We need to remind ourselves this everyday, Inspiration in my way.

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  1. Neely

    I love this post! So inspiring! I hope you share more like it

  2. Stephanie

    Scheduling definitely helps in all aspects of life. I found I can be much more consistent with my blog (and in life) when I have things planned and scheduled. Between my husband and me, our schedule is crazy, so we have a shared calendar to keep it straight.

  3. Lois Alter Mark

    I always find it tricky to stay motivated and on schedule this time of year so thank you for the inspiration! Will try my best to set achievable, realistic goals- hopefully the feeling of accomplishment will keep me going!

  4. Angela Tolsma

    I am personally very excited for snow over Christmas! Sticking to a schedule is so important, it helps me get things done and even when interrupted I am better at staying on task if it's scheduled.

  5. Christa Anne

    I absolutely agree that organization and consistency are very important. I love making my to-do lists. They keep me motivated and on track.

  6. Patricia Chamberlain

    Planning can be difficult, but it is such an important step towards meeting your goals! It is really hard to succeed if you do not have some sort of plan.

  7. Threadsp

    Great articles, will follow to get more ideas in future.

  8. Melanie Williams

    Being motivated all the time is hard. I try to keep my schedule working but sometimes I get out of routine – in fact like today xx

  9. David Elliott - The Single Dad's Guide to Life

    Putting together consistent goals is so important if you want to accomplish anything. You are right that when we get distracted and don't keep doing at least a small bit, we will get side tracked.

  10. Natalia A

    I think I could have written this post myself! haha I'm a natural procrastinator. Yep, I have known it for very long, and I have become an organisation freak to balance things up. It's all about setting goals!!

  11. Tonya Morris

    I cannot wait for Christmas! For me, looking forward to things such as special occasions with friends and family keeps me motivated.

  12. Cozy Laura's Corner Jars

    So inspiring with amazing tips. It has motivated me to set a schedule and adding due date.

  13. Maryann Miller

    I have recently learned the benefits of keeping a good schedule and it is paying of with my writing and in my personal life.

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