Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2

Hello, everyone and welcome to another post this week! I started with blogging tips for the first time this week, And that’s because the projects were delayed until next week. However, today I got another good DIY craft topic to talk about with you guys. This is why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2.

I don’t know what is it but doing DIY projects nowadays is a bit overwhelming. It’s easy and fun if you are only doing it for fun and passing time with kids. Being a blogger who writes 3 posts each week(for now decreased to 2 blog posts a week). The first two weeks since I started this schedule were perfect. But then I lost control of it haha. However, I’m going to get back and do more project posts.

While I’m trying to pick it up again, I do a lot of projects and I don’t spend time talking about how and why these projects are great to do in your life. Why we are doing these in the first place and what are the benefits you will get from it. So, today I got a second part of why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

There will be more tips and reasons why you should be doing DIY crafts today. If you are doing it, I would love to know what is your favorite thing about crafting. And why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life? let me know in the comment below.

So I hope you guys enjoy reading this “Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life” post. And if you doing DIY crafting too, what reason made you start doing it and why. Don’t forget to share it in the comment below.

Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2

Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2

So this is part two which means I already have part one on the blog(now the two parts are on the same post which is here). I added the first part here as well. I talked about this post in more detail as well. Also, what I mentioned in this post were my main reasons, and talked about them. There are some reasons that you might find it perfect for you to start doing it. So keep reading and let me know what you guys think.

For me, I find them pretty convincing and you might be interested in doing DIY for these awesome reasons. And I’m going to talk more about them in a bit.

DIY crafting could be done with different materials and these reasons for all materials would be perfect. So whatever you got, I’m sure it will work. As long as you are careful, and doing them safely, you are good. Also, have the tools to work on them.

I’m doing crafts using cardboard and paper. But, I’m planning to do more crafts using wood and other materials as well. Which will be in the future. I’m really looking to get creative with other materials as well. However, for now, these reasons also good for cardboard and paper.

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Well, there is more talk about but I will be mentioning it as I share with you guys the reasons. So stay tuned and keep reading to get more details about the DIY crafts. And learn more about why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

1-Make kids busy

What better way to make kids busy when they are bored from playing with toys? well, involving kids in doing the crafty projects is the best one. Not only to make them busy. But also it helps them to improve their skills and learn more while they doing it.

Doing cardboard and paper is perfect for kids. Because it’s safe and doesn’t require a lot of effort on doing projects which awesome. For some ideas, it’s just like working on papers. Unless they using the scissors in the wrong way, it will be totally safe for them.

One of my favorite things, when I do it with my little brother, is he think and build it with me. That creates excitement for him to keep going and finish it with me. And he doesn’t get bored haha. Some kids get bored from playing with toys. It helps him

Not to mention the joy that we share with kids building and having fun doing crafty projects are precious moments. And strengthen the bonds as well. I could go forever talking about how and why this is a great thing to do with kids. Like, help them with building their creative side.

One thing about crafting with kids, is we need to be more careful. Especially, when doing wooden crafts. Because it requires a lot of things and machines. It depends on what type of project and materials. However, safety is very important no matter. Even papercrafts. There could something going wrong in almost all crafts if not careful. But you kinda now get the idea of why I added this to the list of why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

2-Solution for boredom

I’m not going to lie, I have seen some people complaining about being bored and don’t have anything to do. And I’m like, I don’t really get bored a lot. Because doing DIY crafts is just so much fun. So many ideas to do at home with simple materials. One thing going to stop you is if you don’t have the materials or tools for it.

As much as it’s a lot of work when you don’t have anything to do. This will be the best to spend time on. If you don’t have movies or any other things to get distracted with. Sometimes you don’t want to do so much, so paper crafting is a good one for you.

Something I like about DIY crafting is that you have many options and materials to use based on your interest and your mood. Also, the ability to make something out of the material you have. Either way, I really recommend trying crafty projects when you feel bored, and let me know how was with you.

It’s best when doing it with friends or family if possible. That way, it gets more exciting and fun to do and it’s an amazing activity to do with others. Some people, lose motivation for being alone doing DIY crafts, haha, So, this could really help.

3-Awesome for saving money

Another awesome reason why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life is saving money. You may ask how is that? well, first one, you might spend few bucks buying few things and make a project out of them that is useful and cost you more when buying it.

However, crafting could be using free things at home and make great things out of them. And, little things that cost almost nothing. I’ve made a portable bookshelf using only cardboard and paper. And it works and serves as well as the one we buy from the store. The materials we can find at home which is awesome and don’t cost a lot. This is another way of saving money.

The thing is, sometimes people want things quickly and would spend more money than spend time to make the things they want. And I respect that, but if you want to save money, I would highly recommend it start doing DIY crafts to save money on some things.

I’m actually enjoying the fact that I can make everything for myself and I don’t have to spend a lot of money. It’s worth the effort and time on it. And not only one thing, but a variety of things. If you want useful things, decoration, or anything else that comes to your mind. I would say this is most people would look at why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

4-See creative ideas in reality

One thing I like about doing DIY crafts and building stuff is seeing my ideas turn into reality. Every time I want to make a project, I imagine it, and seeing it in front of my eyes, is just an amazing feeling. And this is why I’m doing crafts in the first place. And I’m sure people would like to see theirs as well. This is why I mention this in the list of why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

And when you keep going and making more projects. Your imagination gets better and seeing it is just a great feeling. Sometimes, I can’t believe that it can turn into something. And when it happens, you already know how you would feel. Also, It’s like the more you do it, the better it will look.

If you are a person who loves to imagine how things could be and what could you make and stuff like that. You will definitely love doing DIY and get creative and showing it to the world. Flex with your ideas and who knows, ideas could be helpful to someone out there.

At first, I had a simple idea and when I saw it in front of my eyes, I was impressed and at that time, I used to imagine things. For example, imagine I have my own custom phone stand. Seeing it makes me feel proud and happy, you know haha. This is why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in life.

5-You can customize it and fix it

If you buy a decoration or something useful, it has a high chance of breaking or getting destroyed and not being able to fix it. However, when it comes to DIY crafts, it would be very easy to get it back as it was. Or at least fix it to a level that can be useful again.

One, because you made it, and know how to fix it. Like you know everything about it. Things that will be needed to able to get it back as it was, you know.

Two, you have the tools to fix it as you just used the tools to make it in the first place which is something cool. However, that doesn’t mean to be careless with it. Because sometimes even these projects can’t be fixed. So you might need to redo it all over again.

Also, with DIY craft, you can make it as you want and customize everything and design it. But, if you go to the stores, you will only get some designs and styles and if there is nothing you like. Then, only one way is to look for more stores or go online shopping.

For the DIY crafts, you will need to draw the design and start working on it. While working, you can even change things if you don’t like them. Or add more things to it as well. It’s pretty amazing what we could do when doing DIY crafts.

6-Boost your creativity

We all know that doing DIY can help saving money and it’s fun to do which is true. However, how about the more you do DIY crafts, the more you be creative and learn new things.

This will help you to boost creativity and level up. I can even see myself improving and that’s because I keep doing more DIY projects. And try new ideas.

Doing DIY crafts is not just an idea and start working on it. You need to draw and design everything which is the best way to get good results. And designing, the mind can swim in a big ocean of styles and ideas you know. This will help you boost creativity.

Drawing could be a way to improve your drawing skills because you will be drawing tons of styles and designs before working on it.

If you looking to boost creativity, doing DIY crafts will make you draw, and color and enjoy the process and see the result at the same time. This is one of my biggest reasons why doing DIY projects and crafts.

It doesn’t only help you with one thing, it helps you with many things. Like, improve your drawing talents, coloring, and many things. This is why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life.

Conclusion of Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2

Alright, this is it for this post. Thank you so much for reading until this point. These are reasons to start doing DIY crafting. I mentioned the main reasons why I’m doing it in my previous part of this. You can check it out.

If you are doing DIY crafting, what reason made you do it and why. I’m really curious what other reasons could be for doing DIY crafts. Let me know in the comment section.

Also, if you are interested in reading more about the DIY crafts that I’m going to post here. Please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress and Twitter. Other than that, have a wonderful day!

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40 thoughts on “Why DIY crafting is a great thing to consider in your life part 2”

  1. Great post Fransic! I usually do DIY’s when I see a video I really like. I’ve done diy speakers, candles, pen holders, etc. It’s a great way to make yourself busy and have a productive outcome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all great points. I would also add that it makes for great family memories. I still remember doing crafts with my mom when I was a kid.

  3. I have always enjoyed DIY crafting! My parents encouraged us at a young age. Also, not just DIY crafting, (playing with legos, specifically) but fixing things around the house, instead of paying someone to do it. Now that I have my own home, I have saved so much money by fixing things. My dad was a wood shop teacher for 30+ years, so we always would build things at his shop. So fun!

  4. I used to love doing DIY crafts with my daughter when she was small. It was always fun to see what kinds of things we could make with leftover scraps from other projects!

  5. I can’t imagine my life without my crafting passion. It helps me to get motivated on many tasks, and keeps my brain healthy! It also brings happiness to me.

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