Why these 3 things important to bloggers
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Why these 3 things important to bloggers

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new post. I know I missed a couple of posts last week. It was the first time since I started this schedule months ago haha. It was getting a little bit overwhelming and I had to take a bit break. However, I’m back with another awesome post. Today, I’m going to start the week with a blogging tips post. And talk about something important. This is why these 3 things important to bloggers.

I know I usually start with DIY crafts every week. But this week is different. Actually, I decided to take this week to make projects for the next one. So, hopefully, you guys will see new and crafty projects next week. For some reason, I think it’s getting overwhelmed with 3 posts a week haha.

But, the good news that things seem to get back to normal. One thing I’m excited about is traveling, and I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. I started this niche on my blog but had to stop it since Covid hit. So I’m happy to get back to it when it’s fully normal and good to travel around the world.

However, for now, luckily, since no projects to talk about this week. I got the blogging tips added a couple of weeks ago. And I got a new topic to talk about with you guys.

Why these 3 things important to bloggers

why these 3 things important to bloggers

As a blogger, we all know that there are many things other than just writing a blog post. I’m sure most of us already know. People who have been blogging for a hot minute now. For those who just getting started or blogging for a couple of weeks. It took me time to learn these things and I learned them based on experience.

I’m sharing in this post my perspective on three things that are important to bloggers and why is it important. Well, this could be for writers too. Because blogger considered as a writer too haha. We write a lot but not as much as book writers.

Blogging is fun and you can enjoy it as a side hobby, but people that I have seen doing these things are among the top ones. So that means they are serious about it and want to pop off in the community. Well, at least this is what I know.

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There are more than what I’m about to mention. If you have anything else to add, feel free to add it and why it’s important to you in the comment. But for me, these are the main ones that I found the most important. As it helps me with blogging. And I’m going to tell you guys why these are important to the blogger.

And these things, are specifically important to bloggers when writing a blog post. The other day, I was writing a post and found myself guilty of not paying attention to one of these. I also felt the downside of it when not taking care of it. So I decided to share it with you guys.

1-Clear thoughts

This is the first thing I always do before writing a blog post or working on my blog in general. It’s good to have a clear mind when working. When I used to do it anytime without paying attention to this point, it mostly ends up needing more work. For example, my post would need more editing and changing what I wrote.

If you asked me what does clear thoughts mean? and how to do it? well, cleaning thoughts means getting rid of anything that bothers you. If you have something in mind that is more important and needed to be finished. Then, get it done before working on the blog or writing the post.

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Mostly, when you have something that bothers you, even if it’s a little bit, do whatever it takes to get it out. Talk to a friend, a family member. the reason why it’s important is that I don’t think anyone could function well and pop off while having some things on their mind bothering them. The focus becomes less and the performance turns out not as good as we wanted.

2-Enough sleep

I’ve seen people grind every day and sometimes stay up late to finish whatever they want or need to finish. However, if your goal to write blog posts, I really don’t recommend doing it. Because it doesn’t work with writing. As much as I want to do it, it won’t help at all.

Writing is different and to do well on it, you need enough sleep. I tried it myself as well, and I wasn’t sure what I was really writing at all. So I decided to let it go and finish it in the morning. Unlike, reading, even though, you use your mind, it’s not as important as writing.

And I changed the timing of writing to early morning or at noon. Which mostly the best time that we all have full energy to do well on writing the blog post. And as it goes low by the end of the day, I only have few things left to do. I can do with whatever energy is left on me haha.

3-Post structure

I have asked myself this question as well. Not once or twice, but many times. I’ve seen a lot of people having post structure and I didn’t know for what at first. If you think it’s for the reader to read the post easily, you are not wrong haha. However, it’s not only that.

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It also helps to organize writing the post. The writer knows what to write and for me, it also helps me to get words quicker. And help to write faster than just random paragraphs, you know. I don’t know about you guys, but, does it help you with that too? let me know in the comment below. This is why these 3 things important to bloggers like me. This is my perspective of it and let me know if you guys agree.

About this, to be honest, I just started doing it a few months ago. I used to organize the post on my mind though. And just write it which was a bit difficult. So I decided to do it on the post as well.

Conclusion of why these 3 things important to bloggers

Alright, this is for this post and I really hope you guys enjoyed reading why these 3 things important to bloggers. I will be posting more about blogging tips and things related to blogging. If you are interested in reading more, please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress and Twitter for more content.

Let me know what you guys think of these things and if you agree with them. Also, I would love to read more about what and why you do things as a blogger. So make sure to share it in the comment below. Other than that, have a great day!

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  1. These are very good points! I tend to write late at night when my kids are in bed but I’m sure it would go better if I wrote early in the morning. Maybe when they are grown, haha!

  2. Great post! These are some helpful tips. I find that knowing what you want to say or convey is also helpful, even if just for a starting point. Thank you for sharing!

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