Why you might feel discouraged while doing your daily agenda and how to deal with it

It’s been a while since I posted something about inspiration which is the second topic that this blog about, and today I thought it would be a good opportunity to write one. Something that has be been in my mind for almost a week that I wanted to write, but because I have a lot of ideas to go through, it was a little bit hard to keep the balance between everything. I will be working on it because I don’t want any topic to feel left behind since this blog includes a lot of stuff that I added.

Speaking about posting, I’m trying to push beyond my limit and do two posts each week which is my schedule, this time I will consider my come back haha. Even though it’s somehow hard to keep up with so much work to do, and being a solo because there isn’t that much we can do alone. But something could help in the process which scheduling everything and not just writing a blog post so we can manage to do more than what we usually do. However, once you set the schedule, you can’t change or interrupt it because this only would just ruin it and turn everything upside down.

I could talk about how to handle more than one thing alone all day long, but what I want to talk about in this post is during the process of going on a schedule with a daily agenda and having difficulties to keep up or feeling that you can’t do it or get discouraged, you name it because there is more than one thing could happen out of this. Also, how to get through it once it happens to you and I will be talking about this of experiences before in my life.

We may think that we are going the right way by having an agenda that organize everything we want to do in our day. However, sometimes during the day while we are doing just fine, something might not feel good or you get unmotivated to do what’s next in the agenda, and this happened to me before, and I figured out the reason behind it. Well, there might be more than one reason, but what I’m about to mention is more important than any of the other reasons to focus on it which is thinking about the next task while being in progress in the current one.

I think more people would agree with worrying about what’s ahead is a reason to get distracted by what is currently happening, but also it could be a reason for the person to feel unmotivated or discouraged because the person might think it’s impossible to get it done based on thoughts on the mind. Also, not to forget that it would be actually difficult for the person to finish the current task because of being distracted.

No matter what you have to do next and what you are doing, I don’t recommend worrying about anything else other than the current task or anything that is in progress because there is always a way to get what’s ahead done once we finish the task. Everything will have its time to plan and think about it and just like what has been accomplished, it will be accomplished as well. This is what I remind myself every time I have mixed tasks in my mind and worrying about the next task or whatever on the agenda while still doing one.

Sometimes it only needs to be planned at the right time and the right circumstances and your mind will work properly as it should and manage to get through any obstacle. It also could be phrased like this ‘There is no way to push everything at once and expect your daily agenda will go as planned. Something I put together even though I’m not sure if someone has said it before haha. I think It’s actually like mixed thoughts that will not bring your feelings to an end and just make you feel empty sometimes and mixing tasks won’t be good for getting everything done on time.

You may have something hard to do next and want to think about it while doing the current task, but that’s not what it should be done because this won’t fix or help at anything except making harder it for you to accomplish it. Try to focus on finishing everything and then, give full attention to it so you can think clearly and deeply on how to do it if you have something that needs more than just a plan and makes things easier.

One of the things that may happen is getting anxiety due to having something important to do later and you keep worrying about during the process of finishing a task, but based on your thoughts, you think it might be impossible to get it done or may not have time or even haven’t yet begun to see how it could be done and things don’t go as planned which not be able to finish thinking or get the current task done in time too.  Which are both situations you still fail to manage your agenda and work on it.

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From my experience, doing this could be unintentional, but you need to always remind focused on the current task and never worry about anything until it’s finished. This way you manage to keep the daily agenda or whatever you are working on going without any interruption or feeling discouraged or anything. It helps to accomplish everything on time as well depends on the task, but eventually, there is no doubt it will be done.

This is a wrap for this post and I hope you found something useful or inspiring even though it’s not Monday Motivation haha. Writing inspirational posts is my favorite as I said in my previous posts because I can write books and still yet to run out of words. Anyways, with that being said, if you enjoyed this, subscribe to the blog through the blog subscription box below to get stuff like this and even more as it goes live. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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9 thoughts on “Why you might feel discouraged while doing your daily agenda and how to deal with it”

  1. Thank you for posting this inspiring post! Its a great reminder to not get distracted with the worries of tomorrow and to stay focused with the now. I think switching our mindset to our "progress" instead of anything else is a great step.

    Looking forward to your next inspirational post!

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