to your post. For example, if you are talking about DIY crafts. Make sure to add that two words which are “DIY crafts” a few times. When others look for DIY crafts, your post will appear for them. This is one of the ways to Optimize your social media post.

Talk a bit about the post and as you mention stuff. Put more words about the content. Maybe relevant words to the content you share. It will also help to show your post when people type it on the search bar. It’s not important to put a lot but few times would be enough.

2- Use hashtags

Another way to implement keywords and optimize for better traffic is by adding hashtags to your post. Social media use it as Google use keywords. Make sure to add relevant hashtags and most searched on the platform. This way, when they type it, your post will have a high chance of showing on top search results.

Sometimes we might not get results and that’s ok. Because that’s how it rolls. Don’t stop optimizing your posts, thoughts. One of them will blow up which will make everything you did worth it. I’m sure you will get something if you are consistent with it. And the hashtags are used by a lot of people.

Some hashtags might be on social media but not a lot use them. Then, you won’t get tons of interaction. When you don’t get interaction, don’t stop because of it. It will be for the long run. Maybe one day long after you posted it, someone type the keyword you used and your post will show up for him/her. So, this is one of the ways to Optimize your social media post.

It also depends on how well the topic or niche you sharing. Not all niches do well on social media or even Google. So for that, you might need to consider what to post also on social media. The more famous niche, the better results you will get.

3- Short links

When you share your blog post on social media post. Make sure to make it small. It wouldn’t look good to share a long URL. Also, it will take more space. For Twitter, you wouldn’t have enough if you share a long URL. So, it’s better to shorten the link. It’s one of the ways to Optimize your social media post.

In my opinion, it scares people when they see a long URL. Nowadays, it’s what most bloggers do. Use short links when they post something on social media. Because it looks clean and doesn’t take more space and words than it needs. You would get more space to optimize the post more.

Some social media like Pinterest will give you a place to add a cool URL. You don’t need to worry about it because you will have the same word count and Pinterest will make it clickable to everyone visit your pin. And that’s one of the things I like about Pinterest.

Also, Pinterest is a social media and search engine. Which mean it has a tool that uses for keyword and works just like Google. You need to focus on working on it more than any other platform(social media). It’s one of the biggest search engines.

Conclusion of ways to Optimize your social media post for better traffic

Well, this is it for this post. Sharing ways to Optimize your social media post that will help you to get more traffic. It might not happen right away but it will be better and have a high chance of getting results.

Do you guys optimize your post on social media? If you, what do you usually do and how well it does. Let me know in the comment and what ways to Optimize your social media post?

I will be doing more blogging tips, marketing tips, and more DIY projects in the future. If you are interested in getting my latest posts please subscribe to my email list. Also, you can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest because I share the latest posts and more updates.

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