What happen when you test your knowledge by acting like you know everything

It feels good when getting back to writing a post and I think that’s how you know the real blogger from the non-real haha. However, that doesn’t deny the fact is taking off days also feels good, and sometimes it would be a good excuse to not work. Some people be like ‘I’m not feeling well, I will take a day off, and from there it will keep going haha because there no doubt how it is when just having fun and hanging with friends, you know.

Always I say ‘I will start to write posts and save them in the draft list’ because in case I get busy or sick but still haven’t done yet lol because I always get caught by other things in life which then distract me from this, and it has been happening for at least a month now haha. I’m going to work on it this week because we got interesting stuff ahead of us starting from the next couple of months and amazing stuff to write about, yay!!.

Anyways, I wish you a wonderful Monday and a good new week full of productive days and fun as well. Last time, I started the week and wrote an inspiring post which in case if you don’t want to be entertained and be motivated instead, check it out here because this time I’m going to try and entertain you guys with this post. I thought this is my favorite, but I guess inspiration is one of them because I can write books and still have a lot to write.
At some point, I want to start doing posts about tips and courses for other people because I think it would even better to help people and entertain them. However, looking at some other bloggers that already done it, it makes my brain empty haha because there would nothing to say at all other than mentioning my perspective which won’t make any difference from others.  Also, acting like you know everything sometimes can be against you, and this is what we will be talking about in this post.
Have you ever been through a moment when you think that you know how to do it and the other person warns you to not do it because he can and then you mess it up? Well, this is kinda an example of what I will be talking about in this post, but in different situations and even funnier ways because we are here for entertainment and laughter. Grab your coffee with you while reading and enjoy this post, smile!
I don’t think this would be serious and don’t include laughing unless in situations that can’t mess up because it’s so important. Otherwise, it will always be funny and make people that involved laugh in normal situations, but also, a lesson for the person who thinks he can do it haha. I’m sure that every situation I have wen through, it will end the same as I just said because it may go wrong, but can’t be bad though, you know.
Sometimes you got to try and test your knowledge because if you do it right, then it would impress them instead of making them laugh and get angry at you, but make sure that it won’t be a cause of another problem and lead to more problems because no one wants to spend more time on such a thing haha and make it longer than it needs to be done which then you will be asked to work with them when you just wanted to try and see if you can do it.
I would like to start with gaming moments related because why not?. Imagine one of the family members playing soccer in the living room while the rest are watching, and in the last match, he was just one goal ahead of his opponent and paused his game to go to the bathroom or whatever that wanted to be done at that moment. Then, once he got back, his brother is like ‘Aye, I got this, I know how to play while holding the controller and trying to get him his win, but then messed up the game and made his opponent tie haha, I can imagine how it would be when his opponent score a goal lol.
In that case, he will still have a chance to win, but his brother can’t do it with him because sometimes there will be no need for you to be part of it unless it got a negative result which in that matter lose the game which then, he will be mad at his brother lol. That would actually be funny to watch him mess up, and be like ‘says the one who can play’ haha.
Have you ever done any jigsaw puzzles before where you can put a picture together from the scratch with small pieces? then, you would know how it feels when someone else comes up to you and tell you that he knows everything and mess up the work you’ve done. It’s like you watching the work getting worse and worse thinking that it will come up together at the end haha, and then realize that he has no idea what he is doing lol.
The funny part of this is when he realizes that he messed up and be like ‘umm, I don’t think it’s going good’ lol. There are a lot of situations similar to this which can have the same result at the end and I’ve gone through the same as the guy thinking that I can it right all the time haha.
I’m sure some of us has been appointed to organize a shelf or clean something by the parents or someone in charge. However, when your parent gives you a mission to organize a bookshelf and walk you through how to do it, but before he gets even started in the serious parts, you tell him that you know everything and will handle it well. Then after you finish it, he comes to check it, and just stare at it for a couple of seconds wondering how everything was organized because it was all messed up haha.
That would be funny to know how messed up it was and just figure out that we should’ve listened instead of acting like we know everything, you know haha. This also has many situations which end the same result like this that I went through lol. I mean there are so many things to pick and I’m just looking for the one I want to mention.
I’m adding the featured bloggers or social media managers to my blog at the end of each post and if you by any reason want to be featured, you can contact me through email with your blog or profiles links and I will look through it and surely, it’s going to be featured in it’s good. However, I would like to feature my fellow blogger known as Being & Niceness, and his amazing blog. He is such an incredible philosophical blogger and always aims to help others and I’m sure you would love to read and check his work.
Anyways, this is a wrap for this post and if you enjoyed reading it, you can subscribe to the blog through the email subscription box below, or maybe if you want to support this blog by sharing this post with friends or family and helping them to smile as well. Feel free to share thoughts of feedback as well if you want to, and thank you so much for reading.

What happen when you test your knowledge by acting like you know everything
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21 thoughts on “What happen when you test your knowledge by acting like you know everything”

  1. Yep! I have a 1000 word post that I keep outting off posting because I feel like I do not know ehat I'm saying. Thanks for this – I'll confidently press the publish button.

  2. I always think I do not know enough when it comes to blogging. I try out new things a lot and hope to learn from them.

  3. My husband and I both have our own ways of doing things. We both get to the same place, but have different ways of doing it and clash sometimes on it. I have similar times with my blog, but I just write my post, publish, and hope it works sometimes!

  4. This is totally helps for my blogging journey for me you should check all things before you post it and as you've mentioned always do the right thing nice one!

  5. I am really confused by this post, I'm sorry. I understand the examples but there wasn't an conclusion to wrap everything up, what is the moral of the story?

  6. I think we all have these moments in our lives and the important thing is to laugh and learn from it. It can be frustrating to waste time redoing something when it would better to just listen to instruction and accept help.

  7. I have been in situations like this a few times. But it's okay, we don't have to know everything or doing everything right. Sometimes, we just have to do it!

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