How to write a blog post faster with these 14 tips

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the last post of the week. This week didn’t have a lot of DIY projects. I’m working on new ideas and crafty projects coming in the future. I got overwhelmed, I couldn’t make more projects. Now, I’m slowly picking myself up. And today I’m sharing with you guys another awesome blogging tips post. This is How to write a blog post faster with these 3 tips.

Writing 3 posts a week is not that easy. But when you get used to it and write more. It becomes easier to get the word out quickly. And it becomes easier for you. Today I decided to share with you tips to help write a blog post faster. Actually writing it so fast might not be good. But I will tell you in a bit how fast it can be. Because when I say write a blog post fast that doesn’t mean the fastest time haha.

At first, I was doing two each week. But, then I started writing 3 posts a week. However, writing them takes only a day for me. I could make it for 3 days and write one each day. Which I’m planning to do because I want to enjoy writing it slowly. That way it’s easier for me to focus on other things like making DIY projects. By the way, I changed to one post per week and that’s because I have more things to do blogging related and very important.

I’m excited about traveling later this year. It’s a reminder for me because when it happens, it will be more exciting haha. However, for now, I will be doing more blogging tips with the DIY projects. Sharing my experience and things that I make at home. I hope you enjoy this write a blog post faster post!

How to write a blog post faster with these 3 tips

How to write a blog post faster with these 3 tips

Well, when writing a blog post. Some people take up to a day writing one blog post. Which is normal because writing is not that easy. But, as a blogger, if you need to write a blog post fast. There are some things that I do and I hope it will help you to achieve them.

This will help you when want to publish multiple posts a week. You can finish up to three or more if you have a lot of experience. Also, if you are writing for a client or just for a guest post to share on other blogger’s blog which I recommend doing it.

You might have a different method or things that help you with this. And that’s awesome. I would like to know about it. Don’t forget to share it in the comments below. I find people sharing new tips and ideas that I learn about it and your tip could be helpful for other people that go through comments. However, with these 3 tips, I can write 3 blog posts a day but sometimes with other things in real life, I’m not going to lie, it’s a little difficult to write a blog post faster than when I have nothing. And I’m going to talk about this in a bit. Keep reading!

When you read the word “Faster” means as fast as possible. It’s not a race or anything haha. But it helps to get the word out quickly and write. It could be like 4 hours per post and depend on how long you want to write it. Sometimes people write a blog post in 6 hours and following these tips could help to make it 2-4 hours. This is also great for story writers or book writers in general and because stories sometimes take a lot of time. Following these tips might also help to reduce the time.

Sometimes when we are under pressure if we post on a schedule and the time of publishing the post is not that far. I’ve been in a situation like this and Like few hours before the scheduled time. Write a blog post faster is helpful with these steps, I’m sure it will help you. Because I wrote like this before haha. And it helped me to write about a 1200 words post in less than 2 hours.

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1-Go through it more than once

When thinking to write a blog post, for sure there should be something that you will write about. However, spend time to identify what is it that you will write. And not only that, when you start writing the blog post, keep going through it over and over. As you keep going through it over and over, it helps to write a blog post faster and get more words quickly. About different points and ideas to write on the post.

You also get more ideas to talk about it. Sometimes you forget an important point. So once you specify the thing which you want to write about. then, keep going through it even when you started writing the blog post. Whether it’s a project, a product, or even a problem or situation. Whatever it could be you want to publish. There are many points and different things to talk about.

By going through it, I mean on your mind, think over and over about what is the thing you are writing about, what other things it could have. Maybe take another look. Like think of it from different aspects and cover the most important things as you write the post. That will help you to get more ideas of what to write and help to write a blog post faster.

2-The flow

Something that I love about writing is when I write the blog post with the flow. It means you don’t get distracted by anything else but what you currently do aka writing. You feel the joy of writing. Sometimes people think about their problems while they are writing or leave unfinished things until they finish writing. I talked about this in one of my previous blogging tips posts.

When writing a blog post, a clear mind is always necessary because it helps you get the words out quickly and write a blog post faster. It also helps to make the flow last long which means writing without any interruption. This is one of the things I love about blogging.

Anything that ruins the flow of your writing should be skipped or you need to get rid of it beforehand, Staying focused is very important in what you write. Otherwise, you will be all over the place and never be able to finish the post faster.

I used to listen to podcasts while writing haha. I know it’s not the best idea, but I don’t do it anymore because it doesn’t help me to write a blog post faster lol. However, relaxing music in the background while writing the post is amazing because it helps a lot.

Sometimes to keep the flow, you need a short break. For about 10-5 minutes just to take a breath and gain the momentum again. It might sound like you interrupted the flow and can’t write a blog post faster. But it’s actually will help to keep it going for a long time. Just don’t take too much break time.

Whatever helps you to keep the writing going, I recommend you do it. And it doesn’t matter what it is. People can have different ways that work for them.

I’m going to mention some things below that will help you to keep the flow when you want to write a blog post faster. So please keep reading to know more about them.

3-Reread the points as you write

You might think how could that help to write a blog post faster? well, let me tell you how. When you write a blog post, sometimes we tend to run out of words and pause writing to get more words. However, rereading the points of a paragraph can help you keep the flow going and get more words as you write. You don’t need to stop for a long time.

This is something I have been doing for a long time. Whenever I feel like I run out of words, I always go back a little bit and reread what I wrote for few seconds. And it always helps me to continue and write more. However, you don’t need to stop writing, when you finish a paragraph, just for a few seconds, you could reread the previous paragraph to the current one.

At least, it gives you an idea of what to talk about and what you have talked about. Sometimes, going back to what you wrote also make sure that you didn’t forget a point or anything important as well.

If you are writing about a list, make sure to go through all the list. Because to help you writer a blog post faster. Going through them, you would prepare as you finish writing. I would recommend going through what you are writing and you haven’t wrote about. No need to go through the ones you already finished unless you want to check for mistakes or things you forgot to mention.

This also helps with writer’s block. If you are a new blogger, sometimes we get stuck when writing a blog post. And that called “Writer’s block”. Going through previous text will help to prevent or decrease the chance of you getting it while you writing the blog post. Which will help you to write a blog post faster.

Additional tips:

I’m done with the main tips for this post. however, I thought would be cool to also add additional tips that might also help you to maintain the ones I mentioned and help more. Some of the additional tips will help you do the


Something about this is that sometimes people have the perfect time to write late at night and sometimes early morning. The perfect timing for writing a blog post is when you feel the energy. But also not physically tired because that won’t help to write a blog post faster.

Find the perfect timing that allows you to write without any interruptions and feeling good as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a night or morning or noon. This also will help you to do the tips mentioned above. As long as you feel the energy and comfortable, you can write fast.

Time is very important even in anything in life. The moment you don’t feel like doing it, you won’t do a lot better than when you feel it and can focus more and use your mind 100%. Make sure to find the time or sometimes you can make the time if possible to get into the writing vibes.

Some people don’t have the free time to write or don’t feel good. But, if it really means a lot to you and important. Then, you will find a way to grow the feeling and energy inside you. And this is something I do as well because not all the time I want to write but I have to do it. To make sure that I write a blog post faster is make sure that I’m feeling good and excited for it.

2-Learn more

Sometimes to do something right is to learn how it’s done. And the same with writing a blog post. You might think it’s we write what is on our mind. Well, this only if it’s personal or something about you. A story or anything like that. But, for reviews, travel posts, or even DIY projects.

There should be other posts to explain how to write it but I recommend checking out successful bloggers. And reading their content is going to help you get an idea of what to write and how to organize the post, you know. Which will help you to write a blog post faster when you are writing it.

You know what to talk about and that one step to know how to write about it. It’s not just writing what’s on your mind because it takes time to figure out what to talk about and how to explain it. Reading other people’s content is the best way to even improve your writing skills and write a blog post faster.

Also, you might think it’s not a good idea but reading your old posts and writing down what do you usually talk about. And the post structure, you get more of what to include in the next post and what to add if you missed information or detail about something.

You get to list out the important things and that’s a step forward to make sure that you write a blog post faster. Which is really important because some people might want to write but don’t know where to start or how to get the post started. This also help you to keep the flow which I mentioned earlier and don’t stop after writing few paragraphs which slow you down.

3-Write more

You might want to write a blog post faster but at first, you won’t be able to. However, writing more and more posts will help you a lot to write it. And it’s like practice, the more you write, the faster you will be able to write it.

Writing more, means don’t write one post and write another one after a week, make sure to stay consistent and write more even if you are not going to publish it. It could be drafted until you decide to publish it. So don’t wait until you post, just keep writing and writing. That will help a lot to write a blog post faster.

If you stay for a while without writing, your mind will freeze and it will be difficult for you to get words quickly. So this could help you to write a blog post faster if you keep writing and writing. Keep your mind fresh and trained for when you want to write long posts as well.

The more you write, the easier for you to get the word out. Just like when you doing a workout or do anything. Writing is the same as anything in the world. So it might not take your first try or second try. But when you write more, you will find yourself writing faster and faster.

It improves the way how you type and make it faster when you write more and more blog posts or stories. You don’t need to look where are the letters. And that’s one of the features that the best bloggers have. And for those who can write a blog post faster. They just focus on what to write and don’t need to look at the keyboard or search for the letters

4-Quiet environment

I mentioned earlier about the flow and one of the best reasons to lose is it is a noisy environment. I think this applies to anything in general. Our mind needs a quiet place to think and when you write, you use your mind a lot. Distractions are going to slow you down and sometimes won’t let you finish. I highly recommend you writing in a quiet place so you can write a blog post faster.

If even it means that you change the time when you write the blog post. Sometimes people can’t go to a quiet place and can’t write unless it’s in a time where everyone is sleeping or out. As long as it’s quiet and you can fully focus on your writing, that’s cool.

Well, sometimes people would write while listening to something and that’s ok. It might help him or her focus on writing. However, if kids are screaming or things that lit up their emotions(anger, upset) That’s when you need to stop or change the place to write a blog post faster.

5-Tools that will help you to write a blog post faster

Sometimes it’s about where you write that will take your time. For example, writing on WordPress will take more time than writing on Good Docs. Because the features are different and some could slow you down and some will help you to write faster.

Writing on Good doc is faster than writing on the WordPress editor and because on WordPress editor, let you first choose what to add. On the other hand, Google Docs doesn’t have that and you can just write and upload pictures as you continue writing. Edit the text as you want and do anything as you write. The block feature could slow you down. and that won’t help some bloggers to write a blog post faster.

Also, another good app that will help you write a blog post faster is Grammarly. It’s a great app that will help you to correct mistakes as you write. You don’t have to wait and check if you have mistake or not. As you continue writing, will get a line under the word and can correct it fast. So you don’t have to worry about it. This also help when editing the post and making sure that everything is great.

Grammarly was the best thing that helped me in future posts. Because the more you correct mistakes, the better you will be in how to write a blog post faster without mistakes. So practice is a must even in writing and I’m going to talk about it in a bit as well.

6-Organizing photos for the post

Well, If you want to write a blog post faster. Then you need to organize the photos before you start. And that’s what I always do before starting any of my previous blog posts. It’s not only about the main tips I mentioned before. And that’s what I mean by it’s not just writing whatever on our mind. There are a lot of things to do to not only write a blog post faster. But also, have a good quality post.

Whatever ways make you comfortable organizing it. You can go for it because there is no specific way to do this. After all, it’s about the writer and how he can upload the pictures fast. For me, I put all the pictures on one file and organize them in my mind before I write the post. So I just upload it right away.

This will make it faster to finish the post overall. Sometimes you won’t have a lot of pictures and that’s fine. However, if you have, I highly recommend following this because it gets messy if you haven’t organized it before you start writing.

You may ask how to organize it? Well, sometimes we tend to take a lot of pictures and some of them we won’t even use just extra in case it won’t be enough. So Put the one you going to use and upload it on a separate file that you can access and upload fast.

7- Practice typing

One of the things that will really help you to write a blog post faster is to practice. This could be the one mentioned earlier which is to write more and more. However, this might be one but when there is nothing to write. Consider it as practice when you write more and remember to do more and more practicing.

It will help you with speed typing and understand the keyboard and where is every letter located. Also, the more you write and practice, the easier it for you to type without looking at the keyboard. I would recommend writing or practicing on stories because it all comes from your mind and vision. You can just put it into words and you are good to practice and write as many you want.

You train your mind to program and set when you put your hand on the keyboard. this can decrease hours from your time of writing a blog post. No need to use your vision to look at the letter because that would definitely take time from you.

There are also type tests online that can help you with testing your skills and how well you can type. If you find yourself slow, it’s okay. Make sure to practice more and this will help you a lot to write a blog post faster.

8-Don’t mix writing with editing

Sometimes people feel lazy and think editing the post while writing it is going to save them time. But only it doesn’t help at all and will just confuse you. It will take you longer than you need because both consume time and if you mix it together, then that will add up.

For most people, write first and edit after you finish. Because it will be faster for you to finish the post AND to edit it. Doing both will not help at all. Go through all the things you want to write even if it’s a long one, it will be easier. It doesn’t matter how long, one at a time going to save you time.

You can write slow and make sure that you don’t have any typos or forgot anything. THIS way can help you to save even more time. Even if it’s slow but, writing fast will leave some things that need to be changed or rewrite again. And slow here means you are going on a speed that allows you to make sure there is no mistake or typos. So no need to go over it again.

9-Set timer

Well, you might ask how this will help you to write a blog post faster. If you would set a time for when you want to finish the post. The mindset will be different in the way that you need to finish it before it runs out. which the mind will function differently and allow you to focus more and write faster.

This doesn’t only apply to writing but also most of the things in our life. Without time and schedule, it would take forever to finish anything. So this will definitely help to set a point and write a blog post faster than without a timer for how long.

Well, sometimes people would say what if I take longer than the timer. Well, first, you knowing your limit will help you to understand how to improve yourself. And then, try to practice in a way to help writing fast. For example, set the timer shorter than what it took you the first time. Do your best to beat your record until you can’t anymore. So this another practice you can do.

Having the urge to finish in a specific time, allow you to work faster on your blog post and use anything to achieve it. Which really helps a lot in writing or anything in our life. You can set a decent time for you to finish writing a blog post and don’t need to count editing unless you want to do it as well.

10-Speak little louder

This might sound weird to some people but it really helps a lot. Speaking what you writing helps the brain to get more and more words faster. At least for me, this way I can write a lot of words in a short time. Also, another thing that I like about this is to give me full concentration on my writing that which helps me to write a blog post faster every time.

You don’t have to speak too loud in case you are not alone in the house or room. I’m assuming you will be alone but as long as you can hear yourself talking, that will be enough. As you hear it, it kind of gets easier for you to know what to write next as well. That helps you with the writing flow and write a blog post faster as well.

Writing silently is good but it will less concertation as your mind will be busy thinking and going through other moments. You will be wandering everywhere while writing and that’s not good if you want to write a blog post faster and write a good quality blog post.

If you feel like other people will think that you are weird for doing that haha which I used to. It’s okay, they will understand that you reading your upcoming article little loud and tell them that it helps you with writing it. I’m sure they will understand it. You could record it and make an audio version of your post if you want as well.

11-Free distraction

Another cool thing that will really help you a lot in keeping the flow and write a blog post faster is you need to be free from any distraction when you start. Things that distract you and take you away from what you doing could result in slow writing. And take more time than you should.

You need to turn off your notification or keep your phone away from you. If you writing on your laptop in your living room, I don’t recommend turning on the TV while writing because that will take your mind away from writing and could result also in losing motivation haha. You might enjoy it and don’t want to continue writing.

As I also talked about the quiet environment which could be a distraction as well that we don’t need any interruption if we want to write a blog post faster and have good quality writing. Our mind will not function well if we have noisy sounds all over the place haha.

Distraction could also be thoughts. How could that be? well, if your mind on another side of the earth. How can you write fast or even focus, right? so I highly recommend getting rid of any distractions on your mind as well. Previous thoughts of something. Thinking about plans or anything. When starting the writing session, keep your mind only to what you want to write and around the blog post.

Conclusion of how to write a blog post faster with these 14 tips

Alright, this is it for this post. things and tips that will help you write a blog post faster and some additional tips that could also help you to write a blog post faster. I hope you find it useful. These things I do and follow help me achieve it as well. I mentioned more blogging tips if you want to read about them on the blog.

The purpose of these posts is that we get to learn together and grow as a community. You can also share whatever you have or use to write a blog post faster. Share it in the comment section and others can get an idea of more things that they can do or follow to achieve it. Let’s help each other and grow together as a big community. I would love to know more as well from you guys.

Also, I’m sharing more blogging tips and things to help you with other blogging problems on this bog, make sure to subscribe to the blog if you want to read more in the future. And I also blog about DIY and DIY crafts if you are interested in that. You can follow me on Twitter and WordPress as well. Other than that, have a good day!

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59 thoughts on “How to write a blog post faster with these 14 tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your tips are interesting and certainly helpful. There are days when I’m able to be in that state of flow and I can write fast and a lot. But there are days when I run out of inspiration and I’m not able to be in the zone. On these days I will follow your two other advices.

  2. Awesome tips about saving time while writing a blog post. Currently I like writing and rereading sentences. It helps me edit while writing. Also their are days I can write three to four blog post and other days I can barely write one. It seems like it depends on the day.

    1. True, it helps to save time. That’s awesome! You don’t have to go through the post all over again. I like this idea. And yeah, sometimes it depends on the day and your mood.

  3. Love these tips! Especially the flow. When I’m in the moment of flowing I do not stop and keep going because it gives me the push I need to write faster. The thoughts are coming to me and I am writing them down as they come. It truly helps.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great tips! I typically write my blog posts in point format first before putting it all together, it helps me organize my thoughts and makes sure I don’t miss anything. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post and tips! I especially agree with the point of rereading what you’ve done so far as it always gives me the inpsiration to think of more points to talk about x

  6. Thanks for writing and sharing this. I couldn’t write three posts a week as I mostly prefer quality over quantity when writing blog posts.

    When writing a blog post, I take an idea or heading and draft a rough version, before editing it and saying the words out loud and rereading it consistantly so that it flows from start to finish. I also try to ruthless when editing by taking out anything that doens’t make sense, is not relevant or interupts the flow.

    Great post!

  7. Yes, I agree, the most time-consuming part of my blog writing is usually fact check and getting data. Thanks for your tips and it will save me some time on doing something else! – Knycx Journeying

  8. I feel like it always takes me ages to write a blog post. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. Thanks for sharing these tips! They’ll probably save me time 🙂

  9. 3 times a week is a lot and I’m super impressed that you’re able to do that. A blog a week for me is already hard hahaha. Nice tips tho!

  10. These were absolutely great tips! I can only write when I am ‘feeling’ it, in a way, or the content will never satisfy my standards and I will re-write it fully, so I rather do other ‘admin’ things I need to do (and tendentially leave writing for a better time!)

  11. Thank you, this is really helpful! I definitely agree with your point about ‘The Flow’ and I also need to remember to edit AFTER writing.

  12. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I started being more analytical with my blog posts instead of writing willy-nilly and its really helped write and not have to scrap it at the end.

  13. These are really useful and i think i need to reapply these again. I used to write very frequent but sadly, i somehow lost my motivation to continue. Also, i strongly agree about quiet environment. I find myself more productive in writing at night or dawn when everyone is asleep. I think i can focus more when my surroundings are quiet

  14. Good tips! I had to learn about the not combining writing and editing earlier in my life. I still have to remind myself because I have spent part of my life as an editor as well.

  15. These are amazing tips! Blogging needs planning and organizing too. I used to write 10 blogs a day, and now down to one to two blogs a week, due to my other activities (crafting!). But when you polished and edited your photos and videos ahead of, it makes it easier to write a blog.

  16. Hihi….awesome effort you’ve put up gathering these very useful tips! Typing more will soften the journey and writing more posts will open up your mind to more words, creativity with those words and the flow of what you are writing.

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